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Today's Log: 09-15


Bay Park Community Hospital

Majesta Bain, Toledo, boy, Sept. 13.

Flower Hospital

Angela Twigg, Toledo, girl, Sept. 11.

Lynn Mayer, Maumee, boy, Sept. 11.

Tanoya Harris, Toledo, girl, Sept. 10.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Sarah Myers, Delta, Ohio, girl, Sept. 12.

Donna Eddington, Defiance, twin boy and girl, Sept. 13.

Toledo Hospital

Sarah and Rick Zibbel, Jr., Perrysburg, boy, Sept. 13.

Emily and Matthew Mullan, Maumee, girl, Sept. 13.

Tia Tebbe Lett and Dennis Lett, Toledo, girl, Sept. 13.

Kaur Ravinder and Raj Lealh, Maumee, boy, Sept. 13.

Aimee and Tim Speweik, Ottawa Lake, Mich., girl, Sept. 13.


Lucas County

Cross, James, 68, Berridge Road, Whitehouse, accident.

Davila, Nicolas, Sr., 79, Bloomfield Street, cancer.

Davis, John, 78, East Berwick Road, hypertensive cardiovascular disease.

Diemer, Bonnie, 82, Napoleon, Ohio, acute myocardial infarction.

Ellison, Anne, 49, Sweetbriar Court, anoxic encepholopathy.

Ellis, Rebecca, 61, Arbor Way, Sylvania, pending.

Flores, Jose, Jr., 69, Deshler, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Fritts, Helen, 85, Convent Boulevard, Sylvania, cholangio carcinoma.

Hobbs, Charles, 75, Arrowhead Drive, Sylvania, acute myocardial infarction.

Hopper, Florann, 70, Jerusalem Road, Curtice, acute renal failure.

Howells, Frances, 90, Palos Park, Ill., ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Morris, Margaret, 65, Gradolph Street, acute myocardial infarction.

Newby, John, 57, Anchorage Drive, Maumee, myocardial infarction.

Ondo, Ann, 68, Brown Road, Oregon, pending.

Pelish, Margaret, 86, South Wheeling, Oregon, cancer.

Schneider, Frances, 80, Pine Creek Drive, dementia.

Sharninghouse, Frances, 78, Findlay, cerebral infarction.

Webster, Richard, 77, Pickfair Drive, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sept. 11, 2009

Gerald Hill, 24, inventory specialist, and Kellie Suber, 25, commercial driver, both of Toledo.

Shane Alberts, 24, sales manager, and Gina Moulton, 22, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Darrin Johnson, 43, human resource specialist, and Diana Degner, 32, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Steven Miller, 45, law enforcement, and Julie Strunk, 35, office manager, both of Oregon.

Elliott Nickeson, 23, student, and Kendra Connelly, 22, student, both of Toledo.

Matthew Breen, 21, usher, and Heather Zaborski, 20, both of Toledo.

Andrew Wooten, 25, store manager, of Toledo, and Kristi Swiger, 23, assistant manager, of Cortland, Ohio.

Joseph Slowinski, 32, furnace operator, and Shawna Kidwell, 34, office manager, both of Toledo.

Scott Krupp, 33, factory worker, and Nicole Hofbauer, 25, nurse, both of Toledo.

Shawn Vasvery, 28, and Laura Nowasell, 42, substitute teacher, both of Monclova.

Brian Wheeler, 27, bookstore manager, and Erika Ostermyer, 26, clerical, both of Toledo.

Howard Krell, Jr., 27, collision repair specialist, and Brooke Woods, 28, supply technician, both of Toledo.

Todd Cutcher, 34, spring printer, and Lisa Jardine, 43, office assistant, both of Temperance.

Gregory Semonin, 29, laborer, of Toledo, and Deanne Simonson, 28, medical assistant, of Dayton.

Crime reports


Jamie Hayes, 900 block of Stillman, two televisions, DVD player, stereo, video-game system, digital camera, and cash.

Danny Duncan, 1000 block of South Byrne, video-game system, laptop computer, and four video games.

Susan Bahrs, 3400 block of Drummond, jewelry.

Tiffany Gaston, 2200 block of Putnam, jewelry.

Jeffrey Barteck, 3100 block of Warsaw, power tools and copper pipe parts.

