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Suburban Crime Reports


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Bedford Township


Louis Utcai, 6500 block of Telegraph, five radiators and welding cable from barn.


Nikole Kennedy, Monroe, Mich., purse and contents from the 6600 block of Lewis.

Matt Lake, 7600 block of Verna, golf clubs with golf stand bag, golf balls, tees, and papers from vehicle.

Kathy Robarge, 7000 block of Elmwood, global-positioning unit and cellular telephone from vehicle.

Brandy Wood, Balken, Toledo, $240 from purse in locker in the 600 block of West Sterns.

Jerusalem Township


Kathrine Wyland, 600 block of Yoder, video-game player with games and 20 DVDs.

Lake Township


Flying J, 26400 block of Warns, fuel drive-offs, $63.



James Buck, 1000 block of Leith, plasma TV, computer, contents from safe, shotguns, and compound bows from residence.


Jacob Ford, 1300 block of Conant, video-game player with games and case from locker.

Pauken Wine Shop, 200 block of Golden Gate, 40 gallons of fuel siphoned from two company vehicles.

Mark Wintersmith, Griffin, Toledo, video game from locker in the 1300 block of Conant.

Monclova Township


Earl Geoffrion, Baybery, Oregon, flat-screen TV and $80 from the 4600 block of South Eber.

Crimes against children

Brock Bernholtz, 7100 block of Elli Harbour, bass control and iPod from vehicle.


Kenneth Collier, Irvington, Ala., global-positioning unit, radar detector, and laser measuring device from vehicle while at motel in the 6100 block of Trust.

Stephen Dedonato, 7100 block of Sandy Springs, victim s identity used to cancel mail to listed address and open a bank account.

William Davis, Wilkins, air conditioning unit from property in the 10200 block of Airport.

Peter Lee, Highland, Mich., global-positioning unit, cellular phone, and money from vehicle in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Joseph McCormick, 4800 block of Rhone, global-positioning unit, $120 from wallet in vehicle.

Tom Simon, 7100 block of Marissa, global-positioning unit, pocket computer, and laptop computer from vehicle.

Lisa Wojtkowiak, 4300 block of Herdsman, victim s credit card information obtained and used for purchases totaling $5,000.



Angela Barrett, 500 block of East Florence, victim s identity used to open a cellular phone account with a balance of $568.31.

Erin Oatley, Eastmoreland, Oregon, purse and contents from the 100 block of West Andrus.

Lois Smith, 1900 block of Tracy, jewelry and household items from residence.

Tahitian Tan, 2500 block of Oregon, $40 cash, TV, computer, and several bottles of tanning lotion.



AJ Towing & Automotive, 600 block of Millard South, 17 catalytic converters and a stereo system from vehicles on lot.

Harold Laplante, 3000 block of Seaman, laptop computer from residence.

Robert Miller, 3000 block of Starr, $125 in money clip from residence.

Armdiller Schiavone, 2500 block of Olivewood, purse and contents from residence.

Crimes against children

Nick Stencel, Pickle, Mongoose bicycle from library parking lot in the 3300 block of Dustin.


Jennifer Arnold, 2000 block of Arkansas, checkbooks; then checks forged and cashed.

Matthew Backmeyer, 1100 block of South Lallendorf, $1,400 paid for repairs that have not been made.

Barney s Convenience Mart, 3300 block of Navarre, fuel drive-off, $50.

Dennis Bryant, Adair, trailer-vehicle hauler from parking lot in the 2400 block of Navarre.

William Dobrolenski, Goodrich, wallet and contents grabbed through vehicle s window in the 2500 block of Navarre.

Sherri Erdmann, Verdun, wallet and contents from the 3700 block of Navarre.

Charlene Horvath, 3400 block of Brown, delivery package containing prescription medications.

Christopher Peters, 3200 block of Wick, prescription medication from vehicle.

RYKO Manufacturing, Grimes, Iowa, fraudulent charges made on company credit card in the 3000 block of Camelot.

James Wlodarz, 5900 block of Cedar Point, lower propeller from boat motor.



Helen Johnson, Corey, Maumee, money from motel room in the 800 block of West Boundary.


BP, 26400 block of North Dixie, fuel drive-off, $46.

Buckeye Cablesystem, Southwyck, Toledo, two cable amplifiers from site in the Chapel Creek and Hull Prairie area.

Karen Dilliver, 800 block of Sandalwood East, two lawn chairs from yard.

Jeremy Fry, 28200 block of Simmons, bicycle from rear of apartment building.

John Morrin, 100 block of Heilman, subwoofers in box from vehicle.

Justin Smith, 2100 block of North Wilkinson Way, rear bumper, radio, and spare tire from vehicle.

Wanda Williams, Brookfield, wallet and contents from purse while grocery shopping in the 27300 block of Carronade.

Perrysburg Township


Seagate Truck Repair, unit block of Fourth, two iron forklift skid extenders from top of trailer.



Betty Deyarmond, 100 block of Elm, prescription medications from residence.

Springfield Township

Vehicle theft

Tiffany Simmons, 300 block of Oak View, 1997 Honda Civic.


Michael Fashbaugh, Erie, Mich., $1,119 cash, coin collection, silver certificates, and Corvette vehicle parts from the 200 block of West Woodside.

Richard Schoch, 2200 block of Perrysburg-Holland, video-game player, DVD player, $120 money order, toolbox with tools, bank containing $80, and cellular phone from residence.

