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Suburban Crime Reports (Crime Map)


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Bedford Township

Felonious assault

Joseph Vance, 4400 block of Saint Anthony, victim threatened with weapon, suspect fought with victim about 3:45 a.m. June 9. Suspect arrested.

Auto thefts

Andrea Sadoski, Secor, 1996 Ford Thunderbird from the 3400 block of Walnut.

Kevin Welch, 8100 block of Mohawk, 2003 Dodge Dakota.


John Fuleky, 8800 block of Buerke, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, iPod, paintball guns, and bottles of liquor from residence and garage. (not on map)


Linda Blythe, 6300 block of Secor, purse with contents from vehicle.

Whitney Butler, 2500 block of West Rauch, cellular phone.

Dan Deihl, Garden City, Mich., several truck and passenger tires valued at $20,000 from business in the 7100 block of Crabb.

Felicia Dupee, 6800 block of Lewis, laptop from vehicle. (not on map)

Marvin Grindstaff, 6200 block of South Telegraph, travel trailer from storage.

Sarah Laycock, 7900 block of Tomahawk, cell phone and credit cards from vehicle.

Olympic Steel, 200 block of Lavoy, two air conditioning units from property, value $2,000. (not on map)

Ben Tucker, 3800 block of Kimberly Oaks, wallet with content from vehicle.



Lyndsey Hill, Lost Lakes, stereo from vehicle in the 6400 block of Angola.

Matt Kelsey, 900 block of Columbus, wallet and contents from vehicle.

Taco Bell, 7000 block of Orchard Centre, $89.95 from cash register.

Lake Township


Flying J, 26400 block of Warns, fuel drive-off, $20.

Petro Stopping Center, 26400 block of West Service, fuel drive-offs, $458.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, fuel drive-offs, $63.

Jerusalem Township


James Reihing, 1600 block of Cedar Brown, $350 cash, DVD screen, and neon light kit from vehicle.



Thomas Tschabolo, 1100 block of Shelly, money and sunglasses from vehicle.

Monclova Township

Auto theft

Janet Echelberry, 7800 block of Greenville Crossing, keys from residence, then 2006 Dodge Charger from garage. (not on map)


Gary and Brenda Luther, 6600 block of Buck Creek, victim sleeping on couch awoke to two suspects in kitchen, yelled, then suspects fled. Taken previously on different date, wallet with contents and purse with contents from vehicle.


Melissa Wyper, 6700 block of Harwick, purse with contents and cellular phone from vehicle in garage.

Rex Shook, 7100 block of Coder, radar detector and chainsaw from vehicles.



Helen Losie, 3200 block of Yorktown, cash and gift cards from residence.

Jack Loughner, 2200 block of Starr, damages and ransacked residence, no items taken.


Kris Adkins, Bradner, Millbury, cellular phone from vehicle in the 3200 block of Lantern.

Gregory Anderson, 2700 block of Pickle, victim s identity used to obtain pain prescription medication.

Leah Eckman, 5100 block of Bay Ridge, cellular phone.

R. Foundation, Bowling Green, laser beam, concrete forms, and gas cap from vehicle in the 5000 block of Dove. (not on map)

Great Eastern Theaters, Secor, Toledo, steel pipes, lights, and conduits from business lot in the 4500 block of Navarre.

Ruth Hallock, 2000 block of Woodcrest, lawn ornament.

Rachel Hughes, Ontario, Canada, purse and contents from shopping cart in the 3700 block of Navarre.

James Kilmer, 3100 block of Cindy, solar-powered address sign from yard.

Greg Kohne, Boxelder, fishing gear from vehicle in the 2500 block of Navarre.

Malisa Prebe, 2700 block of Bleeker, CDs from vehicle.

Nicole Roach, 3200 block of Cromwell, check card.

John Vine, 3400 block of Lynnbrooke, credit card which was used for purchases.

Beverly Weikinger, Main, Millbury, bag containing credit cards and medicine from vehicle in the 1800 block of Woodville.


Auto thefts

Matt Brown, 1100 block of Running Brook, broke into home, took keys, then took 2000 Lincoln Town Car from garage.

Laura Carlson, Reitz, cigarettes, first aid kit and prescription medications from vehicle in the 26700 block of Lake Vue.


Ryan Dildine, 300 block of Southwood, wallet and wife s purse with contents from residence.


Bushra Junaid Akhtar, 200 block of Louisiana, purse with contents from vehicle.

Beth Bryczynski, 900 block of Bexley, bicycle from residence.

First Federal, 1000 block of Louisiana, counterfeit deposit of $100 in ATM.

Michael McAlear, 10900 block of Fremont Pike, purse with contents from vehicle.

Rich Stone Builders, Steeple Chase, several power tools from construction trailer in the 1900 block of Horseshoe Bend, value $8,198. (not on map)

Speedway, 100 block of East Indiana, fuel drive-off, $11.84.

