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Today's log: 10-09

Flower Hospital

Corrin Mays, Toledo, girl, Oct. 5.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Michelle and Anthony Deal, Walbridge, boy, Oct. 2.

Randie Frampton, Oregon, girl, Oct. 1.

Michelle Kiss, Toledo, boy, Oct. 2.

St. Luke's Hospital

Jennifer and Michael Franz, Woodville, Ohio, boy, Oct. 7.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Tara and John Seibert, Napoleon, boy, Oct. 6.

Tanesha and Terrell Williams, Toledo, girl, Oct. 6.

Toledo Hospital

Peggy Williams, Toledo, boy, Oct. 7.

Laurie and Rick Avery, Perrysburg, boy, Oct. 7.

Sarah and Jason Juergens, Elmore, girl, Oct. 7.

Amy and Brian Roop, Holland, girl, Oct. 7.

Adrienne Beaver, Toledo, boy, Oct. 7.

Laura and Matt Lochtefeld, Perrysburg, boy, Oct. 8.

Emily Creamer, Toledo, girl, Oct. 8.

Blaire Merritt, Holland, girl, Oct. 8.

Stephanie Mack, Perrysburg, boy, Oct. 5.

Dannelle and Luke Howard, Toledo, girl, Oct. 7.

Lucas County

Abdo, Louis, 83, Walbridge, Ohio, cardiogenic shock.

Barnett, Curtis, 77, St. John Avenue, end stage renal disease.

Cole, Lorraine, 78, Alvin Street, end stage dementia.

Day, Sharon, 72, East Broadway Street, gastrointestinal bleeding.

Dippman, Jane, 83, South Edwards, Oregon, end stage emphysema.

Ferko, Lourie, 45, Douglas Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Fitzpatrick, Jr., James, 82, Shetland Road, end stage renal disease.

Harrison, Christopher, 49, Grand Rapids, Ohio, pending.

Hewitt, Terry, 47, Petersburg, Mich., cancer.

Howell, Philip, 68, Western Avenue, cardiovascular disease.

Kahl, Helen, 101, Clarion Avenue, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Kassem, Youssef, 92, Rose Arbor Drive, congestive heart failure.

Lugabihl, Donald, 65, Idaho Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Maish, Jr., Orville, 87, Temperance, atherosclerotic heart disease.

McCracken, Lloyd, 97, Seaman Street, respiratory failure.

Paternite, Anthony, 84, Cresthaven Lane, atherosclerotic heart disease.

Sherman, Darrel, 81, Oakwood, Ohio, cerebrovascular accident.

Tarr, William, 79, Martin, Ohio, acute renal failure.

Terry, Ezra, 2 hours, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, fetal anoxia.

Wicks, Norma, 80, Price Street, congestive heart failure.

Zeigler, Gerald, 89, Attica, Ohio, cerebrovascular accident.

Lucas County

Oct. 7, 2009

Leandean Barber, 56, insulator, and Gayle Lesure, 54, clerk, both of Toledo.

Kevin Oliver, 42, laborer, and Greta Peurie, 46, laborer, both of Toledo.

Lyle Shiffert, 59, postal service worker, of Toledo, and Nancy Kimmet, 59, manager/human resources, of Perrysburg.

Robert Priebe, 28, general service technician, and Jessica Rodriguez, 21, dancer, both of Toledo.

Robert Deeter, 51, photographer, and Lisa Walker, 48, reflexologist, both of Maumee.

Kyle Metcalf, 30, railroad conductor, and Carrie Sharp, 31, teacher's aide, both of Maumee.

Christopher Gorringe, 25, staff accountant, and Shelly Brinkman, 25, news producer, both of Maumee.

Jared Schmidt, 28, attorney, and Kristine Kober, 31, attorney, both of Toledo.

Derik Dosch, 27, supervisor, and Stacey Kutz, 27, banker, both of Toledo.

Anthony Toccaceli, 27, sales, of Sandusky, and Joanna Cheong, 26, server, of Toledo.

Alejandro Gonzalez-Villalobos, 26, landscaping, and Lisa Hernandez, 36, cook, both of Toledo.

