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Today's Log


St. Luke s Hospital

Natalie and Nathan Briney, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Amanda Lyon, Wauseon, boy, Tuesday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Sara and Chad Koepfler, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Amanda and Chad Stallsworth, Maumee, boy, Tuesday.

Toledo Hospital

Jennifer and Eric Ferrell, Sylvania, girl, Oct. 26.

Kimberly and Sidney Haney, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Nickoel Bowers, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Melissa and Matthew Koop, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Susan Meadows, Maumee, girl, Tuesday.

Ana Ornelas, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

April 10, 2007

Fredrick Perryman, 39, maintenance technician, and Tracy Roberts aka Roberts-Ellis, 44, residential treatment specialist, both of Toledo.

Oluwatoyin Agbaosi, 30, physician, and Tina Odiase, 26, both of Toledo.

Ryan Puppos, 27, sales, and Autum Mayo, 26, loan processor, both of Toledo.

Paul Schwirzinski, 23, truck driver, and Vanessa Graciani, 21, both of Toledo.

Derrick Carr, 19, U.S. Army, and Lauren Felix, 19, both of Toledo.

Andrew Nunley, 26, carpenter, of Oregon, and Kimberly Gregor, 25, of Toledo.

Gregory Roach, Jr., 18, sales associate, and Rachel Essex, 20, National Guard, both of Toledo.

Peter Hoffman, 26, student, of Toledo, and Andrea Raney, 23, student, of Sylvania.

Derek Cipiti, 26, financial advisor, and Kelly Ivans, 26, health inspector, both of Toledo.

Frank Woods, 49, truck driver, and Colette Bell, 38, executive secretary, both of Toledo.

Tyler Smith, 23, laborer, and Andrea Boylan, 29, barista, both of Temperance.

Mohamed Slaiby, 26, financial controller, and Roheya Awada, 21, cosmetics, both of Toledo.

Adrian Armstrong, 33, warehouse assistant, and Shronda Brown, 32, nurse, both of Toledo.

Timothy Shabnow, 39, cable installer, and Kimberly Nevins-Wyckoff, 37, sales specialist, both of Toledo.

Derek Ortega, 24, janitor, and Laura Kwiatkowski, 22, floral designer, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Lawrence, 20, student, and Joy Allen, 22, student, both of Toledo.

Nidal Yassine, 30, sales, and Ashley Rollins, 20, both of Oregon.

John Grycza II, 22, and Kayla Papio, 18, both of Toledo.

Crime reports


Gerald Keith, pop and cigarettes by a man who struck him in the head in 3200 block or Cherry at 10:20 p.m. Monday.

Jehnan Liv, wallet and contents by two men in the 1200 block of Oak Hill at 12:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Bret Myers, auto by a man who punched him in the eye at Starr and Fourth at 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Marc Nobis, aluminum walker by a man who struck him in the 500 block of Bush about 10:30 p.m. Monday.

Gregory Bottles, cash by a man with a knife in a bar at 725 Jefferson at 12:40 p.m. Monday.


Rosemary Vires, Walnut, no loss.

Katrina Cannon, Palmwood, video game, camera, shoes, cash, clothing, coats, video cartridges, DVD player, and laptop computer.

Jerome Visel, North Detroit, change and jewelry.

Shirah Davis, Middlesex, TV/DVD player, camera, and jewelry.

Scarlett Lynn, Yermo, video game, DVD player, computer, luggage set, purse, laundry baskets, coats, video cartridges, DVDs, credit cards, checkbook, shoes, surge protector, and clothing.

Kevin Mathews, Brandel, rifles, handguns, camcorder, and camera.

Terrence Glaze, Sylvan Ridge, credit cards, cash, and bank deposit key.

Larry Reiner, Sanders, lawn mower, trailer, battery charger, snowblower, and tools from home in the 1100 block of Turner.

Chester Newsome, Langdon, loss undetermined.

Jet s Pizza, Monroe, no loss.

Bianca McCrae, Avondale, no loss.

Lewis Carry Out, Lewis, cash and cartons of cigarettes.

Jay Spooney, Brookview, video game, video cartridges, change, and CDs.

Tambria Graham, Artis, TV, VCR/DVD player, clothing, and shoes.

Stephen Oliver, Hoops, loss undetermined.

Larry Boudrie, Collingwood, video game, video controllers, cash, DVD player, jewelry box, video cartridges, and jewelry.

Kimberly Pattin, West Bancroft, computer system, camcorder, digital camera, credit cards, cell phone, checkbook, and jewelry.

