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Today's log


Bay Park Community Hospital

Melanie Porter, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Flower Hospital

Wendy and James Gobbell, Walbridge, girl, Sunday.

Amy and Todd Shelton, Oregon, boy, Tuesday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Amy and Casey Heath, Rossford, boy, Saturday.

Ayla and Jonathan Rhodes, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Meshia and Mark Graham, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Ellen and Bill Woodruff, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Amparo Pina, Fremont, girl, Tuesday.

Aundrea and Dennis Bronkowski, Bellevue, Ohio, twin girls, Tuesday.

Annette and Jason Moan, Lambertville, boy, Tuesday.

Diane and James Bailey, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Toledo Hospital

Jennifer Hart, Toledo, boy, Dec. 11.

Latoya Jackson, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Heather and Eric Waldron, Delta, Ohio, girl, Monday.

Dawn Fulton, Delta, Ohio, boy, Monday.

Jennifer and Christopher King, Archbold, Ohio, girl, Monday.

Brandy and Jason Beck, Archbold, Ohio, girl, Monday.

Amy and Michael Shirey, Lambertville, girl, Tuesday.

Erin and Matt Deiners, Temperance, girl, Tuesday.

Kelly and Paul Kanneman, Metamora, Ohio, twin boys, Tuesday.

Jillian Daudelin, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Tracy and Toby Roscoe, Sylvania, boy, Tuesday.

Victoria Kotlarczyk, Temperance, girl, Tuesday.

Heather and Matthew Henry, Temperance, girl, Tuesday.

Kelly and Timothy Kennelly, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Michelle Stone, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Veronica Cole, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Jan. 24, 2006

Edward Hay, 58, and Maureen Booth, 60, both of Adrian.

Christian Fraley, 22, loader, of Perrysburg, and Larissa Engelbert, 20, clerk, of Toledo.

Brian Jordan, 35, factory worker, and Beth Schmidt, 27, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Traffic injuries


3:55 a.m. 4600 block of Burnham. Two parked autos and auto of Julie Gribben, 41, of Ketner, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

7:40 a.m. Phillips and Haverhill. SUV of Katrina Yarder, 23, of Fern, and autos of Michelle Poplawski, 44, of Southover, and Ashley Schuhmacher, 17, of Torrance, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

9 a.m. Westbrook and Grantley. Autos of Miriam Rude, 77, of Douglas, and Margaret Pawlicki, 74, of Westbrook, who was treated at St. Anne Mercy Hospital.

4:15 p.m. Hill and Reynolds. Van of Randall Jacquot, 53, of Fostoria, and auto of Melanie Marchbanks, 22, of Rockspring, who was treated at Flower Hospital.

9:20 p.m. Willard and Liberty. SUV of Izella Parker, 22, of Hamilton, who along with passenger, Limon Wilson, 51, of Brand Whitlock, were treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, and auto of William Dorsey, 32, of Duncan, who was treated at St. Charles Mercy Hospital.


2:23 a.m. Washington and Michigan. Hit- skip vehicle and SUV of Patrick Autry, 46, of Ketcham, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

2:30 a.m. 900 block of South. Parked van of Carolyn Flores, of Belmont, and auto of Cassandra Turner, 21, of Knower, whose passenger, Dominique Trevino, 19, of Clark, was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

7:10 a.m. I-475 westbound and Jackman. Auto of Brandon Reynolds, 17, of Holmes, struck inside wall. Driver s passenger, Brittany Reynolds, 17, of Holmes, was treated at Toledo Hospital.

12:44 p.m. West Bancroft and Monroe. Auto of Arielle Land, 22, of Airport, and a pedestrian, Eugene Ogburn, 20, of Mulberry, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

Fire alarms


2:03 a.m. 2575 Eastgate, odor investigation.

2:05 a.m. 2255 West Laskey, outdoor fire.

2:58 a.m. West Laskey and Lewis, dumpster fire.

6:37 a.m. 5106 Yermo, auto fire.

8:11 a.m. 861 Byrneport, outdoor fire.

9:02 a.m. 5331 Bennett, structure fire.

10:23 a.m. 722 North Huron, commercial fire alarm.

10:34 a.m. 3011 Council, structure fire.

11:10 a.m. 2401 Cass, commercial fire alarm.

11:14 a.m. 5130 Bennett, commercial fire alarm.

11:57 a.m. 615 Cherry, commercial fire alarm.

12:58 p.m. 505 Jefferson, commercial fire alarm.

3:48 p.m. I-75 northbound and Stickney, auto fire.

3:54 p.m. 630 Floyd, structure fire.

4:07 p.m. 800 Tecumseh, structure fire.

4:38 p.m. 905 St. John, structure fire.

5:27 p.m. West Central and North Detroit, structure fire.