Marcus Henderson, 23, insulator, and Yawnnique White, 23, student, both of Toledo.

Felonious assaults

Amanda Dunne, assaulted at residence in 5200 block of Glenloch.

Rob Shrader, assaulted with baseball bat at residence in 2300 block of North Erie.

Joseph Purley, Sr., stabbed in street at City Park and Nebraska.


Patricia Heath, threatened with handgun by man who was trying to rob her of cash in parking lot in 200 block of Bronson.

Theodore Wright, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in parking lot in 1200 block of Dorr.

Will Hutt, robbed of cell phone in street at Glendale and Park Forest.

Ciera Gillard, assaulted and robbed of iPod and cash at gas station at Lagrange and Sherman.

Brittany Leigh, Inc., employee was threatened with handgun and robbed of cash at pizza restaurant in 3200 block of West Alexis.

Chris Carson, threatened with handgun and robbed of pizza-carrying holder. Cottage Inn Pizza & Grill, money, and personal wallet with cash and identification card in 500 block of Continental.

Lanette Pressley, assaulted, threatened with guns, and robbed of shoes and leggings at apartment complex in 300 block of 14th.


Archie Davis, 1400 block of Oak Hill, two flat-screen televisions and video-game system with games and controllers.

Deborah Tillman, 2500 block of Eastgate, jewelry and medicines.

Cheryl Franklin, 5100 block of Chatsworth, television, DVD player, video-game system with games, and laptop computer.

Joseph Curtis, 800 block of South Erie, flat-screen television.

Ernest Osborne, Jr., 1000 block of Utah, personal computer.

Keyante Wells, 100 block of Page, television.

Rodney Rodriguez, 4800 block of Ventura, flat-screen television, three video-game systems with controllers, two laptop computers, digital camcorder, digital camera, jewelry box with jewelry, and safe with cash and personal papers.

Theresa Skrepenski, 200 block of Courtland, television, video-cassette recorder, stereo system, and identification card.

Anthony Perkins, 3300 block of North Detroit, two televisions, two brand-name coats, and cash.

Linda Barker, 1100 block of Dorr, cell phone.

Tricia Bailey, 1800 block of Wyndhurst, plasma-screen television.

James Williams, 800 block of Cherry, pair of brand-name tennis shoes.

Nadya Abdulkader, 3900 block of Watson, stereo-system, television, DVD player, and 100 DVDs and CDs.

O.B. Murray, Jr., unit block of West Lake, laptop computer, television, and portable DVD.

Quanitra Walker, 200 block of Page, flat-screen television.

Steve Best, 3400 block of 149th, aluminum-siding breaker and furniture.

Angela Willis, 3400 block of Cheltenham, flat-screen television.

Marvin Jones, Jr., 600 block of Greene, two flat-screen televisions.

Ashley Czubochowski, 1100 block of Artis, two video-game system with games, receiver, cash, and money order.

Takia Collins, 1100 block of Palmwood, cash, two flat-screen televisions, two video-game systems, three DVD players, two watches, computer system, clothes, and four rims.

Christine Jagodzinski, 200 block of Dickens, two checks.

Kathleen Roe, 4000 block of Bellevue, laptop computer, desktop computer, speaker set with woofer, and flat-screen television.

Devon Raymond, 2200 block of Warren, copper plumbing.

Timothy Adams, 1800 block of Homestead, 25 shotguns, five handguns, video-game system with games, and jewelry.

Jamal Carn, 5100 block of Chatsworth, laptop computer, two video-game systems, and jewelry.

Cheryl Franklin, 5100 block of Chatsworth, stereo system with speakers and satellite dish receiver.

Tiffany Gaston, 2200 block of Putnam, big-screen television, computer, and video-game system.

Dora Martinez, 300 block of Willard, flat-screen television and wallet with cash and identification cards.

Peilar Ramey, 1300 block of Mason, video-game system and cash.

Mari Jo Pickle, 1900 block of Firlawn, purse with credit cards, cash, and cell phone.

Heather Beddek, 4000 block of Caroline, two flat-screen televisions and two video-game systems with controllers.

