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Today's Log


Bay Park Community Hospital

Elizabeth Gladieux and James Fisher, Oregon, boy, Saturday.

Flower Hospital

Tammy and Aaron Nadeau, Ida, Mich., girl, Friday.

Kristen and Billy Metroff, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Tiffany and Tom Turner II, Genoa, girl, Thursday.

St. Luke's Hospital

Sara and Todd Reynolds, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Telena Tarrent and Cedric Mills, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Crystal Hammonds and Adam Brown, Toledo, twin girls, Thursday.

Gigi Gordon, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Alisa and Chris Rawski, Walbridge, boy, Thursday.

Graciela and Jason Lawson, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Toledo Hospital

Erica Schaffer, Holland, girl, Saturday.

Laura and Jordan Cowen, Deerfield, Mich., boy, Saturday.

Ashley Pedelose, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Shannon and Shaun Chappell, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Jessica Slomka, Swanton, girl, Saturday.

Laurie and Pedro O'Neilsalazar, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Marriage licenses

Feb. 17, 2009

Dustin Wade, 33, sales, and Kristie Cichocki, 39, claims agent, both of Maumee.

Joseph Snyder, 28, designer, of Waterville and Kristen Stuber, 28, student, of LaGrange, Ohio.

Omar Al Muzayyan, 38, and Reem Awwad, 28, quality control, both of Maumee.

Shane Oberdier, 22, dishwasher, and Carolann Jacobs, 21, nurse's assistant, both of Maumee.

Donelle Woodard, 23, and Ranita Payne, 29, bartender, both of Toledo.

LaShaun Jones, 24, sales representative, and India Vassar, 24, both of Toledo.

Jeremy McClellan, 33, truck driver, and Jessica Poland, 23, both of Toledo.

Michael Fears, clinical counselor, and Michelle Spearman, 45, hair stylist, both of Toledo.

Ronald Zacharias, 32, movie distributor, and Kristina McDougall, 24, both of Toledo.

Blanton Byrd, 33, auto mechanic, and Tameka Harris, 30, both of Toledo.

Constantine Theodosiou, 59, professor, of Toledo, and Maria Andriotou-Frangou, 48, bank employee, of Athens, Greece.

Michael Moran, 35, factory worker, and Sonya Taddonio, 29, IRA specialist, both of Toledo.

Feb. 18, 2009

Mark Miller, 49, supervisor, and Valerie Rice, 41, claims supervisor, both of Toledo.

Albert Brailsford, 76, retired, and Lula Becraft, 71, both of Toledo.

Gregory Rakotci, Jr., 29, of Waterville and Anna Armbruster, 23, environmental services, of Woodville, Ohio.

Joseph Shaffer, 21, delivery director, of Whitehouse, and Ashley Hall, 20, receptionist, of Swanton.

Terrance Butler, 40, production, and Tamika Byrd, 35, production, both of Toledo.

Andrew Sell, 20, National Guard, of Elmore, Ohio, and Ann Hissaoui, 21, U.S. military, of Sylvania.

Aaron Pope, 27, and Chanelle Patton, 27, nurse's assistant, both of Toledo.

Kyle Miller, 32, assembler, of Detroit

and Alisha Diab, 33, assembler, of Toledo.

Feb. 19, 2009

Joseph Vargas, 34, laborer, and Erin McGovern, 25, massage therapist, both of Holland.

Terrance James, 33, landscaper, and Felica Lewis, 34, nurse's aide, both of Toledo.

Alexander Vesey, 32, and Aishena Cuffy, 29, home health aide, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Bielawski, Rita, 81, Pasadena Boulevard, vascular dementia.

Blythe, Bonnie, 58, Talmadge Road, cancer.

Castillo, Carol, 50, Higgins Street, pending.

Castro, Harry, 87, Parkwood Avenue, leaking abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Cathers, John, 81, Eastvale Avenue, cancer.

Chorba, Virginia, 91, Holly Drive, Oregon, dementia.

Corca, Morris, 63, Utah Street, cancer.

Cordero, Sr., Aurelio, 78, South Wynn Road, Oregon, cardiovascular disease.

Crawford, Donald, 94, Clarion Avenue, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Daleton, Jerry, 79, Ash Street, pancytopenia.

Davy, Maybelle, 93, Perrysburg, pending.

Dear, Harry, 63, Walker Avenue, septic shock.

Denman, Jr., William, 83, Adelaide Drive, vascular dementia.

Dixon, James, 72, Idaho Street, coronary artery disease.

Dubendorfer, Jay, 59, Douglas Road, cancer.

