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Suburban crime reports

Bedford Township


Raymond Wlodarski, Houseman, Toledo, victim at motel when two masked suspects entered room and Maced and beat victim, taking $350 cash in the 6900 block of Telegraph, about 4:10 a.m. May 29.


Bedford Public Schools, 8200 block of Jackman, entry into concession stand, causing extensive damage and arson.


Melissa Bauer, 9500 block of Crabb, purse and contents from vehicle.

Michelle Devee, Elaine, Toledo, purse and contents from shopping cart in the 3400 block of Sterns.

Foodtown, 7300 block of Secor, $50 in change scam.

Bonnie Kerstetter and Kevin Wagenhauser, 9000 block of Jackman, hitch haul with accessories, aluminum rims and tires, grill guard, cellular phone, folding chairs, golf club, driving net, and weed trimmer from garage.

Lori Viola, 200 block of Lochmoor, two air conditioning units and loppers from carport area, value $2,830.



James Berry, 1100 block of South McCord, money from residence.

Debbie Sleesman, 900 block of Raymill, PlayStation 2 and camera from residence.

Jerusalem Township


Karen Adrian, 8800 block of Cedar Point, $800 cash paid for vehicle repairs, services never rendered.

Fred Gotfried, 1600 block of North Curtice, eight 50-pound scale weights from vehicle, value $600.

Lake Township


Buckeye Trailer, 3600 block of Rockland, Millbury, stainless steel, aluminum truck fenders, and steel door from business, value $10,000.

Sharon Downs, 3600 block of Eastpointe, Northwood, check from mailbox.

Chester Goodman, 3000 block of Latcha, Millbury, two steel I-beams, value $400.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, fuel drive-off, $57.



Robert Hastings, 6900 block of Springview, emerald ring, diamond earrings, gold heart charm, sapphire stone, and men s wedding band from residence.


Margaret Duprey, Sackett, $90 cash from purse while at work in the 900 block of Conant.

Heidelberg College, 1700 block of Indianwood, aluminum flash edging from outside of building, value $800.

Monclova Township


Amjad Hussain, 2800 block of Manley, suspects entered victim s residence demanding money. Victim Maced, then struck on head with gun. Victim was able to escape and call for help.

Darla Fry, 2800 block of Manley, suspect entered residence while occupied, victim s dogs gave chase, and suspect fled.


Paul Eagle, 7400 block of Scandinavia, Nano iPod and envelope with personal papers from vehicle.

Ronald Spitulski, 7500 block of Royal Timbers, LCD projector from vehicle, value $2,990.

Darryl Swindle, 3400 block of Nordic Way, wallet and contents from vehicle.



BP, 3800 block of Woodville, $475 cash taken by deception.

Jennifer Ward, 2400 block of Tracy, jewelry box with jewelry and lottery tickets from vehicle.



Christine Carroll, 3000 block of Navarre, two bicycles from patio.


James Curry, 800 block of Cresceus, checkbook from vehicle.

Martin Danekind, 500 block of Sylvandale, CDs and money from vehicle.

Lynne Downes, 100 block of North Stephen, radar detector.

Tammy Friess, 2500 block of Hollydale, laptop computer and bag of clothing from vehicle.

Shannon Greenwood, 1500 block of Jersey, bank card, then used for purchases totaling $917.44.

Michael Lewandowski, 2500 block of Pickle, rear license plate from vehicle.

Troy Lindsay, 1100 block of Patchen, CD player from vehicle.

Lisa Martinez, Price, Toledo, cellular phone left at counter while fueling in the 400 block of South Wheeling.

Charine Mourad, 2400 block of Eastmoreland, computer and money from vehicle.

Dawn Patterson, 2200 block of Brown, two bicycles from backyard.

James Reindel, 3200 block of Wick, stereo faceplate from vehicle.

Kelly Traylor, 400 block of Mountainbrook, wallet and contents from vehicle.


Vehicle theft

John Miller, North East, Pa., 1999 Jeep Cherokee from the 2100 block of Coe.


Alexander Andray, 300 block of West Seventh, bookbag containing two calculators from vehicle.

Lisa Belkofer, 300 block of Edgewood, stereo from vehicle.

Natalie Fork, 900 block of Shearwood, TV taken while being transported by movers.

Melissa Ghanam, 900 block of Lones, CDs in case and cigarettes from vehicle.

Robert Harden, 13900 block of Eckel Junction, $510 sent for digital camera ordered online, never received item or money back.

Steven Hayes, 9900 block of Bishopswood, fuel siphoned from vehicle.

Lorayne Kolivosky, 26400 block of Catawba, portable basketball hoop from yard, value $500.

Tequila Richardson, Stargate, credit card while at restaurant in the 200 block of Louisiana.

Sharon McDaniel, 1000 block of Valley Bluff, several pieces of jewelry from residence.

Regina Searcy, 13000 block of Eckel Junction, jewelry from residence.

Speedway, 11100 block of Fremont Pike, fuel drive-off, $47.92.

