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Suburban Crime Reports

Bedford Township

Auto theft

Michael Scott, 100 block of Smith, 2000 Chevrolet S-10, wallet and contents, and fishing lures from garage and residence.


Melaney Kinney, 7000 block of Maplewood, power washer, tool box with tools, and drill from garage.

Jay Palicki, 8700 block of Buerk, entry made into garage, things ransacked, no items missing.

Becky Williamson, 8000 block of Bay, $1,300 cash in bank envelope from residence. (not on map)

Crimes against children

Brittany Russell, 8700 block of Lewis, CDs, money, and portable CD player from vehicle.


Melissa Aponte, 7800 block of Douglas, book bag with books from vehicle.

Gary Banning, Monroe, Mich., helmet from motorcycle while at restaurant in the 8100 block of Secor.

Jacqueline Brunner, 7000 block of Maplewood, camera cellular phone, $80 cash, two pair Nike sunglasses, and gold wedding band from vehicles.

Carol Dashner, 8100 block of Jackman, bicycle.

Doris Dashner, 6500 block of South Telegraph, aluminum trim from trailer.

Daniel Hahn, 1700 block of Smith, wallet and contents from vehicle.

Bob Karpinski, 7000 block of Taylor, leather bag with personal papers, mountain bicycle, and cash. Personal papers recovered.

Theresa Kelly, Coshocton, Ohio, travel bag with video games from vehicle in the 1900 block of Smith.

Kathy Kwiatkowski, 1700 block of Stonybrook, iPod Nano from vehicle.

Kimberly Lockhart, 7300 block of Knoll, purse and contents from vehicle. Purse recovered, but $95 cash taken.

Steven Magrum, 7000 block of Elmwood, binoculars, emergency tool kits, and prescription sunglasses from vehicle.

Adrianne Neitzel, 8000 block of Bay, purse and contents, including white gold-diamond wedding ring, value over $5,000 from vehicle. (not on map)

Jason Polger, Monroe, Mich., helmet from motorcycle while at restaurant in the 8100 block of Secor.

Casey Right, Beddington, mountain bicycle from rack while at YMCA in the 2000 block of West Dean.

Kevin Strouse, 3300 block of Hemmingway, cash and iPod with charger from vehicle.

Darlene Webber, 7200 block of Powlesland, money from vehicle.


Auto theft

Douglas Schneider, Quail Lakes, 1989 Chrysler New Yorker from the 6900 block of Kipling.


Glass City Paper, 7200 block of Progress, undetermined amount of money from cash boxes.

Wal-Mart, 1300 block of South McCord, two flat screen TVs.

Jerusalem Township


Wendy Krupa, 111500 block of Water, cargo trailer, air compressor, and other items from garage and shed.

Lake Township


Larry DeVerna, Neil, Walbridge, pressurized cylinder from outside of building in the 27000 block of Railroad, Millbury.



Tim Mister, 1300 block of Scott, air compressor from garage.

Alex Tuttle, 1600 block of Eastfield, liquor from garage.


Albanese Concessions, Wintersville, Ohio, PSP play station from basketball game in the 1400 block of Key, recovered.

Joy Partee, 1800 block of Middlesbrough, AM/FM/CD stereo from vehicle.

Monclova Township


American Motorcar, 10200 block of Airport, dealer license plates from vehicle.

Aaron Hall, Corbin, Toledo, wallet and contents from vehicle in the 3700 block of Wrens Nest. (not on map)



David Counselman, 1900 block of Tracy, bicycle.

Christina Mejia, Cyril, Toledo, four calipers belonging to a Mazda while getting some work done on vehicle in the 2900 block of Woodville.



Cari Jones, 1100 block of Heritage, purse with contents, wallet with contents, then 1995 Chevy Blazer.

Sue Northrop, 1600 block of Mahala, forced entry into garage and attempted to steal vehicle.

Mike Smith, 2500 block of Granton, push mower from garage.


Jessica Abde, East Broadway, Toledo, purse and contents from vehicle in the 2900 block of Pickle.

