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Today's Log: 09-23


Flower Hospital

Larisa and Thomas Buchanan, Toledo, girl, Sept. 20.

Deborah Callaway, Perrysburg, girl, Sept. 19.

St. Luke's Hospital

Chelsey and David Lambert, Swanton, girl, Sept. 22.

Brittany Cushman, Maumee, boy, Sept. 22.

Patricia and Christopher Harless, Perrysburg, girl, Sept. 21.

Bernadette and Brian Meyer, Swanton, girl, Sept. 21.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Danielle and Cory Ammerman, Northwood, girl, Sept. 20.

Eva Collins, Toledo, two boys and a girl, Sept. 18.

Kenyatta Robinson, Toledo, girl, Sept. 18.

McKensie and Brock Quaintance, Burgoon, Ohio, boy, Sept. 17.

Toledo Hospital

Latasha Lafayette, Toledo, girl, Sept. 21.

Marsha and Nick Swanson, Sylvania, girl, Sept. 21.

Adrianna Nour, Toledo, boy, Sept. 21.

Tamyra Hill, Toledo, boy, Sept. 21.

Paulette and Dave Baz, Toledo, boy, Sept. 21.

Theresa and Jeffrey Caputo, Toledo, girl, Sept. 21.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sept. 18, 2009

Dennis Dixon, 24, landscaping, and Ashley Gould, 24, customer service, both of Toledo.

Eric Reed, 49, sales, and Heather Killgrove, 25, sales, both of Toledo.

Michael Gage, 28, and Tammy Mcgee, 31, receptionist, both of Toledo.

Robert Burton, 62, engineer, of Maumee, and Carolyn Nagel, 59, substitute teacher, of Swanton.

Guadalupe Vasquez Lopez, 19, landscaping, of Oaxaca, Mexico, and Ruth Shanteau, 26, homemaker, of Toledo.

Kenneth Rondeau, 41, manufacturing manager, and Jaclyn Kessler, 25, assistant manager, both of Toledo.

Matthew Wrozek, 32, contractor, and Breana Edwards, 24, group benefit administrator, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Lagger, 23, manager, and Cheryl Ernst, 25, student, both of Toledo.

Steven Troesken, 30, and Marisa Leggett, 38, bank teller, both of Toledo.

Harold Davis, Jr., 52, auto worker, and Shaun Purley, 42, human resources representative, both of Toledo.

Bobbie Barnhart, 28, of Clay Center, Ohio, and Rayann Ellison, 32, of Toledo.

Brian Opalenik, 33, recruiter, and Lynsey Lyle, 25, attorney, both of Toledo.

William Day, 37, beer salesman, and Brittany Rodriguez, 24, service technician, both of Toledo.

Anthony White, 26, of Toledo, and Sharon Smith, 26, therapeutic program worker, of MaGee, Miss.

Mark Ruedisueli, 54, dental service technician, of Manitou Beach, Mich., and Christine Kaptur, 46, dental hygienist, of Sylvania.

Neal Schaefer, 27, surgical technologist, and Lydia Heidtman, 23, director of marketing, both of Toledo.

John Kozak, 29, caterer, and Jessica Mizer, 27, nurse, both of Toledo.

William Rivers, Jr., 21, crew member, and Aleecia Segura, 19, cashier, both of Toledo.

Shawn Stewart, Jr., 24, production, and Martina Green, 27, cook, both of Toledo.

Sept. 21, 2009

Daniel Hoar, 22, and Kristina Cole, 25, sales associate, both of Oregon.

Kyle Hilt, 23, and Ashley Vernon, 22, restaurant manager, both of Toledo.

Foxworth Gardner, 57, retired, and Gina Watson, 48, both of Toledo.

Richard Watkins, 36, student, and Anna Briones, 35, student, both of Toledo.

Brett Bowen, 27, logistics manager, of Kent, Ohio, and Lesley Baker, 27, occupational therapist, of Toledo.

Edward Sintic, 29, sales, and Carly Swingle, 24, insurance associate, both of Sylvania.

Thomas Singleton, 58, adjunct professor, of Toledo, and Rosemary Musandipa, 54, of Brookhaven, Pa.

Albert Cartier, 78, retired, and Joyce Cartier, 74, homemaker, both of Sylvania.

Adam Gray, 23, landscaping, and Caryn Kaczorowski, 23, order entry, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Weber, 22, crew member, and Gale Croley, 22, both of Toledo.

Brian Webster, 44, manager, and Annette Bartolet, 50, controller, both of Holland.

