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Suburban crime reports


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Bedford Township

Vehicle theft

Anthony Sumner, Mapleway, 2003 GMC 4x4 pickup truck from the 1600 block of Smith.


BP, 7400 block of Secor, 20 to 25 cartons of cigarettes, value $2,000.

Scott Haman, Edgewood, wallet and contents from vehicle in the 1600 block of Smith.

Jeannine Kosier, Edgewood, cellular phone and purse and contents from vehicle in the 1600 block of Smith.

Lake Township


Chester Goodman, 3000 block of Latcha, concrete mixer from property.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, fuel drive-off, $57.46.



Hampton Inn, 1400 block of Reynolds, bill unit with cash from vending machine.

Ryan Hymes, 300 block of Chesterfield, duffel bag and contents from vehicle, some items recovered in parking lot.

Ryan Jarrell, 100 block of Chesterfield, stereo faceplate, iPod dock FM modulator, and charger from vehicle.

Megan Birukow, 100 block of Chesterfield, stereo faceplate from vehicle.

Drema Schmitz, Prairie Creek, BMX Mongoose bicycle left on sidewalk while at Fallen Timbers mall in the 1300 block of Main. (not on map)

Monclova Township


Paul Hollinber, 3500 block of Albon, two Xbox systems with accessories, headsets, cellular phone, and sapphire necklace from residence.


Elizabeth Hanley, 3400 block of Stillwater, sapphire/diamond bracelet and flashdrive from residence.



Earl Bros. Transmission, 2800 block of Woodville, $1,116.54 for services rendered on a vehicle that was taken without paying bill.

Rent-A-Center, 2600 block of Woodville, catalytic converter from company vehicle.

Delores Shessler, North Genoa Clay Center, Genoa, purse containing personal check for $885, checkbook, credit cards, and church donations from vehicle in the 3700 block of Williston.

Charles Wagoner, East Florence, steel posts, tools, lawn equipment, and vehicle ramps from property in the East Andrus area.



Cardinal Stritch High School, 3200 block of Pickle, TV.

Jason Granger, 500 block of Sylvandale, video game system and accessories from residence.

Wendy Wilson, 102nd, Toledo, kitchen appliances, washer, and dryer from residence in the 1000 block of Patchen.


Ray Bachmayer, 3100 block of North Reach, stereo and other items from vehicle.

Barney s, 3300 block of Navarre, fuel drive-off, $60.

Michael Cathers, 300 block of Torch, stereo from vehicle.

Timothy Douglass, Lallendorf, victim s personal information obtained from the 5300 block of Seaman, then used for purchases online.

Richard Freiss, 1400 block of Eastland, toolboxes containing various tools from vehicle, value $1,750.

Theresa Gabel, Lakeside, Toledo, purse and contents from locker while at work in the 5300 block of Seaman.

Christopher Herman, Country Farms, clothing, sports shoes, and two-way radio from vehicle in the 2500 block of Navarre.

Nicholas Okenka, 5200 block of Seaman, wallet and contents.

Gerald Praff, Utah, Toledo, cabinets, furnace, water heater, and other household items from property in the 2000 block of Autokee.

Tom s Automotive, 2000 block of Woodville, company checks.

Scott Hutchins-Young, Airport, Toledo, stereo from vehicle in the 2300 block of Woodville.



BP, 26400 block of North Dixie, fuel drive-off, $32.65.

George MacNichol, 26700 block of West River, $250 cash from residence.

Neil Nutter, Ramm, Whitehouse, bank card used in fraudulent transactions in the 1000 block of Louisiana.

Perrysburg Township


Jamie Clark, 27400 block of Oregon, PlayStation II, two PSP, and computer tower from residence.

Crimes against children

Timothy Prater, 27600 block of Tracy, bicycle stripped of parts.


Alicia Elekonich, 28800 block of Oregon, four checks from checkbook, forged and used for purchases.

Richard Weaver, Apple Creek, four hubcaps from vehicle while at Holiday Park in the 27500 block of Holiday.

Providence Township


Jackie Yawberg, Jeffers, Grand Rapids, entry made into residence and barn, ransacked in the 12600 block of Neowash, undetermined if anything taken.


Ray Behnfeldt, 8700 block of Providence-Neapolis-Swanton, utility trailer from yard.



City of Northwood, Riverside and Maumee River area, slow buoys taken from shoreline, value $629.97. (not on map)

Spencer Township

Vehicle theft

Lucas Latta, Wentworth, Holland, 1998 Ford F-150 from the 10400 block of Airport.

