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Today's log


Bay Park Community Hospital

Amber Shiffler, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Jennifer Everett, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Flower Hospital

Jessica Corron, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Nicole and Nathan Tabbert, Oak Harbor, Ohio, boy, Monday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Candi and Seth Garcia, Millbury, girl, Monday.

Keri and Kyle Heins, Woodville, girl, Monday.

Elizabeth and Ryan Huntermark, Oregon, girl, Monday.

Tanica Ruiz, Toledo, boy, Monday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Carol and Travis Montgomery, Rossford, girl, Wednesday.

Laura Shultz, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Dyan and Sam Windom, Sylvania, girl, Thursday.

Beth and Ron Burke, Portage, Ohio, boy, Thursday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Brittany Stevenson, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Betsy and Greg Hug, Edon, Ohio, girl, Wednesday.

Toledo Hospital

Liza and Kyle Gleckler, Metamora, Ohio, girl, Wednesday.

Kathryn and Kevin Bowlby, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Stacy and Michael Meade, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Alicia and Jermaine Duncan, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Venus McCorvey, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Rebecca and Kevin Barrett, Holland, boy, Wednesday.

Julie and Shawn Chesser, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Laura and Daniel Fleck, Sylvania, girl, Wednesday.

Deena and Eric Remley, Lambertville, girl, Thursday.

Yanfei and Curt Clawson, Monroe, girl, Thursday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sept. 13, 2006

Randal Baumker, 39, and Dawn Royer, 29, both of Toledo.

Robert Erickson II, 26, security officer, and Amy Cooper, 26, both of Toledo.

Heath Hutt, 31, sales, and Amy McBride, 23, bartender, both of Toledo.

Karl Roland, 64, and Nancy Peterson, 65, bank teller, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Zieroff, 24, supervisor, of Oregon, and Kristina Kopp, 24, phlebotimist, of Toledo.

David Sartorius, 38, letter carrier, of Dearborn Heights, Mich., and Felicia Myers, 40, denial analyst, of Toledo.

John Iseler, 30, and Rachel Ferguson, 32, both of Sylvania.

Arthur Duncan, Jr., 31, and Judith Bills, 37, both of Toledo.

Howard Hilfinger, 75, of Sylvania, and Barbara Cain, 67, of Key Colony Beach, Fla.

Eric Prehn, 29, network engineer, and Annette Miller, 30, tax manager, both of Toledo.

George Molter, Jr., 37, carpenter, and Kelly Hawkins, 38, both of Toledo.

Alain Abboud, 26, engineer, and Carole Antypas, 23, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Robert Printke, 26, network engineer, and Lauren Bechstein, 25, occupancy specialist, both of Toledo.

Larry Syph, 36, and Pauletta Jenkins, 44, both of Toledo.

Gregory Austin, 25, brick mason, and Brittany Fussell, 24, student, both of Toledo.

Crime reports


Marco s Pizza, Dorr, money and cellular telephone from delivery driver by two men in the 1900 block of Kensington about 9:45 p.m. Tuesday.


Robert Phipps, Garden Park, shotgun and rifle.

Stephen Goulding, Burnham, DVD movies, video games, video controllers, DVD player, lamp, swords, beer, food, memory cards, and table.

Elizabeth Hancock, Western, jewelry, iPod, Bose player, telephone, computer, VCR, DVDs, VCR/DVD player, answering machine, and toaster.

Temika Sheares, Brand Whitlock Homes, DVD movies, shoes, and DVD player.

Michael McIntyre, Norton, cellular telephone and wallet and contents.

Salim Mancelo, Norton, bicycle, jewelry, and DVDs.

TRS Music, Upton, no loss.

Kathy James, Hayes, all-terrain vehicle.

Lester Klug, Locust, cash.

Jackie Butterfield, Prouty, bicycles, lawn mowers, gas can, and weed trimmer.

Catrice Moorer, East Park, TV and jewelry.

Carmaletha Russell, Evansdale, laptop computer, video game system, DVD player, baseball caps, video games, shoes, and MP3 player.

Gary Jewel, West Manhattan, copper pipe.

Jonathon Sykes, West Bancroft, video game systems, cash, DVD player, and CD player.

COM Solutions, Dorr, cell phones.

Jeffrey Gerber, Harding, damage to property.

Ebony Kynard, Pinebrook, couch, love seat, TVs, stereo, DVD players, video games, DVDs, CDs with case, clothing, and shoes.

Amanda Wright, Plymouth, cash.

Larry Jackson, Elmwood, lawn mower and tools.

Kendra Dixon, Norwood, TV, stereo, cable boxes, video game system, with games.


Ana Guzman, Four Seasons, wallet and contents from the 5000 block of Monroe.

Anthony Wilburn, Oak Harbor, Ohio, wallet and contents from the 5000 block of Monroe.

Ranesha Jones, Jefferson, wallet and contents from the 4900 block of Monroe.

Rodell White, Pinewood, bank card from residence.

Julie Burns, South May, video game, memory card, video controllers, and video cartridges from residence.

Shonika Knowles, Nevada, stereo/CD player and clothing from vehicle in the 900 block of Willow.

James Seiler, Lewis, Temperance, bag and contents from truck on West Laskey at Jackman.

