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Toledo Hospital

Lori and Wayne Wagner, Waterville, girl, Saturday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Kerry and Todd Trautman, Findlay, boy, Friday.

Dominique Watkins, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Flower Hospital

Heather and Kieran Butterfield, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Bay Park Community Hospital

Amber Stout, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Toledo Hospital

Kelly and Joshua Chatfield, Bowling Green, boy Friday.

Sara and Dean Zulchsmith, Weston, Ohio, boy, Friday.

Wendy and Kevin Newsome, Sylvania, girl, Saturday.

Amanda and Justin Ritenour, Lambertville, boy, Saturday.

Ashley Massie, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Erin Donley, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

South End Pizza, 1808 Arlington, inspected Oct. 22. Critical violation: Quat sanitizer must be 200 ppm to adequately kill germs and not leave a chemical residue on food prep surfaces, complied. Inspector: Mike Brady.

UT Glass Bowl, Stand 13, 2801 West Bancroft, inspected Oct. 20. Critical violations: no water available at hand sink; employee refilled reservoir. Check often to replenish. Observed wet wipe towel on clean drainboard of three-bay sink and sanitizer in the bucket and three-bay was too low at 100 ppm. Store all wiping towels in sanitizer bucket when not in use. Repair nacho cheese dispensing machine so product can be maintained at 135 degrees or higher to prevent bacteria growth. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

UT Glass Bowl, Stand 6, 2801 West Bancroft, inspected Oct. 20. Critical violation: quat sanitizer in three-bay sink too low at 100 ppm. Inspector: Wilke.

UT Glass Bowl, Stand 5, 2801 West Bancroft, inspected Oct. 20. Critical violations: Quat sanitizer in three-bay sink was too low, replenish to appropriate strength. Pizza holding in hot box was below 135 degrees or higher. Uncooked pizzas with cheese and pepperoni sitting out of refrigeration at 51 degrees, must be held cold at 41 degrees or less. Facility needs a reach-in cooler to hold pizzas at proper temperatures. Observed employee beverage stored next to pizza cutting board. No water at hand sink at time of inspection; repair hand sink so it does not require someone tapping on plumbing with wrench for water to flow. Inspector: Wilke.

Ruby Tuesday s, 2915 Glendale, inspected Oct. 15. Critical violations: Repair malfunctioning digital thermometer. Salad cooler at 52 degrees. All potentially hazardous foods (PHF) removed from service. Cooler must be kept at 41 degrees or less to prevent bacterial growth. Inspector: Brady.

Whitehouse-Waterville Moose, 11900 Jeffers, Providence Township, inspected Oct. 16. Critical violation: Consumer advisory must be placed on menu to warn customers of risks. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Tony s Restaurant and Pub, 7723 Airport, inspected Oct. 16. Critical violation: Better date marking needed throughout. Seven-day expiration date on PHF once opened, prepared, or thawed. Inspector: Becker.

Star Diner II, 457 West Dussel, Maumee, inspected Oct. 16. Critical violation: dish machine not dispensing sanitizer at time of inspection. The machine must dispense chlorine at 50-100 ppm. Check this machine with test strips daily prior to use. All ware washing must be done manually until reinspection with passing results has been done by the health department. Service was contacted at inspection. Inspector: Brady.

Outback Steakhouse, 401 West Dussel, Maumee, inspected Oct. 19. Critical violations: Prep top cooler at 51 degrees, not holding food at required 41 degrees or less; repair service contacted at inspection. Inspector: Brady.

Waterville BP, 305 Farnsworth, Waterville, inspected Oct. 15. Critical violation: correct sanitizer and test strips are unavailable at this time. Use plain chlorine bleach, no scent, and purchase chlorine test strips to test sanitizer water strength. Inspector: Becker.

Barney s BP, 1702 Laskey, inspected Oct. 16. Critical violation: Three-vat sink is blocked from use by bottle beverages and other clutter. Clear off the sink and thoroughly clean before using. All sinks must be accessible and convenient to use. All in-use utensils and dishware must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized every four hours. Inspector: Wilke.

