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Suburban Crime Reports (Crime Map)


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Bedford Township


David Babkiewicz, 3500 block of Wimbledon, money from vehicles and tires slashed.

Christopher Balk, 8300 block of Waterford, Palm Pilot from vehicle.

Michael Balk, 8300 block of Waterford, wallet with contents and Street Pilot from vehicle. Credit cards were used for purchases.

Lynne Bauerschmidt, 7000 block of Middlebury, GPS unit from vehicle.

Karen Brown, 7000 block of Ridgedale, animal grooming equipment from vehicle.

Richard Faziani, 700 block of Orchard, two checks, forged and cashed, totalling $200.

Russell Irons, 2700 block of Chapel Creek, GPS with charger and money from vehicle.

Corey Krauss, 2700 block of Chapel Creek, power converter from vehicle.

Kuehne & Nagel Michelin Tires, 7100 block of Crabb, semi-truck trailer containing tires valued at over $100,000. Trailer recovered empty.

Terrence Lewis, Jr., 6400 block of Douglas, chip programmer for truck and radio with remote from vehicle.

David McCormick, unit block of Marengo, iPod and camera memory card from vehicle.

Alyse Roberts, Dresden, Ont., purse and contents from vehicle in the 6400 block of Douglas.

Amy Shirey, 2700 block of Chapel Creek, diaper bag and prescription safety glasses from vehicle.

Jessica Thompson, 1600 block of Spruce, $54 cash from vehicle.

Erie Township


Kristen and Edward Griffin, 1800 block of Cady, checkbook from kitchen counter.


Sharon Garverick, 6200 block of South Telegraph, lawn ornament from yard.

Jerusalem Township


Clara Herr, 11400 block of Rachel, residence ransacked, undetermined if anything taken.


Philip Lacourse, Cobblestone, Waterville, 1988 boat trailer from marina in the 12800 block of Bono.

Lake Township


Geneva Duncan, 1100 block of Owen, two five-gallon containers with fuel from property.

Lakeshore Utility Trailer Inc., 3200 block of Moline-Martin, white trailer from fenced area, value $36,000.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, fuel drive off, $36.



Michael Bushea, 500 block of East Indiana, computer from garage.


Ashley Berning, Brame, Toledo, suitcase with contents from vehicle in the 100 block of Chesterfield.

Amy Carroll, Green Valley, Toledo, purse and contents from vehicle, credit cards used for purchases in the 2500 block of Parkway Plaza.

Josh Shoop, 1800 block of Craig, amplifier from vehicle.

Monclova Township


Jason Biedermann, 7300 block of Wood Creek, laptop computer, cellular phone, and data card from vehicle, value $3,400.

Denise Fink, 7900 block of Chestnut, GPS unit from vehicle. (not on map)

Burdell Franklin, 3000 block of Stonegate, laptop computer and software from vehicle.

Nicolas Harpel, Maumee-Western, iPod, wallet with contents, and cellular phone from vehicle in the 7000 block of Sandy Springs.

Kristi Kohlhofer, 2900 block of West Course, personal papers from vehicle.

Suzanne Norton, 7100 block of Sandy Springs, briefcase with contents, Dictaphone, and personal papers from vehicle.

Lisa Schnapp, 6000 block of Tournament, CDs and money from vehicle.

Michael Schroeder, 7500 block of Timbers, 1996 Gold Medalist El-60 Golf cart containing a Rolex watch, adult set of golf clubs, junior set of golf clubs, and Game-Boy.

Robert Wise, 7000 block of Sandy Springs, two cellular phones and make-up bag with contents from vehicle.



Lisa Baker, Marvin, Fremont, cellular phone from the 3400 block of Woodville.

Nancy Goben, Weckerly, Whitehouse, purse with contents and video game from vehicle in the 2600 block of Woodville.

Sears, 3700 block of Williston, $179 cash from register by unknown suspect who was able to open register with an employee ID number that had not been assigned.



Hayley Brody, 2000 block of Autokee, victim s identity used by unknown suspect in an attempt to purchase a vehicle.

Complete Laundering Service, 600 block of North Lallendorf, air conditioner, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel from business.

Mark Erard, Sylvandale, victim s bank account information obtained, used on checks in the 3700 block of Navarre.