Perrysburg Township


Susan Stockwell, 27600 block of Heatherford, prescription medication and child s wagon from residence.

Thomas Thibert, 9600 block of Sheffield, gas grill from property, recovered.

John Young, 29700 block of Bates, gas grill from property.


Auto theft

Phillip Eaton, 500 block of Indian Valley, 1992 BMW 318i from driveway.

Crimes against children

Zachary Schmidt, Oak, bicycle while at library in the 700 block of Dixie.


BP, 1100 block of Buck, fuel drive-off, $33.81.

Jacqueline Brown, Eleanor, bicycle from library in the 700 block of Dixie.

Roger Ferris, Silver Springs, N.Y., digital camera from home in the 1100 block of Buck.

Kemper Mills, 900 block of Dixie, air compressor from property.

Springfield Township


Deano s Mini-Mart Too, unit block of North McCord, several damages, no items taken.


Tresa Ansell, North Yondota, Curtice, $500 cash, jewelry, and clothing from vehicle while at restaurant in the 6500 block of West Central.

Sandra Bennett, Delta, Ohio, wallet with contents while at work in the 1500 block of Eber.

John Berquist, 500 block of Spring Lake, iPod from vehicle.

Christian Burleson, Glenhurst, Maumee, $100 cash, laptop computer, and IDs from vehicle in the 1500 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Circle K, 8100 block of Airport, fuel drive-off, $20.16.

Embassy Suites, 6700 block of Embassy, tennis court nets from property.

Gary Emch, 8300 block of Water Park, cellular phone, checkbook, and tools from vehicle. (not on map)

Teresa Fournier, 2800 block of Manley, CDs, money, and keys from vehicle.

Wayne Hall, 1600 block of Ravines Estates, gas grill and tank from property.

Katelyn Paul, Clarkston, Mich., cellular phone and purse from vehicle while at restaurant in the 6500 block of Airport.

Jessica Robinette, 5500 block of West Central, $500 in fraudulent check and lottery scam.

Springfield Township, 7800 block of Angola, section of bleachers from Homecoming Park, value $800.

Swanton Township


Jim Hightower, 3600 block of LaPlante, wagon wheels and gates from property.


Crimes against children

Joshua Easterly, Sylvan Oaks, bicycle from rack at Southview High School in the 7200 block of Sylvania.

Zachary Giljum, Weldwood, bicycle from front of store in the 6700 block of West Sylvania.

Travis Goff, Leicester, yearbook while at Southview High School in the 6700 block of West Sylvania.

Rick Peiffer, Jamesford, Toledo, wallet with contents, cellular phone, and clothing from locker at Southview High School in the 7200 block of Sylvania.


Associates in Women s Health, 7100 block of Sylvania, laptop computer from business.

Melanie Davis, 5000 block of Silica, victim s bank account information obtained and used for fraudulent checks, forged and cashed totaling $875.

Patricia Koehle, 4000 block of Boynton, PlayStation, Nintendo, and DVD collection from residence.

Kroger gas station, 7500 block of Sylvania, fuel drive-off, $34.

Pamela Rohrbacher, 5100 block of Spring, freezer from property.

Lois Sanders, South Fredericksburg, bicycle from rack at Southview High School in the 7200 block of Sylvania.

Sylvania Township

Auto theft

Heather Wallace, Jacksonville, N.C., 1998 Eagle Talon and jewelry from the 3300 block of Romaker.


Elizabeth Conklin, Winsford, digital camera and wallet with contents from locker while at JCC in the 6400 block of West Sylvania.

Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids, 7400 block of West Central, $1,261 from register.

Elizabeth Farris, Akron, Palm Pilot from vehicle in the 4400 block of Old Lyme.

Esmeralda Hill, Birkdale, leather bag from vehicle in the 3300 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Elizabeth Humble-Cousino, Waterford, Perrysburg, MP3 player, jewelry, and bag with contents from vehicle in the 3600 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

In & Out, 5100 block of Alexis, fuel drive-off, $12.

Mike Kuhar, 5500 block of West Central, $700 in lottery scam.

James Moody, 4900 block of Hunters Green, GPS, laptop computer, digital camera, digital voice recorder, Palm Pilot, $300 cash, and backup drivers from vehicle.

Benjamin Morris, 4900 block of Haddon, stereo faceplate from vehicle.

Shell, 5400 block of Monroe, fuel drive-off, $24.

Sunoco, 4000 block of North Holland-Sylvania, fuel drive-off, $30.01.

Tractor Supply Co., 7700 block of West Central, water tank, value $258 from property.



Walnut Hills, 30700 block of Drouillard, metal stolen from outside storage building.

Washington Township


Scott Dressel, 100 block of Cypress, leather jacket from vehicle.

Waterville Township


Wardell s, 7700 block of Dutch, landscape items, truckload.

Whiteford Township


Whiteford Community Park, 7400 block of Whiteford Center, $3000 in damages to vending machines in an attempt to steal coin box.

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