Daniel Sandoval, Dearborn, damage to garage door and to vehicle.

Betty Padgett, Earl, TV and DVD/VCR combo player.

Gordon Maynard, Maple, air compressor, nailer, router, air hose, hand truck, sander, and hand tools.

Marilyn Jagodzinski, Maple, lawn mower.

Dalton Clair, Arlington, pit bull puppy with license and tags.

A.J. Coates, Mettler, lawn mower.

Mima Allen, Spring, loss is undetermined.

Kashif Payne, Evansdale, two laptop computers, clothing, shoes, DVD player, and school ring.

Frog Town North LLC, Telegraph, tools from unoccupied dwelling in the 200 block of East Central.

Albert Garcia, Buffalo, copper pipes and damage to hot water heater.

Florida Equities, West Laskey, copper pipes.

Ronnie Stang, Jackman, cash, video game systems, and video games.

Joyce Yarber, Warsaw, no loss.

Barbara Tyler, Norwich, damage to front door, lock, frame, and drywall.

Thomas Klonowski, East Lake, loss is undetermined.

Vince Goff, Willow Run, no loss.

Caroline Dilbone, Havre, no loss.

Dominique Ellis, Airport, portable DVD player, cash, belts, purses, and shoes.

Desera Rose, Southgate, laptop computer, video game system, and camcorder.


Helen Burns, Kelsey, medication from residence.

James Nelson, West Woodstock, Holland, tools from truck in the 2000 block of Central Grove.

Michael Miller, Booth, credit card from residence.

Natasha Tidwell, Vinal, purse and contents from residence.

Sharyan Dixon, Branleigh, clothing, shoes, purses, and boots from residence.

Frank Dorring, South Reynolds, wallet and contents from SUV at home.

Timothy McGee, Oak Knoll, Perrysburg, CD player, CDs, gloves, belt, shoes, and wallet and contents from SUV in the 2000 block of South Reynolds.

Kimberly Nelson, Secor, CD player, checkbook, and personal papers from auto on Jefferson at North Huron.

Marguerite Malohn, Paxton, credit card from residence.

St. Stephen s Church, City Park, parts from outside air conditioning unit.

Christine Brady, West Sylvania, keys, personal mail, and sandals from residence.

Cassandra Prange, Jamieson, purse and contents from auto in the 5600 block of Clegg.

Allie Claybourne, West Oakland, ATM card from residence.

Astro Building Products, Angola, cash from business.

Joan Shearman, Durbin, stove, refrigerator, window, thermometer, and plumbing from rental property in the 300 block of Colburn.

Nikki Chaney, Cresthaven, wallet and contents from vehicle at residence.

One SeaGate, North Summit, damage to three windows.

Traffic injuries


1:30 a.m. Galena and Greenbelt. SUV of Cynthia Ball, 42, of East Oakland, struck utility pole. Driver was admitted in fair condition to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

2:50 p.m. 1800 block of West Laskey. Auto of Joseph Smith, 18, of Timber Ridge, Sylvania, and SUV of Michelle Ramiez, 39, of Secor, who was treated at St. Anne Mercy Hospital.

9:40 p.m. Harvest and West Laskey. Autos of Tonya Schmidt, 19, of Mellwood, and Kelly James, 29, of Pawnee, whose passenger, Gardner Bandfield, 30, of Pawnee, was treated at Toledo Hospital.


5:20 p.m. Bancroft and Secor. SUV of Lisa Belton, 18, of Bexford, and auto of Tifarah Banks, 22, of Oakfield, who was treated at Toledo Hospital along with passenger, Starr Bibbs, 14, of Kingswood.

7:48 p.m. 500 block of Mel Simon. Auto of James Ford, 22, of Northbrook, lost control of vehicle and rolled several times. Driver was admitted in critical condition to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


2:37 a.m. 1000 block of Nebraska. Hit-skip vehicle and auto of Quatisha Brazzel, 19, of Higgins, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

4:35 a.m. I-75 southbound and Phillips. Autos of Amanjot Dhaliwal, 27, of Commence, Mich., and Sandra Adomako, 34, of Lawrenceville, Ga., who was treated at Toledo Hospital along with passenger, Cynthia Wright, 50, of McDonough, Ga.

