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Toledo Hospital

Marla Terry, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Melanie Stiles, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Robin Woods, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Amy Jo and Tim Smith, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Kikita Jackson, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Lisa and Jamie Hunker, Gibsonburg, boy, Friday.

Erin and Mitch Lewandowski, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Nicole and Robert Schlatter, Wauseon, girl, Friday.

Rebekah and Brady Grefe, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Gabrielle Berning, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Nicole and Jeremy Wilkins, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Kandace Breitner, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Karolynn and Steve Nowak, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Claudine and Sam Burgio, Wauseon, girl, Saturday.

Flower Hospital

Laura and Darren Snodgrass, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Laura and Rorry Collins, Maumee, boy, Thursday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Katrina and Spencer Call, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Karyn McMullen, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Bay Park Community Hospital

Latoya Romero, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Tabatha Midcalf, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Crime reports


Terrance Edwards, of Toledo, cash and two unfilled prescriptions by a man who struck him on Lagrange at North Huron about noon Tuesday.

Subway, Airport, cash from a clerk by two men about 5 p.m. Thursday.

William Knapp, of Toledo, cigarettes, ball cap, and change by two men with a gun in the 500 block of Eastern about 1:40 a.m. Friday.


Donita Brinson, Norwood, TV.

Jeremy Bailey, Clark, loss undetermined.

Chandra McCant, Ingomar, no loss.

Billie Woodall, Walnut Circle, TV, computer monitor, printer, credit card, personal checks, DVDs, jewelry box, and jewelry.

Robinson Junior High School, Horace, computer.

Robert George, Junction, loss undetermined.

Heartland Repack Services, South Byrne, no loss.

Dane Arthur, Tremainsville, no loss.

Kamal Awwad, Crittendon, no loss.

Veronica Padua, Page, cash.

Chelsea Stovall, Franklin, wallet and contents.

Cottage Inn, East Alexis, cash.

St. John s Jesuit High School, Airport, baseball bats.

Devit Atkins, Southgate, cash and CDs.

Doris Jones, Spring, tools, lawn mower, and lawn tools.

Nick Pinotti, Isabella, copper pipes, sinks, water heater, and toilet.

Meosha Bowman, Parkwood, video game, bank card, and necklace.

Ebony Carter, Pinewood, TV.

Eric Steinmetz, Willow Run, video games, video controllers, and video cartridges.


Bowser-Morner, Miami, credit card, cellular telephone, and field balance from truck in the 1300 block of Utah.

Alicia Farless, West Central, wallet and contents from the 500 block of North Reynolds.

Kerry Weipert, Erie, Mich., purse and contents from auto in the 3500 block of Secor.

Genesis Dreamplex, South Reynolds, computer.

Aleta Foster, Christian, CD player and wallet and contents from auto at home.

Melanie Krepa, Elm, purse and contents from mall in the 5000 block of Monroe.

Lydia Elizondo, Jefferson, purse and contents from SUV in the 5100 block of Monroe.

David Craige, Tremainsville, purse and contents from auto in the 3100 block of Secor.

Jackie Oliver, Morningside, purse and contents from SUV in the 3500 block of Executive.

Angela Walton, Scottwood, purse and contents from auto at home.

Anthony Jager, Northville, credit card from residence.

Amanda Fye, North Westwood, camera, camcorder, charger, and video controllers from residence.

Traffic injuries


2:24 p.m. 4000 block of Talmadge. SUV of Julie Bartell, 30, of Sherbrooke, and auto of James Kuebler, 52, of Shamrock, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

4 p.m. North Erie and Monroe. Autos of Kevin Manning, 37, of Kipling, and Denise Alexander, 33, of Clark, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

6:23 p.m. Broadway and Clayton. Pickup truck of Lauria Cherry, 44, of Hill, Holland; vans of William Bancroft, 55, of Utah, and Dennis Smith, 43, of Clark, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, along with passenger, Keith Heer, 40, of Western.


Lucas County

Adams, Juanita, 55, Swan Creek Township, Ohio, accident.

Allen, Louis, 71, Grand Rapids, Ohio, cancer.

Bacon, Elizabeth, 81, Colburn Street, Alzheimer s disease.

Baker, Jr., Sammie, 29, City Park Avenue, pulmonary embolus.

Berkey, Sr., James, 87, Bowling Green, congestive heart failure.

Bey, Nathan, 90, Vance Street, heart disease.

Brown, Kenneth, 93, Parker Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Cleary, John, 44, Nightingale Lane, Holland, cerebral edema.

Cook, Morris, 79, Whiteford Township, Michigan, diabetes.

Dieter, Luella, 94, Temperance, congestive heart failure.

Dowell, Ethel, 82, Flynn Court, accident.

Drumm, James, 89, Indian Road, myocardial infarction.

Frankhauser, Sr., Robert, 80, Rudyard Road, Sylvania, congestive cardiomyopathy.

Garn, Hilda, 86, Seaman Street, myocardial infarction.

Getzinger, Donald, 49, Craig Street, pulmonary embolus.