Keegan Cross, 26, business owner, and Sarah Streeter, 25, both of Toledo.

Crime reports

Felonious assault

Jennifer McFate, victim walking from tavern was hit by suspect in vehicle in 1400 block of Freedom. Victim transported to hospital.


Cottage Inn Pizza, while delivery employee was delivering an order, suspect approached and sprayed mace in victim's face and fled with pizza bag and contents in 1700 block of Freeman.

Nick Christiansen and Tomarrio Hawkins, victims had just walked out of carry out when approached by three suspects in Earl and Rogers area. Suspects took lighters, cigarettes, and cash and told victims to leave.

Reginald Devault, when victim was walking out of fuel station in Dorr and Hoag area, suspects approached, one punched him while the other took his bicycle; recovered by police.

Richard Hess, victim approached by four male suspects, two on bicycles, in 700 block of North Erie. Suspects took lighter, keys, cigarettes, and wallet. Wallet was recovered after being dropped as suspects fled. Victim treated by fire rescue.

Jesse Vardaman, victim was approached by suspects while walking in St. John and A Street area. One suspect punched victim, knocking him to the ground, then the other suspects began kicking and punching victim. One suspect grabbed victim's MP3 player and they all fled.


Christina Briggs, 3500 block of East Manhattan, flat-screen television, jewelry, and cell phone.

Crystal Henderson, 3100 block of Pomeroy, flat-screen television.

Kathy Groll, 1600 block of Eleanor, jewelry.

Barbara Barnett, 2500 block of Key, jewelry.

Lydia Butler, 1500 block of Jermain, two computers, two musical keyboards, pair of speakers, medicine, jewelry, and two video-game systems.

Charmaine Middlebrooks, 3500 block of Mayo, metal safe with cash and Social Security card, two lap tops computers, video-game system with game, two digital cameras, two cell phones, MP3 player, medicines, and jewelry.

Anthony Clark, 700 block of East Oakland, two televisions and video-game system with games and accessories, clothes, and shoes.

Charmain Thompson-Sanders, 500 block of Collins, flat-screen television, pool sticks, stereo system, two bicycles, and router with modem.

Steve Spitnale, 4400 block of Caroline, two televisions and three video-game systems.

Niesha Oliver, 200 block of Sunset, flat-screen television.

Marshea Jones, 100 block of Brand Whitlock, washer-dryer set, DVD-VCR dual player, and two pairs of shoes.

Jason Burrell, 1200 block of North Holland-Sylvania, cigarettes, credit card, and medicines.

Crystal Hall, 100 block of Ravine Park, medicines, cash, and two cell phones.

Stephen Ohene-Larbi, 1600 block of Milburn, surround system with speakers, television, DVD-VHS combo, two digital television converters, microwave oven, two pairs of tennis shoes, cell phone, vacuum cleaner, four remote controls, and garbage can.

Lisa Winfree, 500 block of Bronson, laptop computer.

Tiffany Anderson, 3700 block of East Manhattan, flat-screen television.

Andrea Rowe, 100 block of West Park, cash, tools, digital camera, and video-game system.

Tami Stevenson, 1600 block of Hess, jewelry, monitor, laptop computer, and portable DVD player, toys, and books.

Keith Kurtz, 3100 block of Maeterlinck, cash.

Francis Dumbuya, 1100 block of Fernwood, refrigerator.

Shelli Riffle, 3700 block of 146th, flat-screen television, four speakers, jewelry, cash, silver coins, digital camera, color printer, and Coca-Cola collectibles.

Jaime Holmes, 1100 block of Gribbin, two flat-screen televisions with player and video-game system with games and controllers.

Amanda Horner, 400 block of Elmdale, video-game system and digital camera.

Paul Golightly, 5800 block of Yermo, four long guns.

Michael Morris, 3000 block of Airport, lock box, DVD player, and cash.

John Cunningham, 900 block of West Delaware, large-screen television and video-game system.

Valerie Thorn, 3200 block of Beaumont, laptop computer, and Web camera.

Stacy Owensby, 100 block of Birmingham Terrace, medicine and birth certificate.

Sabrina Pritchett, 900 block of McKinley, plasma-screen television, laptop computer, stereo system, and jewelry.

Joseph Tomaselli, 5700 block of Talmadge, video-game system with game and controller, medicine, and two cell phones.

Kenyetta Williams, 800 block of Cherry, large-screen television and DVD player.

Janee Martin, 800 block of North Ontario, 63 DVDs and two pairs of baby shoes.

Dischell White, 3500 block of East Manhattan, flat-screen television.