11:30 a.m. 100 block of Oak. Auto of Steven Landry, 19, of Batpm Rough, La., and van of Luan Harrison, 52, of Cloverdale, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

2:45 p.m. 200 block of East Weber. Autos of Errika Graham, 36, of East Weber, and Allen McCadney, 42, of Lawrence, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


6:15 a.m. 2200 block of Vermont. Hit-skip vehicle and a pedestrian, Charles Fletcher, Jr., 50, of Vermont, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


Lucas County

Ehman, Collette, 71, Fremont, enterocutaneous fistula.

Ehrman, Elden, 69, Tiffin, arterioclerotic coronary disease.

Florez, Feliz, 74, Field Avenue, respiratory failure.

Fox, Phillip, 50, Utah Street, myocardial infarction.

Gabrick, Mary, 82, Forest Brook Drive, Sylvania, Alzheimer s disease.

Gordon, John, 64, Manila Street, leukemia.

Gulley, William, 69, Temperance, cancer.

Heidenblut, Gilbert, 59, South Byrne Road, athero cardiovascular disease.

Hockenberry, Edwin, 78, Pickle Road, Oregon, emphysema.

Howell, Rebecca, 48, Gibsonburg, Ohio, diverticulitis with peritonitis.

Kerbel, Sandra, 50, Cedarwood Drive, Oregon, cancer.

Kowalewski, Ann, 81, Temperance, renal failure.

Leid, Merle, 1 year, Greenwich, Ohio, accident.

Leu, Gerald, 65, Durbin Road, Sylvania, myocardial infarction.

Momot, Mary, 78, Executive Parkway, sepsis.

Mruzek, Joseph, 73, Monroe, Mich., myocardial infarction.

O Reilly, Thomas, 88, Glendale Avenue, hypertensive renal disease.

Peters, Dolly, 68, Bristol, Tenn., myocardial infarction.

Pietrykowski, Carol, 75, Villa Drive, acute cerebral artery stroke.

Pitzen, Anna, 76, Dixie Drive, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Podbielniak, Jr., Joseph, 77, Norcross Drive, Oregon, pneumonia.

Richards, Teresa, 50, Garden Road, Maumee, accident.

Romito, Elizabeth, 91, Overland Parkway, pneumonia.

Schuster, Gladys, 93, Ginger Gold Drive, Holland, dementia.

Seegert, Randy, 52, Napoleon, cancer.

Siler, Verdie, 64, Daytona Street, myocardial infarction.

Snider, Phyllis, 83, North Wheeling Street, coronary artery disease.

Stant, Randall, 50, Maxwell Road, cardiovascular disease.

Stein, Nancy, 66, Fostoria, myocardial infarction.

Strain, Romena, 55, Waterville-Swanton Road, Swanton, pending investigation.

Susor, Sharon, 62, South Teachout Road, Curtice, pending investigation.

Traxler, Juanita, 62, Tiffin, renal failure.

Warner, Winifred, 87, Murray Drive, congestive heart failure.

Whitman, Ella, 79, Hidden Ridge Road, cancer.

Wittenmyer, Homer, 77, Plumbrook Drive, Maumee, cancer.

Zurawski, Jr., Paul, 1 hour, Hampton Avenue, severe prematurity.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Cristel Wead from Marte Salmi.

Marte Salmi from Cristel Wead.

Moira Brown from George Brown.

George Brown from Moira Brown.

Darlene Friedman-Ellison from John Ellison, Jr.

John Ellison, Jr., from Darlene Friedman-Ellison.

Lori Parlette from Christohpe Parlette.

Loni Wisbon from Richard Wisbon.

Richard Wisbon from Loni Wisbon.

Aaron Bachas from Angela Bachas.

Kristy Imo from Ronald Imo.

Ronald Imo from Kristy Imo.

Barbara Beckley from Willie Beckley, Jr.

William Sherman from Chastity Sherman.

Janice Rankin from Lee Rambo.

Katrina Mitchell from Johnny Mitchell.

Chennell Hampton from William Travis.

Yvonne Barton from Reginald Fields.

Elaine Netry from Stanley Netry.

Bonnie Gillette from Jason Gillette.

Tammy Benarth from Joseph Benarth.

Carrie Frost from Edwin Frost III.

Matthew Gillingham from Samantha Gillingham.

Patricia Groves from James Garbers.

Marriage dissolutions

Lucas County

Janet Lydic and Gregory Lydic.

Thomas Frick and Miranda Frick.

Gloria Reetz and William Reetz, Jr.

Shannon McClellan and John McClellan.

Danielle Veitch and Chris Veitch.

Ann Manley and Brent Manley.

Andrew Fetter and Gina Fetter.

Minnie Adkins and Cory Adkins.

Aarin Nigh and Timothy Nigh.

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