Glick, Thomas, 88, Barbara Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Gutierrez, Jr., Teddy, 52, Bryan, end stage liver disease.

Lindsey, Donald, 50, Tremainsville Road, small bowel obstruction.

Lipinski, Doris, 71, Wilkins Road, Swanton, cirrhosis.

Moore, Armond, 1 hour, North Huron Street, extreme prematurity.

Moyer, Margaret, 87, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, vascular dementia.

Nadolny, Gertrude, 95, Cass Road, dementia.

Nelson, Kent, 53, Fulton Street, pending investigation.

Nolan, Ruth, 86, Spencerville, Ohio, septicemia.

Okenka, Frank, 79, South Lallendorf Road, Oregon, cerebral infarction.

Rudowsky, Helen, 89, Sylvania, myocardial infarction.

Rudski, Emily, 81, Convent Boulevard, cardiovascular disease.

Slaughterbeck, Doris, 78, Temperance, cerebrovascular accident.

Swiergosz, Joseph, 51, Glanzman Road, multiple sclerosis.

Swing, Jr., John, 55, Centennial Road, pending.

Webb, Jr., Harold, 34, Tecumseh Street, cancer.

Young, Rosie, 86, Lunn Park Drive, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Zielinski, Steven, 46, Ward Street, pending.

Coroner rulings

Lucas County

Juanita Adams, 55, of Swanton, March 13 at Sylvania Avenue and Berkey Southern Road in Richfield Township. Accident, multiple blunt trauma from motor vehicle accident.

Edward Buckley, 82, of Toledo, March 22 in nursing home. Accident, complications of trauma from fall at home.

Desiree Butler, 51, of Toledo, Jan. 29 at University Medical Center. Accident, combined drug overdose.

Eddie Butler, 30, of Toledo, Jan. 29 at residence. Suicide, combined drug toxicity.

Ethel Dowell, 82, of Toledo, March 16 at Toledo Hospital. Accident, complications of hip fracture.

John Vanover, 67, of West Unity, Ohio, Jan. 11 at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accident, head injury from fall down stairs at home.

Katherine Willis, 81, of Castalia, Ohio, Feb. 19 at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accident, multisystem organ failure after thermal burns; clothing caught fire in kitchen.

Lee Zielinski, 46, of Toledo, Feb. 5 at residence. Accident, overdose of prescription drugs.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Jacqueline Crawford from Alan Crawford, Sr.

Alan Crawford, Sr., from Jacqueline Crawford.

Michelle Lever from Charles Lever.

Charles Lever from Michelle Lever.

Sengphet Vayavong from Sompop Iddhivanda.

Rachanda Goings from Raymond Lear III.

Jon White, Jr., from Jessica White.

John Howard, Sr., from Pamala Wilson.

Ralph Leiby from Susan Leiby.

Darrell Williams from Florence Green.

Troy Murphy, Sr., from Evalgene Murphy.

Kimberly Linebarger from Jerry Linebarger.

Tina Medkeff from James Medkeff.

Gloria Loredo from Gilbert Loredo.

Craig Sibbersen from Misty Fincher.

Misty Fincher from Craig Sibbersen.

Malaika Beauta Bell from Bretlon Langster.

Behrouz Aynafshar from Lalisha Lynch.

Lalisha Lynch from Behrouz Aynafshar.

Kym Jaros from James Jaros.

James Jaros from Kym Jaros.

Julie Sengstock from Allen Sengstock.

Raymond Colbert from Celina Colbert.

Dennis Barnes from Colleen Barnes.

Colleen Barnes from Dennis Barnes.

Lesley Manley from Kip Lang.

Roland Hambrick from Patricia Hansen.

Christine Vaughn from Kerry Palmer.

Kathryn Maier from Travis Fowler.

Denise James from Mark James.

Yolanda Batty from Jason Batty.

Jill Jenkins from Robert Jenkins, Jr.

Rose Burgess from Harold Burgess.

Tammy Watson from David Watson.

Judy Kasile from John Kasile.

John Kasile from Judy Kasile.

Bruce Sorg from Cathy Graber.

Cathy Graber from Bruce Sorg.

Michael Lewandowski from Andrea Lewandowski.

Andrea Lewandowski from Michael Lewandowski.

Kathryn Klever from Christopher Rich.

Marriage dissolutions

Lucas County

Jay Leasure and Holly Leasure.

Susan Irwin and Scott Irwin.

David Shellhammer, Sr., and Jane Shellhammer.

Robert Beckett, Jr., and Kristy Cousino.

Billy Helton, Jr., and June Krukowski.

William Kowalski and Wendy Kowalski.

Kari Walter and Troy Walter.

Darrell Morse and Cindy Morse.

Michelle Happeny and Daniel Schneider.

Troy Meyers and Judith Meyers.

Robert Moorhead and Kari Crooks.

Michael Smith, Sr., and Jessica Waite.

Denise Busch and Ronald Busch.

Melanie Pence and Steven Pence, Jr.

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