Stop and Go, 3645 Upton, inspected Oct. 17. Critical violations: observed build-up on white dispensing nozzle of ice machine. Clean and sanitize this equipment and maintain clean. Observed jars of baby food that were outdated; baby food removed from sale. Inspector: Debbie Dacquisto.

Cake Arts Supplies, 2858 Sylvania, inspected Oct. 19. Hand sink was blocked at time of inspection. All hand sinks should be free of clutter and easily accessible to promote frequent and proper hand washing. Inspector: Wilke.

Schorling s Market, 3115 West Bancroft, inspected Oct. 16. Critical violations: observed deli meat date marked with an eight-day expiration date. All prepared or opened PHF must be labeled with a seven-day datemark, with the day the food is prepared or opened as day one. Inspector: Wilke.

Speedway, 1722 West Laskey, inspected Oct. 18. Critical violation: facility is slicing onions and is not currently allowed to perform that operation. Provide pre-washed, precut onions as this facility is not cleared for food preparation. Inspector: Wilke.

Marco s Pizza, 2525 Laskey, inspected Oct. 18. Critical violations: chicken wings in walk-in were not date marked. Observed can of Raid for eliminating ants stored near three-vat sink. Raid is not approved for use in this facility. Contact a licensed pest control service for any pest problems. Raid was thrown away. Inspector: Wilke.

Bakery Unlimited, 4427 Secor, inspected Oct. 19. Critical violations: observed employee handle ready-to-eat food with bare hands. All ready-to-eat food must be handled with gloves, deli tissue, or a utensil to prevent contamination. Observed many wet wiping towels stored in basins and throughout the facility and did not see any sanitizing wiping buckets set up. All wet wiping towels used to sanitize countertops, and equipment must be stored in a bucket of sanitizer solution when not in use. A sanitizer wiping bucket must be set up for all hours of operation. Dish machine currently not working; contact licensed repair service. Observed wet towels stored in hand sink and another hand sink was blocked at time of inspection. All hand sinks should be free of clutter and easily accessible to promote proper and frequent hand washing. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Catholic Club, 1601 Jefferson, inspected Oct. 17. Critical violations: The hot water supplied to the upstairs kitchen takes too long for proper handwashing. A minimum temperature of 100 degrees is required. A new water heater has been purchased. When using sanitizer in spray bottles, ensure proper concentration of sanitizer and the use of paper towels is required. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Lake Erie Academy, 2740 West Central, inspected Oct. 24. Critical violations: Observed wet wiping towel on cutting board of steam table. Store all wet wiping towels in sanitizer bucket to prevent the growth of bacteria. The Frigidaire refrigerator is not NSF approved or equivalent food grade. The refrigerator will have to be replaced. Inspector: Wilke.

South Toledo YMCA, 1226 Woodsdale Park, inspected Oct. 24. Critical violations: Provide sanitizer test strips for checking concentration of sanitizer. Replace thermometer in refrigerator. Provide a metal stem thermometer is needed for checking food temperatures. Inspector: Brady.

Krieger s Pub, 2150 Laskey, inspected Oct. 22. Critical violations: Handsink behind the bar was blocked with a strainer. The handsink must be easily accessible at all times with warm water, hand soap, and disposable paper towels. Do not use cloth towels. No sanitizer bucket was available at time of inspection. Observed food being held at improper temperatures. To prevent bacteria growth, cold holding must be at 45 degrees or below. As of March, 2008, cold holding must be 41 degrees or below. Adjust unit to hold cooler at proper temperature. Discard PHF. Eleven noncritical violations. Inspector: Wilke.

McDonald s, 1520 Cherry, inspected Oct. 23. Critical violations: Observed bag of soft serve mix in bin of edible ice. All food, including ice, must be protected from contamination. Do not use edible ice supply to keep any items cold. Observed sausage gravy in walk-in cooler at 69 degrees; to limit bacteria growth, all PHF in cold holding must be maintained at 45 degrees or less. Facility is not licensed to cool and reheat items in bulk. At closing, discard all PHF that are held hot. Observed auto dispensing sanitizing unit at three-compartment sink not dispensing proper levels of sanitizer. One noncritical violation. Inspector: Kerry Cutcher.