Crimes against children

Dustin Shufelt, Frankfort, mountain bicycle from the 300 block of East Hillsdale.


Larry Besecker, Arcanum, Ohio, three toolboxes with several tools from vehicle in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Clinton Feinduer, Erlanger, Ky., cordless tool set and batteries for tools from vehicle while at hotel in the 1200 block of Corporate.

Josh Hobbs, 600 block of Olyander, wallet with contents, stereo, and iPod from two vehicles.

Cheryl Leininger, 100 block of Crosspath, cellular phone from porch.

Nicholas Lower, Medina, Ohio, global-positioning unit from vehicle in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Dawn Pelz, 100 block of Connelsville, three vacuums, shop vac, tool set, and step ladder from garage.

Edmond Rardin, 200 block of West Woodside, mountain bicycle from yard.

Ryan Sears, 6400 block of Glenhurst, 2005 Honda XR650L motorcycle from carport.

Ev Lyn Shaw, Tucson, Ariz., DVD player, camera bag with accessories, and clothing from hotel room in the 1400 block of East Mall.

Shawnette Wilson, Eastlake, Ohio, global-positioning unit from vehicle in the 6100 block of Trust.

Swanton Township


Jennifer Boerger, 2400 block of Raab, several prescription medications.

Deborah Gorsuch, 2400 block of Raab, video-game console with games and jewelry box with contents.


Vern Delap, 2800 block of Scott, amplifier and two subwoofers in box from vehicle.



Barney s Convenience Mart, 6100 block of Monroe, fuel drive-off, $51.73.

Ann Iott, Deerfield, Mich., wallet and contents from purses while at hospital in the 5100 block of Harroun.

Kingston Care Center, 4100 block of North King, $90, gift cards, and movie tickets from safe and lock box in office.

Neva Ralston, Barbara, Toledo, wallet and contents from purses while at hospital in the 5100 block of Harroun.

Cynthia Rivers, 6500 block of Brint, victim s debit card information obtained and used for purchases in Detroit that totaled $482.83.

Antonio Tofani, Putter Place, Waterville, four tires and rims from the 5300 block of Alexis.

Sylvania Township


Andrea Carnick, 6900 block of Regents Park, bicycle from garage.

Computer Discount, 5800 block of West Central, three laptop computers from business.

IHOP, 6900 block of West Central, $2,308 from safe.

Daniel Lollar, 2600 block of North Reynolds, laptop computer.

Rite Aid, 5000 block of Alexis, several prescription drugs taken from pharmacy.


Larry Boulis, 3500 block of Percentum, money, garage door opener, keys, flashlight, and tire gauge from vehicle.

Diane Brock, 7900 block of West Central, victim s identity used to open a credit card account.

Amy Cambell, Durbin, coach purse, wallet with contents, and two cellular phones from vehicle while at fitness center in the 2800 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Tammy Cremeans, 3900 block of Pepperwood, portable DVD player and money from vehicle.

Anantkumar Dixit, 4300 block of King, victim s online investment account accessed, then payouts/transfers made.

Andrea Dubois, 6000 block of Brookestone Village, cleaning equipment and supplies.

William Fenton, 2300 block of Stonybrook, fuel card, flashlight, and money from vehicle.

Jaisie Gerity, Rega, $152 cash and wallet from residence in the 5100 block of Langham.

Katie Kluczynski, 115th, purse and contents from shopping cart in the 5800 block of West Central.

Patrick Legrant, 5200 block of Monroe, wife s purse containing cellular phone and personal items from vehicle while dining.

Lowe s, 7000 block of West Central, trimmer, edger, and two pressure washers from fenced-in area.

Meijer, 7200 block of Central, clerk showing two suspects some jewelry, when one suspect grabbed several diamond rings and fled.

Aaron Seymour, 3900 block of Pepperwood, laptop computer, digital camera, computer bag, and tool from vehicle.

University of Toledo


Praveen Gudela, Alisdale, bicycle from rack while at Carlson Library in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Dwight Haase, 2800 block of West Bancroft, bicycle from rack near University Hall.

Susan Knerr, 3000 block of Arlington, vehicle parts directly off vehicle parked in Lot 40 of Health Science Campus.

Jinender Kumar, Kenwood, bicycle left by doors at Wolfe Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Caleb Riechman, Huron, Ohio, bicycle from rack while at Carlson Library in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Robert Stephens, Terraceview, bicycle from rack while at University Hall in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Christopher Warren, North Bloomfield, Ohio, bicycle from rack between Student Union Building and Carlson Library in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.



Forrest Bennett, 200 block of Guy, wallet containing $850, credit cards, and identification from garage.

Washington Township


Ivan Cole, 5400 block of Homeland, global-positioning unit from vehicle.

Matthew Lanane, 5400 block of Brophy, medication and wallet containing $250, credit card and personal papers.

Raintree Mobile Home Park, 100 block of Apple Creek, aluminum carport.



David Middaugh, 200 block of North 2nd, solicitor called victim and took victim s bank card information, then used for fraudulent charges totaling $1,451.72.

Chris Nowak, unit block of Mount Vernon, bicycle from yard, value $500.

Village of Waterville, unit block of North 2nd, numerous street signs, value $500.

Waterville Township


Martin Casper, 13900 block of Sherman White, radio, headset, global-positioning unit, chargers, and compact-disk remote from vehicle.

Whiteford Township


Jim Bennett, 6200 block of Consear, lawn mower from behind building.

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