Joel Costello, 5800 block of Firethorne, television, two video-game systems with controllers, computer with monitor, video games, DVD movies, digital picture frame, cash, and comforter.

Trina McNeil, 3500 block of Hoiles, seven designer purses, video-game system with two controllers and 20 games, and two floor speakers.

Jenny Thornberg, 700 block of Raymer, electric guitar and two amplifiers.

Troy Dunn, 5000 block of Yorkshire, video-game system with eight games, high-definition television, and jewelry box with jewelry.

Rickey Berry, 600 block of Woodville, DVD player, 200 DVDs, two 5-gallon buckets of paint, and cordless saw.

Anthony Newson, 700 block of East Central, flat-screen television, video-game system, computer system, jewelry, and hair clippers.

Robert E. Smith, 5300 block of Ivanhill, collector $10 bill, house keys, car keys, computer system with accessories, two video-game systems, portable DVD player, camcorder, and two duffel bags.

Theodore McBrayer, 2200 block of Upton, television.

Frank Partridge, 5500 block of Heatherdowns, purse, laptop computer, box of check books, backpack, and Social Security card.

Stephen Monroe, 2000 block of Wyndhurst, furniture, leather jacket, iPod, and jewelry.

Marquita Mays, 600 block of Arcadia, television and DVD player.

Dan Ellis, 4200 block of North Lockwood, television, video-game system with accessories, and two DVD movies.


Lakeisha Norrils, 4900 block of San Joaquin, flat-screen television, two laptop computers, cash, and safe with personal papers.

Kristina Bulow, unit block of Brand Whitlock, stereo system, television, and DVD player with DVDs.

Felicia Lonas, 5000 block of Kitchener, laptop computer.

Jazmine Collins, 2000 block of North 12th, laptop computer, clothes, and jewelry.

Jaunice McCall, 2100 block of Scottwood, flat-screen LCD/DVD combo and video-game system with game.

Fatima Abdelkarim, navigation system and case of soda pop from vehicle in 4600 block of Clover.

Derrick McDonell, iPod and wallet with bank cards from vehicle in 900 block of Research.

Scott Sprow, power tools with accessories from vehicle at South Reynolds and Heatherdowns.

Wendi Harris, two debit cards and food-stamp card from purse in church at Collingwood and Central.

Audra Belcher-Freeman, two leather jackets, other clothes, CDs, cash, and personal papers from vehicle at Lagrange and Baker.

Rosa Camargo, navigation system from vehicle in 2800 block of Parkwood.

Jamie Simpson, safe with cash, gold coins, and jewelry from residence in 400 block of Bronson.

Twila Lucas, mail with telephone chip from apartment complex in 1900 block of Scottwood.

Collins Engineers, laptop computer, two cell phones, and MP3 player with headphones from vehicle in 2700 block of Broadway.

Michael Mynihan, laptop computer and book bag with books from vehicle in 5200 block of Monroe.

William Liberty, cash from residence in 3400 block of Nebraska.

Drew Pyle, jewelry from vehicle in 1700 block of Kensington.

Ignacio Perez, tailgate with rear back-up camera from vehicle in 1500 block of Walnut.

Barb Harris, cash, bank cards, cell phone, and identification cards from purse at high school building in 1200 block of Western.

Theodis Shelmon, 20 metal curb form molds and 150 metal stakes from job site in field at Dorr and Smead.

Vicky Pelchat, laptop in bag and purse with cash, credit cards, and identification cards from vehicle in 1000 block of Wright.

Rachel Larnhart, wallet with cash, credit cards, debit cards, and college identification card from vehicle in 3000 block of Glendale.

Stop and Save LLC, cash from store in 200 block of West Alexis.

Sandra Harcourt, wallet with driver's license, credit card, and personal papers from office in 600 block of North Huron.

Lucas County

Nancy J. Kowalski from Daniel S. Kowalski.

Colleen M. Taylor from Chad R. Taylor.

Elizabeth Phillips from Franklin Meade.

Paul E. Nicholson III from Jean A. Nicholson.