Chaz Ferrell, 2200 block of Starr, license plate from vehicle.

Vicki Gulch, 5200 block of Brown, lawn mower from property.

Glenn Harris, 1100 block of Patchen, victim s identity used in an attempt to open a credit account.

Amy Hollow, Schmidlin, debit card from the 1800 block of Woodville.

Robert Keaton, Cherry, Genoa, laptop computer from vehicle in the 1800 block of Woodville.

Marathon, 5800 block of Navarre, fuel drive off, $38.52.

Ryan Osenbaugh, Spring Grove, Toledo, victim s credit card information obtained and used several times in the 1700 block of South Wheeling.

Robert Philips, 1400 block of South Wynn, bank card information obtained and used for purchases in Iowa.

Dan Snyder, Sullivans, S.C., briefcase with contents from vehicle in the 1800 block of Woodville.

Mark Stevens, Williamstown, Mich., stereo, speakers, wallet with contents, and shoes from vehicle in the 1700 block of Meijer.


Tim Horton s, 2600 block of Navarre, suspect with gun obtained an undetermined amount of cash through a drive-thru window about 1:20 a.m. on July 30.

Auto theft

Jonathan Minniear, Oak Bend, Holland, 1995 Ford Contour from the 2200 block of Navarre.


Golden Jade, 3100 block of Navarre, floor fan taken, then ransacked business.

Ottawa Hills


Jutila Sakari, 2200 block of Orchard, $45 worth of fuel siphoned from vehicle.


Auto theft

David Miller, 200 block of Elm, 1997 Ford F-150 pickup truck.


Trinidad Davila, 26700 block of Lake Vue, medication from residence.


Sharon Colon, 100 block of Locust, tool chest with tools from vehicle.

Brad Contat, Parkway North, Maumee, victim s identity used for false claim to insurance company in the 4200 block of Moser. (not on map)

Lydia Crews, 900 block of Sandusky, bicycle from garage.

Candy Downard, Bowling Green, debit card while at fuel station, then used for purchases in the 11400 block of Fremont Pike.

Julie Kazmaier, Bowling Green, fuel tank and fuel lines from vehicle in lot of repair shop in the 25900 block of North Dixie.

John Knoch, Latham, N.Y., iPod, fishing pole, and cigarettes from vehicle while at motel in the 1100 block of Professional.

Sonia Rodriguez, Navarre, Oregon, $200 cash in purse with contents from vehicle in the 27400 block of Helen.

Perrysburg Township


Denis Bruns, 27900 block of Glenwood, $500 cash, checkbook, truck battery, and other items from residence.

Dudley Herman, 7400 block of Twin Lakes, money from vehicle.

June Lockett, 30300 block of Oregon, rear license plate from vehicle.

Jill Schumacher, 30600 block of East River, 2005 Tomos moped; recovered.

Joseph Szekely, 27600 block of Tracy, rear license plate from vehicle.

Walgreen s Distribution, 28700 block of Oregon, package containing various types of prescription drugs.

Frederick Wilson, Thompson, wallet and contents from briefcase in the 28100 block of Cedar Park.

Providence Township


Pradco, 13300 block of Ludwig, scrap metal from business yard, value $3,000.



David Hughes, 800 block of Glenwood, $200 cash from residence.

Crimes against children

Drake Stolar, 200 block of Hillsdale, bicycle from yard.


Andy Elegeer, Bryan, purse and wallet with contents from the 1100 block of Buck; recovered.

Charlene Petro, 100 block of Bacon, debit card from residence, unauthorized transactions made totalling $367.

Clayton Taylor, Valley Way, Swanton, wallet with contents left behind at fuel station in the 900 block of Dixie.

Springfield Township

Auto thefts

Tom Anderson, 8800 block of Geiser, 1996 GMC pickup and a license plate from another vehicle. Suspect arrested.

J&E Home Improvement, 1600 block of Henthorne, 2001 Ford Taurus; recovered and suspect arrested.


Christina Batdorf, 6900 block of West Bancroft, movies, CDs, towels, and dishes from residence.

Car Wash by the Bay, 900 block of North McCord, $300 cash from coin machines.