Shauna Become, Whitewood, Temperance, cellular telephone and purse and contents from the 4900 block of Jackman.

Stephen Dempsey, Rushland, cameras, memory cards, and battery charger from the 300 block of Morrison.

Janice Stevens, Independence, check card from ATM at Reynolds and Dorr.

Tyereesa Hoskins, Woodland, wallet and contents from purse in store at Dorr and Collingwood.

Schrome Bush, Isadore, video game system from the 900 block of Booth.

Richard Lewandowski, Temperance, stereo system and cash from vehicle at 12th and Madison.

Pia McKinney, Maumee, purse and contents from vehicle at Glanzman and Pickford.

Traffic injuries


5:54 p.m. Dorr and North Reynolds. Pickup truck of Randall Urbanski, 44, of Roosevelt, and auto of Viktoriya Maryamova, 45, of South Main, Sylvania, whose passenger, Aneta Golovitska, 65, of Brint, Sylvania, was treated at Flower Hospital.


2:10 a.m. Torrey Hill and Macomber. Hit-skip vehicle and SUV of London Watson, 20, of Torrey Hill, who was treated at Toledo Hospital along with passenger, Emil Sturdivant, 32, of Buckingham.

6:55 a.m. 2600 block of West Sylvania. SUV of Matthew Serres, 31, of Monac, and bicycle of Henry Lipsey, 43, of Parkwood, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

5:15 p.m. Alexis and Secor. Autos of Kevin Shaner, 34, of Petersburg, Mich., and Meaghan Alexander, 21, of Fairview, who was treated at St. Anne Mercy Hospital.

8:15 p.m. Eastgate and Airport. Auto of Jeremy Meadows, 18, of Key, and SUV of Tiffany Rudolph, 16, of Atwood, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

Fire alarms


12:16 a.m. 3067 Tremainsville, outdoor fire.

12:52 a.m. 1020 Vinal, garage fire.

1:06 a.m. Oakmont and Richford, auto fire.

1:19 a.m. Earl and Forsythe, outdoor fire.

5:54 a.m. 600 Matzinger, commercial fire alarm.

10:28 a.m. 1515 Nevada, residential fire alarm.

6:12 p.m. 5800 Meteor, outdoor fire.

5:10 p.m. 1232 Wenz, commercial fire alarm.

9:54 p.m. 1207 Parkside, outdoor fire.


Lucas County

Boles, Gertrude, 69, Buckingham Street, Alzheimer s disease.

Briggs, Robert, 56, Curtice, myocardial infarction.

Bunting, Brenda, 36, Bowling Green, acute leukemia.

Crawford, Arlene, 70, Sunnyside Drive, end stage dementia.

Doran, George, 81, Mansfield, Ohio, cancer.

Drake, Harold, 72, Tiffin, congestive heart failure.

Endzulis, Stanley, 91, Telegraph Road, bacterial pneumonia.

Evans, Don, 83, South Avenue, myocardial infarction.

Gilliland, Janet, 68, Risingsun, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Grummel, Luella, 81, Executive Parkway, congestive heart failure.

Guhl, Robert, 80, South Avenue, cancer.

Haas, Jr., Elmer, 78, Key Street, Maumee, end stage dementia.

Hamer, Malinda, 92, Clifton Road, cerebrovascular accident.

Hischka, Carl, 48, Thayer Street, aspiration pneumonia.

Hoffman, Eugene, 84, Holgate, Ohio, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Hubbard, Aleta, 82, Monroe Street, congestive heart failure.

Johnson, William, 62, Degenfielder Lane, Holland, emphysema.

Kibler, Caroline, 80, Temperance, pulmonary embolus.

Kropchuk, Jacquelyn, 74, Page Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Kubicki, Henrietta, 88, Lambertville, congestive heart failure.

Kuenzel, Douglas, 60, Oakridge Drive, cirrhosis of liver.

Leonhardt, Laray, 73, Clare Ridge Drive, cancer.

Lutz, Helen, 78, Oil City, Pa., congestive heart failure.

McDonald, Willie Lee, 71, West Delaware, cardiomyopathy.

Morris, Ralph, 64, Douglas Road, coronary artery disease.

Parker, Russell, 79, Branleigh Drive, cancer.

Ringman, Grace, 98, Merrimac Boulevard, Alzheimer s disease.

Schweizer, Edward, 68, Seaman Road, Oregon, cancer.

Smith, Virginia, 84, Grand Rapids, Ohio, hemorrhagic stroke.

Taylor, Zephyr, 75, Lincoln Avenue, cancer.

Warrick, Lois, 83, St. Andrews Bluffs, acute renal failure.

Zawacki, Irene, 82, East Lake Street, bacterial pneumonia.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Roy Doss from Jayne Doss.

Jayne Doss from Roy Doss.

Deborah Newman from James Newman.

James Newman from Deborah Newman.

Shelley Immormino from Raymond Immormino.

Penny Collins from Kevin York.

Karen Coleman from Jeffrey Coleman.

Ralph Butts from Bernice Butts.

David Moore from Maureen Moore.

Maureen Moore from David Moore.

Marriage dissolutions

Lucas County

Karen Driggs and Hunter Driggs.

Juanita Cislo and Andrezej Cislo.

Eloise Rios and George Rios.

Mark Ruedisueli and Donna Ruedisueli.

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