Jean A. Nicholson from Paul E. Nicholson III.

Brandi S. Frasier from Paul A. Frasier, Sr.

Brett A. Stevens from Candace M. Stevens.

James M. Hatch from Kathleen A. Hatch.

Kathleen A. Hatch from James M. Hatch.

Samantha A. Marsh from Erik C. Marsh.

Erik C. Marsh from Samantha A. Marsh.

Troy E. Campbell from Jaime L. Campbell.

Jaime L. Campbell from Troy E. Campbell.

Patricia J. Hooser from Darren J. Hooser.

James H. Bowens, Jr., from Terrica F. Bowens.

Barbara Stichter from Thomas Stichter.

Jennifer L. Avila from Marcello Avila.

Kristie K. Dixon from Michael E. Przyszlak.

Kimberly M. Beale from Christopher M. Chatman.

Marc E. Gay from Mary Beth Gay.

Mary Beth Gay from Marc E. Gay.

Starla Bacon from William Bacon.

William Bacon from Starla Bacon.

Leandra Long from Willie Pruitt III.

Luchiana Dotson from Hugh Smith.

Donald R. Dizney II from Jodee N. Dizney.

Jodee N. Dizney from Donald R. Dizney II.

Eunice R. Bigsby from Eugene Bigsby.

Kamille Oxner from Todd Mays.

Daniel B. Mullins from Katrina R. Mullins.

Kathleen Pollex from Brett M. Pitzen.

Beverly Lear from Quinton Shears.

Mary Jo Daugherty from Allen L. Daugherty, Jr.

Christina Vago from Curtis Rowe.

Crystal L. Barlage from Richard J. Askins, Jr.

Richard J. Askins, Jr., from Crystal L. Barlage.

Michelle L. Brown from David M. Brown.

David M. Brown from Michelle L. Brown.

Katrina Cousino from Julius Cousino.

Jeffrey T. Rumpf from Sharon A. Rumpf.

Sharon A. Rumpf from Jeffrey T. Rumpf.

Wendy M. Douglas from John H. Douglas, Jr.

Matthew Hawkins from Jeanne Hawkins.

Ann Malone-Moody from James Moody.

Abayom Miller from Autumn Miller.

Amy D. Brown from Robert L. Wilburn.

Robert L. Wilburn from Amy D. Brown.

Wanda M. Copp from Christopher C. Copp.

Christopher C. Copp from Wanda M. Copp.

Gerald L. Guest from Rogena L. Guest.

Rogena L. Guest from Gerald L. Guest.

Robert L. Johnson from Josie M. Johnson.

Arlena Hicks from Floyd E. Hicks.

Danielle K. Parrish from Tod P. Parrish.

Benjamin G. Davis from Christina A. Davis.

Matthew J. Girardot from Heather Y. Girardot.

Heather Y. Girardot from Matthew J. Girardot.

Kristine M. Pellizzari from Daniel W. Pellizzari.

Lisa Sue Marquis from Christopher James Marquis.

Julie Krieg from Jeffery Kreuz.

Bradford J. Swan from Patricia A. Swan.

Brooke McGuire from Donald M. McGuire.

Gerardo G. Garcia from Richarda J. Garcia.

Salvatore A. Gianino from Deneen M. Gianino.

Deneen M. Gianino from Salvatore A. Gianino.

Christina M. Sinfuntes from Pablo G. Revilla.

Patricia Ward from Bryan Nesbit.

Martin W. Sekulski from Cynthia S. Clayton.

Cynthia S. Clayton from Martin W. Sekulski.

Ryan Springer from Elizabeth Springer.

Joni Krueger from Warren D. Krueger.

Levarine G. Graham from Anthony N. Graham.

Joan E. Weiler from Rodney T. Weiler.

Erin M. Wamsley from James M. Wamsley.

Victoryia Maximovich from Jim Maximovich.

Lauretta A. Satterfield from Kenneth Satterfield.

Lisa M. Gawle from John Gawle, Jr.

Jacqueline Chmielewski from Jonathan Chmielewski.

Jonathan Chmielewski from Jacqueline Chmielewski.

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