Edwards, Cecil, 88, Fostoria, accident.

Everhart, Jr., Charles, 51, Ottawa Lake, Mich., pending.

Farmer, Clifford, 82, Tiffin, septic shock.

Franks, John, 93, Eastmoreland Drive South, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Fritz, Mary Lou, 79, Findlay, ischemic colitis.

Gegorski, Ronald, 68, Fremont, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Gilbert, Dawn, 75, Bellevue, Ohio, pneumonia.

Goodnough, Maureen, 78, Allen Road, cancer.

Grabarczyk, Carl, 79, Ashland Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Grant, Karen, 57, Ryewyck Drive, cancer.

Grosschedl, Dorothy, 87, Munding Drive, Oregon, Alzheimer's disease.

Hallett, James, 75, Swanton, cerebral hemorrhage.

Hancock, Barbara, 83, Perrysburg, aspiration pneumonia.

Harrison, Ruth, 84, Richmond, Ky., intracerebral hemorrhage.

Hines, Cassandra, 56, Orchid Drive, Holland, cancer.

Hoffman, Jr., Clarence, 76, Sailfish Court, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Holliday, Katherine, 68, Lebanon Street, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Hopkins, Ronald, 76, Goldleaf Drive, Holland, congestive heart failure.

Hornyak, Ernest, 89, East Streicher Street, acute leukemia.

Jones, Eva, 61, Robinwood Avenue, cancer.

Jordan, Monna, 94, Jermain Drive, late effects stroke.

Junkins, Karl, 81, Homestead Place, Maumee, vascular dementia.

Karolak, Ingeborg, 78, Carskaddon Avenue, cancer.

Knitz, Shyann, 12 minutes, North Baltimore, Ohio, prematurity.

Knoke, Frances, 90, Airport Highway, end stage dementia.

Kresge, Jo Ann, 67, North Holland Sylvania Road, glioblastoma multiforme.

La Coney, Sr., Joseph, 87, Acres Road, Sylvania, congestive heart failure.

Laird, John, 79, Gramercy Avenue, cancer.

Leu, Sr., William, 74, Eldred Avenue, chronic renal failure.

Long, Beverly, 78, Blairmont Avenue, cancer.

Lozny, Raymond, 94, Grand Rapids, Ohio, Alzheimer's disease.

McArthur, James, 79, Roosevelt Avenue, cancer.

McHugh, Darlene, 64, Woodland Lane, Sylvania, cancer.

Metzger, William, 62, Monroe Street, Sylvania, cancer.

Mikola, Donald, 79, Delta, Ohio, cancer.

Miller, Josephine, 92, North Summit Street, dementia.

Mominee, Nancy, 77, Cedar Point Road, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Oberdier, Hilton, 82, Onondaga Avenue, cancer.

Peacock, Meryoje, 7, White Street, accident.

Pierce, Carol, 81, Whiteford Township, Mich., cancer.

Prasek, Joseph, 83, Fenwick Drive, congestive heart failure.

Raymond, Harold, 71, 282nd Street, Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Reiter, Edwin, 73, Burgess Drive, Sylvania, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Retzloff, David, 60, Broadway Street, cancer.

Reynolds, Ethel, 67, Leland Avenue, emphysema.

Rouse, Malvina, 96, Swan Creek Drive, coronary artery disease.

Rutkowski, Robert, 72, Marne Avenue, pending.

Saba, Tuffie, 85, Patriot Drive, pending.

Sanford, Michael, 58, Gessner Street, hypertension.

Santus, Sr., John, 80, Homeside Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Schlenker, John, 91, Clarion Avenue, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Schmidt, Michael, 55, Pebble Stone Road, Sylvania, myocardial infarction.

Schmitt, Sr., Robert, 85, Fair Oaks Drive, myocardial infarction.

Schmoldt, Elsie, 82, Eastmoreland Drive, Oregon, myocardial infarction.

Schroder, Robert, 69, Southwyck Boulevard, cardiovascular disease.

Sebetto, Raymond, 79, Petersburg, Mich., cancer.

Shellhorn, Kay, 55, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, pending.

Sheppard, Bruce, 52, Kilburn Road, Sylvania, myocardial infarction.

Sibby, Charles, 55, Lewis Avenue, pending.

Smith, Bonnie, 67, Napoleon, pulmonary embolism.

Sprouse, Paul, 84, Gramercy Avenue, myelogenous leukemia.

Steinmiller, Leonard, 79, Blackthorn Drive, cancer.

Stutz, Donald, 86, Clarion Avenue, Alzheimer's disease.