Speedway, 100 block of East Indiana, fuel drive-off, $66.89.

David Zielinski, Crestwood, Toledo, credit card while at restaurant in the 200 block of Louisiana.

Perrysburg Township


Clyde Bame, 8200 block of Five Point, fuel containers from garage.

Randy Hussar, 8300 block of Five Point, scrap cable, wire, and garbage can from garage.

Carmel Villarreal, Bowling Green, several items from residence in the 25800 block of Broad.


Steven Dighero, 29200 block of Tracy, several prescription medications from residence.

Cheryl Goedde, 27600 block of Tracy, front license plate from vehicle.

Paul Harvanec, 29300 block of Simmons, radiator from 1962 truck.

Evelyn Lenix, 28100 block of Oregon, 50 gallon fuel tank, lawn ornaments, and metal chair from property.

Penta Career Center, 30000 block of Oregon, two welding cutting torches from welding lab; recovered.

Amy Sanchez, 7600 block of Reitz, cellular phone.

Lawrence Tribble, 9600 block of Bishops wood, three chrome Mercedes rims with tires and speaker box with two subwoofers from garage.

Robert Weaver, 7600 block of Reitz, victim s bank account information obtained and used on counterfeit checks for total of $150.

Springfield Township

Vehicle theft

Sara Guess, 7000 block of Levis, 1999 Jeep Cherokee.

Felonious assault

Brian Sutton, Columbus, unknown suspect attacked victim with bat, hitting his upper body about 12:05 p.m. May 24. Suspect fled.


Amanda Gomez, 6900 block of Oakfield, entry made, undetermined if anything taken.

Sarah Knaggs, 5600 block of Harschel, suspect fleeing from police, entered victim s residence. Suspect apprehended.

Jason Kurucz, 700 block of Clarion, mountain bicycle from garage.


Brenda Clay, Foster, Toledo, $146 cash from hotel room in the 6100 block of Trust.

Scoaad Kouja, Brownstown, Mich., bags containing sweatshirt, purses, dress, and soaps/lotions from vehicle while shopping in the 1400 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Keris Lee, Douglas, victim s identity used to open credit card accounts in the 6600 block of West Bancroft.

Mark Little, 1900 block of Hartford, GPS unit from vehicle.

Kerry McNeal, Bowling Green, GPS unit from vehicle while at restaurant in the 6100 block of Trust.

Coleen Neuman, 6300 block of Brixton, purse and contents from vehicle.

Barbara Schramm, Kneer, purse and contents left in patient room at doctor s office in the Spring Meadows area.

Dawn Whaley, 6300 block of Glenhurst, revolver in briefcase; briefcase recovered.



John Hoffman, 4500 block of Gaines Mill, bicycle from garage.

Shannon Spradlin, 6600 block of Brint, video game system, video games, $20 cash, and bag containing baseball card and iPod from residence.

Crimes against children

Matias Hidalgo, Framingham, wallet and contents while at Southview High School in the 7200 block of Sylvania.

Marissa Szabo, Wilford, cellular phone from purse while in classroom in the 5400 block of Silica.


Beth Brown, 5900 block of Gillingham, victim s bank account information obtained and used to pay $462 to two accounts.

Ann Marcelo, 4700 block of Sheringham, GPS unit and money from vehicle.

Kathleen Perez, Knower, Toledo, stereo from vehicle while at health-care facility in the 5300 block of West Alexis.

Ema Roberts, Lincoln Parkway, several pieces of jewelry from the 6600 block of Convent.

Speedway, 6700 block of West Sylvania, fuel drive-off, $69.06.

Sylvania Township

Vehicle theft

Frank Shaffer, Centennial, 2002 Chrysler Concord from the 5500 block of West Central.


Edward Bangs, 7500 block of Covert, digital camera, Armani sunglasses, iPod, and keys from residence.

Barry Koppert, 3800 block of Fairwood, electric scooter, push scooter, bicycle, and helmet from shed; electric scooter recovered with damage.


David Geoffrion, St. Louis, two golf carts and riding lawn mower from rental property in the 2700 block of Villa.

Harborside Healthcare, 5700 block of White ford, prescription medication from desk drawer.

Timothy Martin, West Alexis, copper lawn ornaments and scrap copper from yard in the 5700 block of Bonsels.

Edward Vaznelis, Stone Hill, Maumee, tire and rim from vehicle in the 2600 block of Centennial.

University of Toledo


Kristian Cherry, Canton, Ohio, laptop computer from Academic Honors House in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Matthew Couture, Newport, Mich., wallet with contents, keys, and travel drive from gym bag in locker at Student Recreation Center in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Washington Township


West Marine, 6100 block of North Summit, radio system for iPod.



Walter Hallett, East Airport, Swanton, bathroom vanity, mirror, toilet, sink, and tub from rental property in the 10100 block of Saddlebridge. (not on map)

Nick and Tina Kuharcek, 6300 block of North Texas, mailbox.

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