5:34 p.m. 2533 Charlestown, structure fire.

6:04 p.m. 2738 Albion, structure fire.


1:48 a.m. 3451 East Lincolnshire, structure fire.

3:21 a.m. 2659 Tremainsville, structure fire.

10:58 a.m. 2114 Genesee, structure fire.

3:43 p.m. McGregor and Secor, auto fire.

4:41 p.m. 2030 Ashland, commercial fire alarm.

5:44 p.m. Macomber and Upton, garage fire.

6:29 p.m. 1213 Yates, structure fire.

7:21 p.m. 5057 Monroe, structure fire.

9:24 p.m. Cherry and Collingwood, wire down.

Crime reports


Rent-A-Center, Main, home entertainment from worker by a man with whom he struggled in the 400 block of Main about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Christopher McGlown, of Toledo, cash by a man with a gun inside his residence about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Natalie Holden, of Toledo, cash by a man with whom she struggled inside her residence about 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Hill Avenue Laundromat, Hill, cash by a man with a machine gun from store at 9:15 a.m. Sunday.

Cottage Inn Pizza, Clayton, pizzas, cash, and garlic bread by two men, one who pointed a gun at delivery person, in 3000 block of North Erie at 1:15 a.m. Tuesday.

Richard Terrill, Bowman, bicycle and cash by six or seven males who beat him in the alley behind the 700 block of Bowman at 7:25 p.m. Sunday.

Richard Binder, victim s home was invaded by four men with guns demanding entry to a safe, one fired a round at the safe, no one was struck, cash, keys, and auto were taken at 9:30 p.m. Monday.


Joseph Gaines, Buckingham, TV, DVD player, and computer.

R&R Construction, East Central, cabinets, vinyl rolls, ceiling tile, carpet rolls, counter top, sinks, and floor glue from the 100 block of Gibbons.

John Arquette, Clark, stereo receiver, DVD player, food, checks, and jewelry.

Robert Keith, Dixie, TV/DVD player, DVDs, posters, and cable box.

Oma Langenderfer, St. Bernard, jewelry and cash.

Gary Eber, Lyman, bicycle, toolbox, tools, golf clubs, and golf accessories.

William Mann, Avondale, DVD player.

Shari Berger, 145th, change and watch.

Robert Erd, Chase, video game, video cartridges, cash, and collector knives.

Robin Gray, East Woodruff, DVD players, DVDs, and diamond ring.

Tamara Khugaev, Christian, video game, DVD player, VCR, and bicycle.

Oakhouse Bar, Suder, cash.

Kimya Tyler, Westland Gardens, keys, boots, clothing, and purse and contents.

Lynn Sojak, Denver, purse and contents from the 3200 block of River.

Steven Stricklin, Blissfield, truck from the 1800 block of East Manhattan.

Cleveland Griffin, East Oakland, video game and video cartridges.

Christine Scicere, Brand Whitlock, TV and video game.

Sue Ann Helfers, Elm, cash, checks, and prescription bottles.

Osmound Bridges, Clay, jewelry, money order, and checkbook.

Jamela Temple, Dorr, TV, DVDs, CDs, DVD player, and tape player.

Holland-Sylvania Mini Mart, North Holland -Sylvania, loss undetermined.

Christina Williams, Belmont, computer system, printer, TV, and digital camera.

Tony Harper, Searles, video game system and video games.

Joe Krueger, Noble, furnace, water heater, kitchen cabinets, and copper plumbing.

Donnie Nash, Buckeye, no loss, two suspects caught by police.

Timothy Goldi, Monroe, laptop computer and printer.

Microtech Computers, Jackman, four computer monitors and a laptop computer.

Charles Britt, Vinton, tool, and welder.

Marquita McCoy, Dorr, DVD player, video game system, video games, CDs, jacket, shoes, book bags, cell phones, wallet, cash, and clothing.

Danita Cravens, Fassett, leather jacket, VCR, and wallet and contents.

Oakdale Truck and Auto Sales, Oakdale, business checks, computer system, welder, wrench sets, car batteries, scan tool, and battery charger.

Peggy Wilson, West Delaware, phone, insulin machine, cash, and keys.

Veranda Brooks, Brooke Park, DVD player, DVDs, VCR, TV, coats, and CDs.

Julie Underwood, South Reynolds, piggy bank and contents.

Chester Richardson, Heather Hills, computer system, laptop computer, digital camera, laser printer, DVD player, TV remote, watch, cash, and casino chips.

Lynn Sojak, River, purse and contents.

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help, Central Grove, laptop computer, video camera, and fire extinguisher.

LaToya Harris, Jeanette, video game and necklace.

Robert Martinez, Sunset, paint and ladders from the 900 block of Forsythe.

A.J. Wright, South Byrne, loss undetermined.