Stutzman, Gerald, 83, Old Farm Lane, Sylvania, cancer.

Swiderski, Chester, 83, North Byrne Road, congestive heart failure.

Szymanowski, Beverly, 74, Escott Street, cancer.

Tate, Lorena, 83, Sylvania Metamora Road, Berkey, Alzheimer's disease.

Taylor aka Witcher, Katherine, 59, Grand Avenue, multiple myeloma.

Tefft, Raymond, 60, Liberty Center, Ohio, cancer.

Vestal, Evelyn, 88, Bowling Green, pulmonary embolism.

Wainwright, Destiny, 10, White Street, accident.

Walentowski, Gladys, 89, Munding Drive, Oregon, cancer.

Walker, Bernard, 72, Burkwood Court, Sylvania, cancer.

Watson, Mary, 90, Rossford, Alzheimer's disease.

Wegener, Mary, 88, North King Road, Sylvania, renal failure.

Welsh, Michael, 62, Westfield Drive, Maumee, cardiovascular disease.

Wenz, Janet, 81, Eastgate Road, cancer.

Williams, George, 76, Swanton, pneumonia.

Williamson, Flemming, 43, Clyde Street, pending.

Wolfinger, Stanley, 89, 288th Street, atheroclerosis.

Crime reports


Jaceppi Jo McNeal, stabbed in the arm and robbed of an MP3 player in the street in the 600 block of Belmont.

A 15-year-old girl, pushed up against an iron fence and robbed of an iPod in the street in the 2300 block of Putnam.


Oblate Apartments, the 1200 block of Flaire, no loss reported.

Stacey Butts, the 4600 block of Westway, a video game system with controllers and games.

Sharmila Caldwell, the 1000 block of Underwood, no loss reported.

Kendall Martin, the 1000 block of Booth, no loss reported.

Michael Lothery, the 900 block of Avondale, a projector, television, digital camera, and a digital video camera.

Tina Tinsley, the 1900 block of West Alexis, cash.

Sally Stroud, the 900 block of Shadow, cash.

Don Parks Jr., the 1300 block of Hamilton, three televisions and a 9-mm handgun with a box of ammunition.

Ivory White, the 3200 block of Maple, a television, computer, jewelry, and a pair of Nike shoes.

Mary Davis, the 700 block of Redwood, cash, a digital safe, and two packs of cigarettes.

Micah Walker, the 3500 block of East Manhattan, a laptop computer, a video game system, and video games.

Darrell Valentine, the 1000 block of Norwood, electronics and tools.

Denise Black-Ploon,

Melody Lane, no loss reported.

Crystal Booker, the 1200 block of Slater, CDs and DVDs.

American Family Insurance, the 3500 block of Secor, cash.

Tracy Kuhn, the 400 block of East Park, carpet, copper plumbing, fixtures, and cabinets.

Trilby Foot Center, the 3100 block of Tremainsville, no loss reported.

Peter DeWood, the 2700 block of Ishalaye Way, two snowblowers, a loading ramp, and a leaf blower.

Cheryl Grant, the 1600 block of Gilbert, a large-screen television and six long guns


David DeVerna, the 500 block of Carlton, a solid-wood front door.

Mytrice Sanders, the 300 block of Dennis, a large-screen television.

John Kiss, the 800 block of Colburn, a video game system, video games, DVDs, and a camcorder.

Bettinger Farms, Inc., the 3800 block of Dorr, a truck.

Willie Hood, the 1800 block of Bobolink, no loss reported.

Diana Kamann, the 3200 block of North Erie, video game systems, controllers, video games, DVD players, and jewelry.

Candice Jackson, the 500 block of Prouty, a large-screen television and cash.

John Purifie, the 2900 block of Higgins, a large-screen television and a golden wristwatch.

Gary Dunbar, the 1900 block of North Superior, four tires on aluminum rims, two power washers, two bikes, a leaf blower, and video games.

Gerald Bollinger, the 400 Howland, a television, DVD-player, amplifier, and a guitar.

Majestic Praise Ministries Church, the 0 block of Richards, cash.

Bible Temple Family Worship Center, the 3200 block of Airport Highway, tools.

Marcus Session, the 300 block of East Weber, a television and shoes.

Majed Husein, the 400 block of South, two laptop computers, two digital cameras, and a portable DVD player.


Andrew Heintz, a DVD player/navigation system and an audio amplifier from a vehicle in the 2100 block of Stirrup.

Christopher Wancata, an iPod and a wallet with a debit card from a vehicle in the 1200 block of Bernath.

David Schafer, a debit card and a money clip with cash from a residence in the 3600 block of Roanoke.