Maria Minkowski, 3300 block of Wilson, cash and video-game system with 10 games.

Wendy Gogol, 1700 block of Cherrylawn, plasma-screen television.

Joanna Attwell, 2200 block of Walnut, 4-foot bull snake.

Calvin Ross, 600 block of Parkside, flat-screen television with DVD player.

Roberta Beltran, 1200 block of Navarre, video-game system with games and accessories, flat-screen television, and VCR-DVD combo.

Scott Riddle, 4800 block of 290th, lawn mower.

Jean Lawson, 500 block of Belmont, video-game system with games and controllers, book bag, and three pairs of brand-name tennis shoes.

Vatella Fields, 600 block of Tecumseh, microwave oven and computer.

Polly Petoskey, 1200 block of Oakwood, video-game system and jewelry.

Janee Martin, 800 block of North Ontario, debit card.

Sidney Henzler, 300 block of Decatur, cash.

Katherine Stark, 3600 block of Roberta, laptop computer in case and purse with cash, credit card, and driver's license.

Roger Laipply, 3800 block of Linden Green, flat-screen television and jewelry, Social Security cards, and passport.

Alice LaFleche, 1600 block of Park Forest, radio/CD stereo from vehicle in garage.

Victor Coley, 2000 block of North 14th, while victim was in residence, suspects entered and attempted to take TV that was found in kitchen near where entry was made by suspects.

Roy Howes, 1500 block of Charmaine, TV, semi automatic pistol, and check book from residence.

Daniel Hall, 3000 block of Nebraska, entry made into residence and undetermined if anything was taken.

Terrill Morton, 900 block of Gribbin, flat-screen TV, Nintendo Wii, X-Box 360, wedding ring, collectible coins, Elvis collection, snow blower, lawn mower, pressure washer, generator, metal detector, and two chain saws from residence and storage.

Angelica Schwanke, 3600 block of North Erie, flat-screen TV and bicycle from residence.

Laura Kaczmarek, 3900 block of Garrison, jewelry from residence.

Justin Krendal, 3200 block of Inverness, three laptop computers, Wii game system, DVD player, TV, and DVDs from residence.

Natasha Hampton-Bey, 1400 block of South Cove, laptop computer, PSP, Gameboys, Wii game system, X-Box, video games, jewelry, and name brand tennis shoes from residence.

Angela Reed, 3400 block of Rushland, flat-screen TV, X-Box 360, controller, video games, and camera from residence.

Sparkle Holloway, 400 block of Havre, TV and laptop computer from residence.

Steve Grier, 2100 block of North Erie, DVD player, jewelry, digital converter box, and pair of shoes from residence.

Jeaniene Yelverton, 1400 block of Darrel, two flat-screen TVs, jewelry box with contents, stereo receiver, computer with monitor, five coats, shoes, fur coat, and portable DVD player from residence.

Victoria Hamilton, 1700 block of Grand, stereo system, TV, gold bracelet, and DVD player from residence.

Jamila Epps, 300 block of Victoria, flat-screen TV from residence.

Hiram Duran, 3300 block of Evanston, jewelry from residence.

Seagate Roofing, 600 block of Burbank, cash box and cash from business.


Thomas Sniadecki, Truman, Perrysburg, stereo, ID, and credit cards from vehicle in 1100 block of Lark.

Trebor Distributing, Kirby cleaner and home care system from vehicle in 300 block of North Reynolds.

Darise Moses, Avondale, Ariz., IDs, suitcase with contents, and duffel bag with contents from vehicle in unit block of East Oakland.

Barbara Bonner, bank card, clothing, toiletries, child support card, and personal papers from vehicle in unit block of East Oakland.

City of Toledo parks division, two green steel picnic tables from City Park in Willys Parkway and Hillcrest area.

Amazing Space, West Sylvania, Sylvania, briefcase with contents, laser tape measure, concrete moisture reader, and floor samples from company vehicle in 4500 block of Monroe.

Lula Harvey, 3000 block of Nebraska, war bonds from residence.

Ericka Winne, Douglas, purse with contents, cellular phone, iPod, and cash from vehicle in 2600 block of West Sylvania; purse and phone recovered.

Anthony Dubois, 600 block of Utah, wallet and contents from vehicle.

Bailey Lyben, Dixbury, Perrysburg, two sets of golf clubs from vehicle while at restaurant in 1000 block of South Reynolds.

Susan Trumbull, Luverne, Oregon, purse with contents and cellular phone from vehicle in Phillips and Sylvania area.

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