Joseph Ciszewski, East Hudson, jewelry, beer, lamps, and bird cage.

Stefanie Stout, North Haven, TV and computer system.

Prentice Bishop, Mulberry, stereo receiver, hair clippers, video game, video cartridges, and CD player.

A. J. Wright, South Byrne, clothing.

Jennifer Bartley, Gordon, video games, video cartridges, DVD player, TV, and jewelry.

Jim Brogan, Colburn, auto, air compressor, and welder.

Kathryn Maddox, South, purse and contents.

Christina Penzinski, Cribb, CD player, bicycle, and air compressor.

Richard Keim, South Country Club, lawn mower.

Scott Ward, Alvin, video game and video cartridges.

Voll s Auto Parts, Terminal, computer and TV.

Jammie Taylor, Dorr, DVD player, CDs, and DVDs.

Tiffany Whitzel, Brooke Park, cash.

Aimee Roth, Monroe, laptop computers, TV, cash, and jewelry.

Pinewood Place Apartments, Collingwood, no loss.

Ruby Burgess, Tibaron, jewelry and checks.

Bob and Sons, South Hawley, toolbox and tools.

Sean Howard, Eastern, TVs, computers, washer, dryer, DVD player, VCR, and DVD movies.

Thomas Coci, Jackman, video game, video controllers, and video cartridges.

Shemaiah Smith, Winthrop, TV, video game, video cartridges, clothing, jewelry, shoes, and cash.

Ladawn Jones, Moore, cleaning supplies, DVD player, TV, linens, food, and grill.

Louis McCullum, Fernwood, CD/DVD player, TVs, speakers, and DVDs.

Glory-Glory Ministries, Colburn, computers, food, and garbage can.

Ryan Hart, West Florence, cash.


June Leibius, Oakway, purse and contents from auto in the 1400 block of Harvard.

Mark Peth, Eastmoreland, Oregon, wallet and contents from the 2200 block of Genesee.

Delores Cottrell, Circular, purse and contents from van in the 3100 block of South Byrne.

Elaine Miller, Oregon, wallet and contents from workplace.

Elva Clapper, West Sylvania, credit cards from residence.

Grace Lutheran Church, Monroe, downspouts from church.

Jessica Gartee, Colburn, credit cards and cash from vehicle at residence.

Katherine Cargill, Kendale, purse and contents from vehicle in the 5000 block of Monroe.

Felica Mayenji, Arlington, cash and prescription medication.

Gwendolin Phillips, Nebraska, TV and coats.

Kimberly Hageman, Dority, suitcase full of clothes, jewelry, documents, cash, and child support checks from vehicle in the 1300 block of Milburn.

Elizabeth Carr, Maxwell, credit cards from the 2500 block of West Sylvania.

Kelly Axe, Cornell, wallet and contents from the 5000 block of Monroe.

Jada Hinton, Potomac, wallet and contents from Monroe at Talmadge.

Nancy Mickhail, Pasadena, bank card from residence.

Anthony Nachtrab, Douglas, purse and contents from auto at home.

Tiffany Whitzel, Brooke Park, cash, clothing, video game, video cartridges, and DVD player from residence.

Iris Porter, 149th, checks, cash, tableware, and jewelry from residence.

Westhaven Group, Tremainsville, refrigerator and stove from the 5000 block of West Bancroft.

Josephine Queenan, Pawnee, purse and contents from the 4900 block of Jackman.

Jess Orten, West Capistrano, CDs, cash, and personal papers from truck at home.

Joshua Cable, Spencer, bank card from residence.

Ibrahima Ngom, Dorr, bank card from West Central at Secor.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Molly Schiever from Ivan Behrmann.

Ivan Behrmann from Molly Schiever.

Keith Carros from Lana Lusher.

John Fischbach from Elaine Fischbach.

Keith Hanf from Susanne Hanf.

Susanne Hanf from Keith Hanf.

Hollie Stein from Aaron Stein.

Renee Bell from Vern Bell.

Mary Jo Studyvin from Douglas Studyvin.

Douglas Studyvin from Mary Jo Studyvin.

Cynthia Honsberger from Timothy Honsberger.

Nancy Faulkner from Richard Faulkner.

Susan Cobb from Donald Cobb.

James Woodbury from Angela Woodbury.

Angela Woodbury from James Woodbury.

Lora Jones from John Jones.

Kimberly Wodarski from Jeffrey Wodarski.

Marriage dissolutions

Lucas County

Stacy Wetzel and Jason Bidlack.

Richard Basilius and Theresa Basilius.

Edward Shedd, Jr., and Melba Foster.

Leslie Boyle and Daniel Boyle.

Mary Ralph and Walter Ralph.

Marcellus Marshall and Sabrina Marshall.

Robert Geis and Ann Komon.

Nicole Lajiness and Christopher Mullins.

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