McDonald s, 1225 Collingwood, inspected Oct. 23. Critical violations: Swiss cheese and shredded cheese at 78 degrees, Manufacturer packaging indicates product must be refrigerated. Observed wet wipe cloth on counter and on top of frozen hamburger unit. All wet cloths must be stored in the sanitizer bucket when not in use to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. This is a repeat violation. Review policy with employees. Canadian bacon stored in cooler uncovered and not properly date-marked. Observed employee putting on gloves without washing hands first. Observed employee pushing the mop bucket and then opening a bag of french fries without washing hands. Review proper hand washing procedures with all employees. Sanitizer bucket in front was not at proper concentration. Twelve noncritical violations. Inspector: Cipit.

aRecent inspections found no violations at:

Marco s Pizza, 1419 South, inspected Oct. 16.

Little Miss and Mister, 5776 Harvest, inspected Oct. 18.

VFW Post 2898, 3925 West Alexis, inspected Oct. 19.

Calvary Bible Chapel, 3740 West Alexis, inspected Oct. 19.

Trilby Elementary School, 5720 Secor, inspected Oct. 19.

Rudy s Hot Dog, 4747 Glendale, inspected Oct. 9.

Foundation Park Care Center, 1621 South Byrne, inspected Oct. 16.

Sebastiano s, 4448 Heatherdowns, inspected Oct. 17.

The Lair Lounge, 332 Glendale, inspected Oct. 17.

Fassett Middle School, 3025 Starr, Oregon, inspected Oct. 17.

Big Lots, 3946 West Alexis, inspected Oct. 18.

The Honeybaked Ham Co., 6145 Merger, Springfield Township, inspected Oct. 16.

Tony s Farm Market, 5549 Lewis, inspected Oct. 17.

Polly Fox Academy, 2238 Jefferson, inspected Oct. 24.

Paul Laurence Dunbar Academy, 331 14th, inspected Oct. 17.

Early Education and Child Care Center, 2240 Castlewood, inspected Oct. 24.

Sam s Snack s, 405 Madison, inspected Oct. 24.

North West Ohio Quarter Midget Racing Assoc. (N.W.O.Q.M.R.A.) 2901 Key, Maumee, inspected Oct. 25.

McGregor Elementary School, 3535 McGregor, inspected Oct. 22.

Hiawatha Elementary School, 3020 Photos, inspected Oct. 22.

EOPA Toledo Baptist Head Start, 5734 Douglas, inspected Oct. 23.

The Original Gino s, 449 West Dussel, Maumee, inspected Oct. 24.

Crissey Elementary School, 9220 Geiser, Springfield Township, inspected Oct. 24.

Holloway Elementary School, 6611 Pilliod, Holland, inspected Oct. 24.

Center Court Lounge, 5929 Heatherdowns, inspected Oct. 24.

Yang s Gourmet House, 4446 Heatherdowns, inspected Oct. 19.

St. Ursula Academy, 4025 Indian, inspected Oct. 24.

A Piece of Cake, 3670 Rubgy, inspected Oct. 19.

Hungry Howie s, 5820 Douglas, inspected Oct. 23.

Griffin Hines Farms, 3950 Berkey Southern, Swanton, inspected Oct. 29.

Liquid Ultra Lounge, 25 South Huron, inspected Nov. 1.

Tea at Bayview, 7520 Cedar Point, Oregon, inspected Oct. 23.

Maria Child Care, 4651 Monroe, inspected Oct. 31.

Old West End Academy, 3131 Cambridge, inspected Oct. 31.

Wynn Elementary School, 5224 Bay Shore, Oregon, inspected Oct. 24.

Panera Bread, 3043 Glendale, inspected Oct. 29.

Roy C. Start High School, 2100 Tremainsville, inspected Oct. 1.

Speedway, 1500 South Reynolds, inspected Oct. 26.

Stone Oak Market, 9140 Angola, inspected Nov. 1.

HJ s Prime Cut, 4630 Heatherdowns, inspected Oct. 31.

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