Rodgess Jeter, 2900 block of Mulberry, computer, video-game system, stereo system, and three televisions.

Johny Kimble, 400 block of East Park, flat-screen television.

Manuel Rodriguez, 800 block of North Erie, plasma-screen television and jewelry.

Barbara Ruch, 4500 block of West Bancroft, television, DVD player, and cash.

Darlene Bliss, 2100 block of Bishopsgate, purse with credit cards, debit cards, house keys, car keys, and personal papers.

Jeffery Rogers, 2100 block of Bishopsgate, laptop computer, camera, three purses, and jewelry.

Jim Sandford, 5700 block of Harschel, Direct TV box and boat registration.

Jennifer Lorenz, 3700 block of Lockwood, Christmas tree with decorations, furniture, and laundry detergent.

Robert Lebarr, 500 block of South, video-game system with six games.

Eric Knaggs, 2800 block of Wanamaker, video-game system with guitar and games, navigation system, flat-screen television, digital camera, clothes, jewelry, and liquor.

Rosalind Nix, 1900 block of Milburn, flat-screen television, money order, cash, and jewelry.

Brenda Wright, 1700 block of Freeman, laptop computer.

Danielle Helm, 700 block of Acton, flat-screen television, desktop computer system, and video-game system.

Matthew Zaborski, 100 block of Poplar, large-screen television, microwave oven, dishes, and child necessities.


Orlando Grays, wallet with credit card from community center in 200 block of 13th.

Richard Krell, riding lawn mower/tractor from residence in unit block of Orville.

Megan Guilliam, car stereo from vehicle in 3300 block of Secor.

James Aurand, 2700 block of Broadway, flat-screen television, and remote controllers for home electronics.

Kelley Williams, purse with food stamp card and driver's license from vehicle in 300 block of Phillips.

Karen Boris, purse with credit card and debit card from vehicle in 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Todd M. Anthony and Karri L. Anthony.

Vince A. Bart and Rhonda Bart.

Daniel Scott O'Leary and Tamara Lyn O'Leary.

Joan B. Bowen and Robert A. Bowen.

Tonya L. Carr and David C. McGill.

Mary Beth Cohen and Brian E. Cohen.

Michelle L. Hoot and Gary L. Hoot.

Jennifer L. Messenger and Patrick L. Messenger.

Jennifer Marie Ovall and Todd Allen Ovall.

Caitlin Enix and Bryan J. Enix.

Maggie M. Stahl and John A. Stahl.

Pamela A. Knight and Edward Knight.

Nicole K. Strauss and Charles Strauss.

Mark A. Abner and Vernita M. Huber.

Zachary M. Kreps and Lindsay M. Kreps.

Beth A. Janowiecki and Mark A. Janowiecki.

Rickey J. Destazio and Pamela S. Faylor.

Brandon Short and Sara Campbell.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Brian Herbster from Amanda Herbster.

Nequita T. Stevens from Martin Stevens, Jr.

Martin Stevens, Jr., from Nequita T. Stevens.

Brian E. Cabello, Sr., from Sandra P. Cabello.

Sandra P. Cabello from Brian E. Cabello, Sr.

Amanda M. Tate from Eugene K. Tate.

Jenifer M. Conn from Steven Haley.

Steven Haley from Jenifer M. Conn.

William D. McCollum from Rita McCollum.

Kenton J. Miller from Julia Miller.

Julia Miller from Kenton J. Miller.

James O'Hara from Kimberly S. O'Hara.

Kimberly S. O'Hara from James O'Hara.

Janette R. Weinstein from Joshua P. Weinstein.

Amy S. Orris from Jason D. Orris.

Kristen Donnelly from Trevor Toney.

Trevor Toney from Kristen Donnelly.

Patty Baird from Gerald V. Baird.

Gerald V. Baird from Patty Baird.

Robin Luettke from Paul Luettke.

Loriann Drown from Robert E. Drown.

Laverne L. Lowe from Patricia J. Lowe.

Amy Clark from Richard Clark.

Donald R. Ellis from Nancy W. Ellis.

Nancy W. Ellis from Donald R. Ellis.

Lynnette T. Hamway from Thomas A. Hamway.

Thomas A. Hamway from Lynnette T. Hamway.

Daniel R. Walch from Kathryn A. Walch.

Kathryn A. Walch from Daniel R. Walch.

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