Dena Adkins, 2000 block of Arkansas, bicycle from driveway.

Robert Geraghty, Isaac, wallet and contents left on counter in the 2800 block of Navarre.

Patricia Hagman, unit block of North Edward, identity used to open an account.

Stanley Irons, 400 block of South Berlin, lawn mower from yard.

Danielle Lemay, 3100 block of Flame, stereo from vehicle.

Rosie Messinger, 2400 block of Woodville, money from vehicle.

Alonzo Pringle, Canton, Mich., cellular phone from vehicle in the 1700 block of Meijers.

Ponda Robertson, Kalamazoo, Mich., duffel bag with books from vehicle in the 1700 block of Meijers.

Julie Shell, 500 block of South Stephen, iPods, cellular phone, watch, and money.

Sterling, 400 block of South Wheeling, fuel drive-off.

Tom s Family Restaurant, 2400 block of Woodville, $205.76 in cash from register.

Carol Williamson, 4200 block of Mourning Dove, bicycle from front porch.

Ottawa Hills


Joan Haddox, 3900 block of Hillandale, bicycle from garage.

Heide Kline, 2500 block of Orchard, gym bag with head phones from vehicle; gym bag recovered.

Rosina Taylor, unit block of Exmoor, tennis racket, suitcase, and art supplies from vehicle; some items recovered.



Agnes Thornton, 300 block of West Sixth, suitcase and contents from vehicle.

Raymond Scheffler, Hamilton, Ohio, cover for spare tire from trailer while at restaurant in the 27400 block of Helen.

Shell, 900 block of West Boundary, fuel drive-off, $30.

Perrysburg Township

Auto theft

John Simon, 25600 block of Broad, 1996 Chevrolet Lumina.


Edward Rose & Sons, 7000 block of Tracy Creek, four 60-foot sections of copper from site. (not on map)

Sheryl Eisele, 26700 block of Sheringham, credit card information obtained and used for purchases online.

Great Lakes Windows, 30400 block of Tracy, stolen check that was altered in suspect s name and amount changed. Suspect then attempted to cash.

Mary Hornyak, 27600 block of Oregon, credit card information obtained and used for purchases in Ontario.

Infinity Electric, King, Sylvania, copper cable and grounded electrical wiring from job site in the 7000 block of Tracy Creek. (not on map)

Kristen Lucas, Gibsonburg, Ohio, purse and contents while shopping in the 10300 block of Fremont Pike; purse recovered with cash missing.

Otho Mills III, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, CDs, digital camera, and portable GPS system from vehicle while at motel in the 10600 block of Fremont Pike.

Douglas Sellards, Edgerton, W.Va., radar detector from vehicle while at motel in the 10600 block of Fremont Pike.

Marie Wetzel, 27600 block of Tracy, AM/FM/CD stereo from vehicle.


Auto theft

Phillip Eaton, 500 block of Indian Valley, 1992 BMW from garage.


Dorenda McDermand, 200 block of Osborn, bicycle from front of house.

Mark Skala, 900 block of Carol Circle, license plate from boat trailer.

Spencer Township


Douglas Esper, 400 block of Oak Terrace, bicycle from yard.

Springfield Township


Rally s, 6600 block of Airport, bank bag with money. Suspect entered through drive-through window, grabbed first victim, putting object to back of neck, and ordered victim down on knees. Suspect then grabbed second victim and went to safe and got bank bag about 12:18 a.m. July 29.

Auto theft

Peggy Brown, 7700 block of Dorr, 1996 Oldsmobile convertible.


Timothy Born, 300 block of Cheswick, wallet and contents.

Steven Boyd, 7900 block of Hill, $800 cash.

Nick Gueli, 1100 block of South Crissey, victim sleeping, heard several knocks, then heard noises from downstairs of home. Victim called police while suspects in home, suspects fled. Suspects arrested with several items in their vehicle.

Briggs Herschel, 700 block of Centennial, gold jewelry, jewelry box with contents, and money from residence.