Brian Cook, 6200 block of Garden, DVDs from residence.

Divot s Golf Center, 6200 block of Angola, money from coin boxes.

Elizabeth Hardin, 500 block of Banquot Way, suspect in residence, but seen by victim. Suspect fled before taking anything.

McCord Carry Out, 6800 block of Nebraska, register containing $500 from business.

Jon Wilson, 7900 block of Airport, TV, stereo receiver, DVD player, and CD player from residence.


Patrick Anderson, 6600 block of Hill, portable DVD player, DVDs, and checkbook from vehicle.

Zach Boulton, 7300 block of Dorr, mini-bike from garage.

Nancy Brogan, 800 block of Clark, bag with personal papers from vehicle.

Thomas Dennis, Mandell, Perrysburg, bow and arrow with black case and release from vehicle in the 1300 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Monique Martinez, unit block of Clark, victim s personal information along with photo used on Internet site.

Megan McKenzie, 6600 block of Fawn, stereo and money from vehicle.

Robert Myers, unit block of East Woodside, victim s identity used to purchase CDs and DVDs.

Gregory Oehlers, 400 block of Wilderness Trail, money, cellular phone, and medication from vehicle.

Brian Osborne, 400 block of Wilderness Trail, CDs, money, and prescription medication from vehicle. Suspect apprehended.

Pheasant Run Apartments, 2200 block of Perrysburg-Holland, $450 in coin box from washing machine.

William Saverstrom, Clark, cellular phone, briefcase with contents, and checkbook from vehicle in the 1400 block of Spring Meadows.

Steve Skutch, 7700 block of Hill, air conditioning unit from side of building.

Barb Stevsloff, Key, rear license plate from vehicle in the 6500 block of Centers.

Lance Zywocki, 700 block of Diana, iPod Nano, kicker speakers, and amplifier from vehicle.



Kyle Trumbull, 7500 block of Rymoor, laptop computer in case from residence, value $1,300.


Brian Grabowski, 6000 block of Grainfield, stereo faceplate from vehicle.

Chester Provo, 6000 block of Glenmore, rear license plate from vehicle.

Sylvania Township


Frisch s, 5800 block of West Central, suspects pulled up to drive-thru window knocking with what appeared to be a gun, telling clerk to give them the money about 6 a.m. July 29. Clerk ran away from window and called police. Suspects apprehended.


Rande Buehler, Chaney, entry made and an attempt to enter another apartment was made in the 9000 block of West Central.

Paul Mueller, 7400 block of Whispering Oak, laptop computer with case/memory stick and lottery tickets from residence.

Mike Strube, 2800 block of Moffat, suspect entered residence, took some change, and used phone and computer.


Greg Babos, 8800 block of Cedarbend, handgun from residence. (not on map)

Sylvania Body Shop, 3100 block of Marsrow, weed cutter and snow blade from business.

University of Toledo


Raja Chowdhury, 2800 block of West Bancroft, victim was walking through Lot 21 near Nitchske Auditorium, talking on his cellular phone when approached by an unknown suspect. Suspect asked for cigarette then hit victim on head and face several times, asking for money. Victim had none. Suspect then took cellular phone and fled, about 2:15 a.m. July 29.


Samer Howard, Honora, Sylvania, wallet with contents from locker while at Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Heather Huston, Monroe, Mich., bicycle from rack near Student Union in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Melissa Summers, North Canton, Ohio, bicycle from rack near Student Union in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Washington Township


Debra Jahns, 5900 block of Villamar, TV, CD player, DVD player, microwave, two floor safes, and other items from residence.

Christopher Bacome, 5200 block of Patriot, victim s bank account information obtained and used for purchases.

Harborside Healthcare, 6100 block of North Summit, $150 cash and DVDs from facility.

Taylor Woods, 5900 block of Viramar, CD player from vehicle.



Virgil Bragg, 7900 block of Meadowview, DVD player, headset, charger, Game-Boy, and bag with contents from vehicle. (not on map)

William Bragg, 7900 block of Meadowview, ID badge, headset, Game-Boy, laptop computer, Palm Pilot, and cellular phone charger from vehicle. (not on map)

Craig Lubinski, 7800 block of Royal Hampton, sunglasses from vehicle. (not on map)

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