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St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Jessica Perry, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Terria Crosby, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Jodi and John Dinard, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Elizabeth and Shawn Damschroder, Gibsonburg, girl, Friday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Vineta and Jeff Cook, Maumee, boy, Sunday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Jodi and Brian Cummerow, Oregon, girl, Friday.

Kelly and Scott Adams, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Lisa and Paul DeRaedt, Holland, girl, Saturday.

Toledo Hospital

Nadia and Brandon Buerk, Monclova, boy and girl, Friday.

Jenelle and West Stevens, Swanton, boy, Sunday.

Sarah Hawley, Toledo, girl, Sunday.

Rayanne Wiselogel, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

Tahra and Brian Buck, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

July 3, 2008

Keith Cook, 32, service coordinator, and LaTarsha Bailey, 26, youth specialist, both of Toledo.

William Blythe, 44, nurse s aide, and Rhonda Dimuccio, 46, physical therapy assistant, both of Toledo.

Peter Ghinelli, 57, retired, and Patricia Renard, 59, bakery manager, both of Maumee.

Lester McManaway, 22, switch gear technician, and Felicia Bunker, 32, supervisor, both of Oregon.

Joshua Jones, 28, teacher, and Ebony Greenlee, 25, health care worker, both of Toledo.

Alexander, Schneider, 24. carpenter, and Hillary Kackley, 18, both of Toledo.

Justen Roth, 21, garage door installer, of Toledo, and Amy Cannon, 20, teacher, of Sylvania.

Steven Ibarra II, 22, U.S. Air Force, and Felicia Tamayo, 20, both of Toledo.

David Dawson, 22, U.S. Army, of Moore, Okla., and Ashley Rohr, 20, U.S. Army, of Lambertville.

Kenneth Pollex II, 37, engineer, and Tielynn Mattice aka Brudzinski, 38, both of Oregon.

Dale Winnett, 22, student, of Searcy, Ariz., and Christy Duncan, 22, student, of Holland.

Carl Ham, Sr., 58, factory worker, and Anthea Cowart, 50, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Jonathan Roth, 28, self-employed, and Catherine Riker, 24, teacher, both of Toledo.

Keith Riley, 37, loan officer, and Melissa Murnen, 26, title office, both of Toledo.

Michael Glanton, 35, self-employed, and Marie Christian, 38, nurse, both of Sylvania.

Bradley King, 36, carpenter, and Jerrilee Larmore aka Hatt, 29, both of Toledo.

Christopher Carner, 26, and Sara Momenee, 22, both of Toledo.

Antoine Moore, 19, machinist, and Britney Phillips, 20, server, both of Toledo.

Justin Guinup, 29, marketing, and Maria Portaro, 27, accounting, both of Lambertville.

Michael Weaver, 26, general laborer, and Cecelia Hill, 40, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Biggs, Phyllis, 78, Glenview Drive, Maumee, cancer.

Campbell, Catherine, 67, Hirzel Street, cancer.

Durbin, Joan, 81, Stanhope Drive, pending investigation.

Franks, Doris, 93, Manley Road, Maumee, chronic renal failure.

Geiger, Charles, 90, Sackett Street, Maumee, cardiovascular disease.

Housely, Hazel, 86, Rudolph, Ohio, pending investigation.

James, Lourall, 94, Avondale Avenue, interstitial pulmonary fibrosis.

Leggett, Cynthia, 73, Tibaron Lane, cancer.

Lesinski, Melvin, 80, Wolfinger Road, Holland, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Lockett, Esther, 40, Cumberland Place, respiratory failure.

Malone, Mary, 63, Gracewood Drive, ischemic hepatitis.

McLouth, Robert, 44, Eleanor Avenue, pending investigation.

Mesnard, Richard, 80, West Street, Whitehouse, cerebral ischemia.

Murray, Leah, 54, Lexington, N.C., liver failure.

Nagy, Charles, 67, Defiance, acute renal failure.

Pioterek, Debra, 57, unknown/homeless, pending investigation.

Rohn, Daniel, 52, Fairview Drive, pending investigation.

Scott, Patricia, 60, West Sylvania Avenue, colitis.

Scurles, Shawn, 49, Highland Avenue, pending investigation.

Smith, Jesse, 79, North McCord Road, end stage renal disease.

Stiles, Ladonna, 39, Swanton, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Studer, Gary, 61, Waterville Street, Whitehouse, cerebrovascular accident.

Truss, Emerson, 91, West Central Avenue, cancer.

Whitnah, Ronald, 84, Lambertville, abdo minal aortic aneurysm.

Crime reports


Thomas Bergman, wallet and contents by two men who punched him in 600 block of Nebraska at 6:50 a.m. Sunday.

James Holmes, cash by two men, one with a gun, who entered his home in 600 block of Highland demanding money at 3:55 p.m. Saturday.

Cedric Lawson, gold chain, cell phone, and cash by two men who pulled guns on victim in front of his house in 500 block of Belmont at 10:40 p.m. Friday.

Nick Buck, bicycle by three young males who punched him at Walbridge and Hawley at 4:25 p.m. Sunday.

Leroy Cleveland, cash by a man with a gun at residence in 3000 block of Chestnut at 9:35 a.m. Thursday.


Delors Sneed, Putnam, work bench, aluminum ladder, and copper pipes.

Donna Black, North Ontario, bicycle, watches, microwave, and copper pipes.

Amy Newbold, Winona, TV, TV stand, and video game system.

Jennie Mohr, Hoiles, two bicycles.

Rueben Trevino, Woodville, video game system and DVDs.

Nelson Jackson, Corry, bank card, cell phone, and cash.

Stanley Perz, Sherbrooke, credit cards, bank cards, bank book, key, and jewelry.

Charissa Hunt, Elm, TV, computer, air clippers, tools, and weed trimmer.

Joyce Carter, Buckingham, TV, shoes, cell phone, and video game system.

Tina Hill, Tremainsville, no loss.

Christina Moorer, Airport, TV/DVD player, computer system, and cash.

Lutheran Homes Society, Seaman, no loss.

Daniel Yglesias, Eleanor, two laptop computers and video game system.

Chiquita Hague, Christopher, fur coats, leather coats, shoes, checkbook, clothing, keyboard, equalizer, microphone, speakers, tuner, and CD burner.

James Stevens, North Erie, copper pipe.

Shavon Taylor, Berry, VCR.

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