Springfield Township

Felonious assaults

Deshawn Benson, Foxchapel, Toledo, suspect started fight at restaurant in the 6500 block of Airport, hitting victim with coffee pot and throwing a chair at 3:40 a.m. on May 4. Victim refused treatment.

John Blue, Jr., Consaul, Toledo, suspect started fight at restaurant, hitting victim with coffee pot and throwing a chair about 3:40 a.m. on May 4 in the 6500 block of Airport. Victim refused treatment.

Steven Combs, Portside, Perrysburg, male and female suspects began kicking, punching, and choking victim about9 p.m. May 5. Victim was taken to hospital after losing consciousness and sustaining face, neck, back, and elbow injuries. Suspects arrested while attempting to flee.

Vehicle thefts

Jeffrey Geckle, 6600 block of Hill, 1992 Chevy 1500; recovered.

Kyle Tonjes, 6400 block of Brixton, 2001 Yamaha YZFR1.


Nicole Moore, 6800 block of Oakfield, computer, camcorder, and tennis shoes from residence.


Brian Dennis, 7100 block of Nebraska, 150 tons of dirt from property, value $3,300.

Cheryl Ernest, Angola, purse and contents from back storeroom while at work in the unit block of North McCord.

Dixie Hendricks, 1800 block of Rhode Island, 45 gallons of fuel siphoned from motor home, value $164.25.

Arthur Jones, Ovid, Mich., drills in case, two batteries, and charger from vehicle while at motel in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Robin McGowan, Owosso, Mich., compound miter saw with laser, finish nailers, portable cable compressor, saws, drills, and sander from vehicle while at motel in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Robie Orner, North McCord, diamond/silver engagement ring set from previous residence in the 7500 block of Dorr, value $1,636.06.

Kenneth Rau, Brent Haven, Sylvania, money from vending machines in the 6100 block of Trust.

Richard Saunders, St. Louis, Mich., two air compressors, drills, chip saw, and other construction tools from vehicle while at motel in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Stone Oak Market, 9100 block of Angola, $150 cash from register.

Dennis Symonds, Ithaca, Mich., chop saw, grinding wheel, drill, toolbox, and other construction tools from vehicle while at motel in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Michael Wozniakowski, Wilford, 80 hp Yamaha jet motor, two fish finders, and electric trolling device from boat in the 7000 block of Pilliod.

Swanton Township


Linda Shelton, 2100 block of South Berkey-Southern, safe, jewelry, Italian coins, and checkbook from residence.


David Hensel, 2100 block of South Berkey-Southern, radar detector from vehicle.



The Delventhal Co., Rockland, Millbury, steel ballards/plates, beam, and water meter from property in the 5500 block of Monroe.

Sylvania Township


Moe s Country Market, 7700 block of West Bancroft, clerk robbed at gunpoint by three suspects who demanded all of the money, then took store phone and clerk s cellular phone about 9:25 p.m. April 28.


Katelyn Kurt, Lambertville, cellular phone, iPod, and purse with contents from vehicle in the 4000 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Licata s Sunoco, 4000 block of North Holland-Sylvania, fuel drive-off, $50.

Watermark Construction, Waterside, Maumee, air conditioning unit and plasma TV from home under construction in the 3900 block of Sanibel. (not on map)

University of Toledo

Vehicle theft

Brandon Beck, Lagrange, 1998 Mercury Villager from Lot 9 near McComas Village in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Blake Steinbrunner, Wapakoneta, Ohio, silver fossil watch from The Crossings in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Benjamin Kohntopp, Swan Ridge, Maumee, Nintendo Wii system from Nash Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Samuel Rowley, Englewood, Ohio, digital camera from The Crossings in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.


Tatyana Barkhimer, Wheatlands, Sylvania, purse and contents from vehicle in Lot 30 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Laura Doyle, South Main, Walbridge, cellular phone from work station in the emergency department in the 3000 block of Arlington.

Laquitha Jones, Canal Winchester, Ohio, purse and contents from vehicle in Lot 26 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Victoria McGrath, Cleveland, purse and contents from chair while in cafeteria in Parks Tower in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Craig Ticchi, Winchester, bank card from locker while at Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.



William Rentshler, 1300 block of Michigan, digital camera.

Christopher Sharrit, 7800 block of Meadowview, victim s identity used to open a cellular phone account leaving a balance over $800.

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