Richard Schneider, 6900 block of West Bancroft, VCR/DVD combo, cellular phone, stereo, DVDs, cordless drill, pistol, fish tank, and tape measure from residence.

Stacey Simpson, 2200 block of Perrysburg-Holland, bedroom outfit, two dressers, mirror, bedframe, mattress with box spring, jackets, TV, leather coat, food, and identification from residence.

Chonelle Williams, 6800 block of Oakfield, DVD/VCR combo, iron with board, microwave, stereo, contacts, pictures, DVDs, and other items from residence.

Gary Williams, 2000 block of McIntosh, victim caught suspects in residence and chased them out after they had taken a cellular phone; recovered.


Sarah Brown, 7100 block of Levis, bicycle.

Thomas Korb, Woodmore, Toledo, flip out TV and 50 CDs in case from vehicle in the 1300 block of East Mall.

TMG Trucking, 2700 block of South Eber, AM/FM/CD player and CB radio from vehicles.

Joel Tucholski, 200 block of North King, credit card information that was used for purchases in Houston.

David Whitehead, 6800 block of Morning Dew, CD player from vehicle.

Swanton Township

Auto theft

Troy Morris, Delta, Ohio, 1995 Pontiac Grand Am from the 11000 block of Airport.


Tena Schad, 2100 block of South Berkey-Southern, guns from residence.



Block Industrial Services Inc., Wales, Northwood, liquor from garage in the 4600 block of Vicksburg; suspect arrested.

Andrea Furfaro, 6000 block of Glenmore, suspect entered residence, took DVD, and used victim s computer for Internet services.

Tim Gillespie, 6700 block of Maplewood, snowblower from garage, value $613.79.

Jeffrey Schak, 6200 block of Arrowhead, Xbox with controller and computer games from residence.


Matthew Henson, 5200 block of River Ridge, iPod with workout sleeve, charger, headphones, and radar detector from vehicle.

Michelle Rublaitus, 6500 block of Cornwall, yellow gold-diamond ring from residence, value $3,000.

Stacey Spry, 5500 block of Grey, engagement ring, birth stone ring, money, and medication from vehicle.

Sylvania Township


Christi Luck, 2500 block of North Centennial, guns and many other items from residence.


BP, 6400 block of West Central, several items from store on separate occasions, total loss $1,962.

5CC Golf Inc., 7400 West Central, golf equipment from shop by two suspects, value $1,329.97.

First Federal Savings and Loan, 3200 block of Holland-Sylvania, suspect deposited a counterfeit check and withdrew a large amount of cash; some recovered.

Liz Miller, Dority, $50 in cash from purse in office in the 5500 block of West Central.

Tiffany Hickerson, Tall Oaks, $70 in cash from purse in office in the 5500 block of West Central.

National Camperland, 8600 block of West Central, awning tube and heavy-duty arms, value $704.07.

Taylor Cadillac, 6100 block of West Central, 16 tires and rims from eight vehicles.

Tractor Supply, 7800 block of West Central, two power washers from fenced lot, value $739.26.

Shell, 5400 block of Monroe, fuel drive-offs, $79.87.

University of Toledo


Dale Hug, 2800 block of West Bancroft, detachable stereo system and CDs in case from vehicle in East Parking Ramp.

Dileep Koletti, Alisdale, bicycle from Stranahan Hall area in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

James Moore, Columbus, wallet and contents from vehicle in Lot 25 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Jennifer Newman, Monroe, Mich., CD stereo from vehicle in Lot 9 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

University of Toledo, 2800 block of West Bancroft, ROTC banner from Student Union, value $400.

Lupita Wumer, Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania, three glass blown plates from Common Area in Greek Village.



Matthew Timmons, 100 block of Cedar, PlayStation 2, video games, Game Boy, camera with printer, and DVDs from residence.


Jami Murray, 300 block of Clayton, Mongoose bicycle from front porch.



Darolyn Adamski, 6500 block of Field, CDs from vehicle.

Shell, 5800 block of Weckerly, fuel drive-off, $48.33; recovered.

Sunoco, 6800 block of Finzel, fuel drive-off, $29.57.

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