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Today's log

Flower Hospital

Tacarra Taylor, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

Ashley Collier, Toledo, girl, Feb. 2.

St. Luke's Hospital

Jacquelyn and Kyle Timmons, Maumee, girl, Monday.

Crystal and Tony White, Bowling Green, boy, Monday.

Amber and Brandon Beck, Toledo, boy, Monday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Elizabeth Taylor, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Toledo Hospital

Candis Archer, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Rebecca Boles, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Heather and Bill Dittman, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Kristie and Jason Luther, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Blanca Pecina, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Nicole Lance, Bowling Green, girl, Monday.

Krystal and James Ball, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Kelli and Jeremy Smigelski, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Melissa and Jason Watterson, Temperance, boy, Monday.

Emily and Timothy Smith, Erie, girl, Monday.

Anita and Frazell Carnes, Toledo, girl, Monday.


Amber Klingensmith, bound with duct tape and held at gunpoint by man who robbed a Check-N-Go in the 500 block of Manhattan.


Keneisha Kerns, 400 block of Martin, purse, gold diamond earings, and heart necklace.

Theodore Sautler, 500 block of Knower, VCR.

Andre Butler, 3600 block of Almeda, PlayStation 3, video game, and handgun.

Angela Davis, 300 block of East Lake, no loss.

Bryant Espinoza, 3100 block of Tremainsville, cash, PlayStation 3, video games, and bracelet.


Pam's Place, table top video game, quarters, and pinball machine from restaurant in the 200 block of Summit.

Homer's Auto Parts, no loss reported from business in 4800 block of North Detroit.

Amanda Thurn, wallet and credit card from vehicle in the 1800 block of Westwood.

Lori Leppala, purse and contents from bar in 100 block of Bryne.

Asia Alexander, bookbag and laptop from vehicle in the 2600 block of Montebello.

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Whale's Tale Tavern Inc., 5307 North Summit, inspected Jan. 7. Critical violations: Observed a wet wiping cloth on the bar. All in use wet wiping cloths must be in a sanitizer bucket to prevent the potential growth of bacteria. One of the extra sinks at the end of the bar may be used and filled with sanitizer to place your wiping cloths in (or) provide a sanitizer bucket. Leave one sink available for hand washing. Corrected at time of inspection. No dates observed on the open hot dogs, pepperoni, sausage, and cheese. All open food that area potentially hazardous require date labeling. The date the food item is open is day one. If you place the food item in freezer the date it is open, this is day one - day two will count once the same item is removed from the freezer and placed in the walk-in cooler. There is a seven day discard date on the potentially hazardous food items when maintaining food at or below 41 degrees. Observed a spay bottle hanging on the clean side of the four-compartment sink drain board. Place all chemicals in one area, below and away from clean glassware, dishes and food to prevent cross contamination. Corrected. Six noncritical violations. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Zinger's Bar & Grill, 920 Matzinger, inspected Jan. 7. Critical violation: Observed chili cooling in large portion in walk-in cooler. When using cooler for cooling process, to limit bacteria growth, use shallow pan. No more than two inches deep in each container. If using tall, deep containers - use ice water bath two hours to get from 135 degrees to 70 degrees, additional four hours to reach 41 degrees or less. Leave uncovered until 41 degrees or less. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Magic Moments Day Care Center, 2041 Tremainsville, inspected Jan. 8. Critical violation: Dish machine final rinse - bottom of pan turns to correct color on test paper, but side of pan is dark gray instead of solid black as required. Have machine checked for operation. Inspector: Deb Dacquisto.

DeVilbiss, 3301 Upton, inspected Jan. 9. Critical violation: Nacho bag cheese at 80-90 degrees in walk-in cooler. Bag was opened today, but not used. Once bag is open it must be kept hot at 135 degrees or greater until gone. If it is taken out of machine, it must be discarded. Product was discarded at time of inspection. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Dacquisto.

Long John Silver's, 1814 West Alexis, inspected Jan. 9. Critical violation: Repair or replace the prep top cooler, unit currently door not working, must be capable of holding food at an internal temperature of 41 degrees or below. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Steve Perrine.

Rally's Hamburgers, 1035 West Bancroft, inspected Jan. 9. Critical violations: Yellow and white cheese at 48-53 degrees on serve line on ice. Potentially hazardous food must be held at 41 degrees or less to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause food borne illness. Cheese discarded at time of inspection. The soap dispenser has been taken down at the line hand sink to make room for the wing station. You must have a hand soap dispenser mounted at hand sink, rearrange set-up to accomplish this. The hand sink at the front of store has no paper towel dispenser. Install a paper towel holder at this hand sink. Five noncritical violations. Inspector: Dacquisto.

Tim Horton's, 6815 West Central, inspected Jan. 9. Critical violation: Observed potentially hazardous food served in walk-in cooler without a date. All food kept longer than 24 hours must have a prepared and dispose of date equal to 7 days. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Nick Kusina.

Kazmaier's, 2510 Perrysburg-Holland, Maumee, inspected Dec. 30. Critical violation: Deli items packaged for retail improperly labeled. All items packaged and labeled for retail on site must be labeled with name of product, weight, ingredients, and name and address of store. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Costco Wholesale, 3405 West Central, inspected Jan. 5. Critical violation: Cheesecakes area 44 degrees in the retail case at time of inspection. Adjust or service this case so that all potentially hazardous foods hold cold at 41 degrees or less. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Roma's Pizza, 5406 North Summit, inspected Jan. 5. Critical violations: Observed cups stored with chemicals in the storage room. Do not store chemicals with utensils, cups, or food items. Store all chemicals in one area, away from food, utensils, and pans to prevent cross contamination. Observed potentially hazardous food above 41 degrees in prep table (right side by the sink). Monitor temperatures of the entire food prep cooler to make sure all food is held at or below 41 degrees. Thirteen noncritical violations. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Vito's Pizza, 3392 Lagrange, inspected Jan. 5. Critical violation: Observed no sanitizing wiping buckets set up at inspection during all hours of operation. Facility must have sanitizing wiping buckets set up to properly sanitize surfaces and to store damp/soiled cloths. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Stanley.

Little Caesar's Pizza, 2600 West Sylvania, inspected Jan. 6. Critical violations: Shredded cheese at 43 degrees. This cooler is required to hold potentially hazardous foods at 41 degrees or less. Service cooler so that it consistently maintains all foods in prep top at 41 degrees or less. Product in box (sausage) at 41 degrees. Repeat violation for this cooler. Facility has fresh tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce; and is doing preparation on these. Provide a food preparation sink with an air gap connection to sanitary sewer to use for vegetable preparation or provide pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Dacquisto.

Rohr Fish Co., 5226 Monroe, inspected Jan. 6. Critical violations: No smoking in facility. When cooling chowders and etc. vent/or uncover containers to release heat rapidly, 135 degrees to 70 degrees within two hours, then 70 degrees to 41 degrees within four hours. If you are prepping veggies for chowders and soups, must have air gapped prep sink or veggies shall be received pre-washed and pre-cut. Maintain quat in spray bottles at 200ppm. Date markings, day prepared counts, good for seven days at 41 degrees or less. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

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