Victoria Garzon, mininotebook computer and a wallet from a vehicle in the 5700 block of St. Clement.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

City Diner LLC, 2524 Navarre, Oregon, inspected Jan. 7. Critical violations: Observed food at unsafe temperatures, eggs at 43 degrees. Ice level must be at the same level or higher than food level. Observed food at improper temperatures, sausage at 44 degrees, cheese at 43 degrees, and ham at 42 degrees. All potentially hazardous food must be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria growth. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Julie Nye.

Biggby Coffee, 1515 South Byrne, inspected Jan. 8. Critical violation: Eliminate standing water from bottom of walk-in cooler near front register. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Mike Brady.

King Chef's Chinese Restaurant, 6746 Sylvania, Sylvania, inspected Jan. 12. Critical violations: Observed raw beef stored above produce in walk-in cooler. Practice proper food storage order to prevent cross contamination. Observed shell eggs stored out at room temperature. Shell eggs shall be stored at 45 degrees or less to limit bacteria growth. Five noncritical violations. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Pam's Place, 222 South Summit, inspected Jan. 12. Critical violations: Stock hand sink with paper towels at all times to ensure proper hand washing. Maintain the sanitizer wiping buckets at 100 ppm chlorine. Use your test kit to check it. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti.

Rogers High School, 222 McTigue, inspected Jan. 12. Critical violation: Provide sufficient amount of prep top tables so that food can be distributed without coming into cross-contamination with other foods on the table. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Patrick


The Original Gino's Pizza, 3981 Monroe, inspected Jan. 12. Critical violations: Repair water supply to food preparation sink so it does not leak. Water currently turned off. Sliced tomatoes at 41-46 degrees in refreezable container at substation. Sliced tomatoes are considered potentially hazardous and must be held at 41 degrees or less. Provide sufficient equipment to maintain these temperatures. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Debbie Dacquisto.

Wendy's, 5166 Airport, inspected Jan. 12. Critical violations: Hot water (100 degrees) must always be available at the hand sink to ensure proper hand washing. Repair leak and restore water of at least 100 degrees within 24 hours. This will be reinspected. At the time of inspection the sanitizer for the three bay sink was completely empty. There must always be a supply of sanitizer for proper ware washing. Maintain sanitizer at 200ppm with lukewarm water. Check solution with test kit at least daily. Sanitizer buckets (all three) were below the proper concentration. Maintain sanitizer buckets at 100ppm chlorine. Change these out more frequently. Broccoli and shredded cheese were holding at 61 degrees next to the grill line. This unit was not turned on in time to hold food at the proper temperatures. To prevent the growth of bacteria, maintain cold holding temperatures at 41 degrees or below. Raw hamburgers were being stored on the ledge of the hand sink blocking it from use. The hand sink must always be easily accessible to ensure proper hand washing. One noncritical violation. Inspector:


Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 531 Dussel, Maumee, inspected Jan. 13. Critical violation: Cook line prep top cooler holding potentially hazardous foods at 45 degrees. All potentially hazardous foods held cold must maintain an internal temperature of 41 degrees or less. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Charlie's, 12407 Airport, Swanton, inspected Jan. 13. Critical violations: Use

handled scoops in bulk container and bins do not use equipment without handles and leave them in items. Bins found with cup or plastic container in the food product. Display case cooler is holding foods warmer at the top glass portion 45 degrees. Have the unit turned down. If it cannot maintain foods at 41 degrees or less at all times it shall be replaced. Do not keep ash trays with ashes and cigarette

butts on the ice machine potential for contamination keep these items outside. One noncritical violation. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Frisch's Big Boy, 3537 Secor, inspected Jan. 13. Critical violations: Keep chlorine sanitizer at 50-100 ppm in wipe cloth buckets. Do not use soap in wipe cloth buckets as it can counteract sanitizers. Corrected at inspection. Observed raw chicken over beef and raw eggs over ready to eat foods in coolers at time of inspection. To prevent cross-contamination store raw eggs and meats below ready to eat foods. Store raw poultry below raw beef or pork to prevent cross contamination. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Heartland Holly Glen, 4293 Monroe, inspected Jan. 13. Critical violations: The glass door reach-in cooler is holding milk at 44 degrees. All potentially hazardous foods must be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Adjust the cooler temperature accordingly. Observed wet towels on serving cart and no sanitizer bucket set up at time of inspection. Provide a bucket of sanitizer to wipe down food contact surfaces for all hours of operation and keep the wet towels in the buckets when not in use to prevent bacteria growth. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

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