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Today's Log: 11-24


Flower Hospital

Amber and David Weidinger, Toledo, girl, Nov. 21.

Iris and Curtis Klotz, Temperance, girl, Nov. 20.

Janice and Jason Hill, Sylvania, girl, Nov. 22.

Toledo Hospital

Michel and Bill Moore, Toledo, boy, Nov. 22.

Crime reports

Felonious assaults

Brianna Ferguson, assaulted at residence in 900 block of Byrneport.

Karen Mays, assaulted at residence in 2800 block of D Street.

Joseph Redman, assaulted in front yard in 500 block of Potter.


Jacki Hartwell, robbed of cash at apartment complex in 800 block of North Ontario.

Michael McKeever, assaulted and robbed of wallet with cash, credit cards, and identification cards on sidewalk at Bancroft and Fulton.

Francis Mroczkowski, 200 block of Palmer, electric lawnmower.


Arvana Love, 300 block of Everett, food and adult toys.

Steve Giltz, 300 block of South, large-screen television and laptop computer.

Leslie Larson, 2100 block of Wychwood, copper pipes.

Alejandra Hernandez, 400 block of Fourth, flat-screen television, DVD player, and 100 DVDs.

Michael Coffman, 500 block of Walden, dryer, wheelbarrow, steel safe, and fire pit.

Gary Kacyala, 300 block of Hiett, cash.

Neighborhood Properties, 2500 block of Schroeder.

Wingate Transport, 5200 block of Crabb, two CB radios.

Charles Edwards, 1800 block of Loxley, cash, keys, and medicines.

Shawn Tabbelt, 1700 block of Marlow, plasma-screen television, video-game system with games, and laptop computer.

Perry Mitchell, 1800 block of Christian, laptop computer and cell-phone charger.

Pablo Losoya, Jr., 1500 block of Kelsey, large-screen television and 40 movies.

Dawn Williams, 1300 block of East Manhattan, three air conditioners, clothes, and basement pipes.

Jerry Laroe, 1600 block of Archwood, cash and jewelry.

Nolan Pitney, 1600 block of Archwood, two laptop computers, 12-gauge shotgun, and jewelry.

Scott Poskarbiewicz, 4200 block of Circleview.

Robert Althauser, 1300 block of Glenview, tools.

Vanessa Gamber, 2000 block of Airline, flat-screen television, computer, clothes.

Daris Quinn, 1500 block of Secor, personal documents, credit cards, and video-game system.

Nakia Bridges, 1500 block of Vance, two televisions and video-game system.

Diane Willrath, 1900 block of Berdan, four tires w/rims.

Deziaray Evans, 1100 block of Pinewood, video-game system.

Martha Williams, 1100 block of Woodland, tools, power washer, snow blower, air compressor, floor jack, carpet cleaner, dolly, and auto parts.

Melissa Spence, 3100 block of Douglas, flat-screen television, video-game system with games and controllers, and 100 DVD movies.

Larry Harris, 1000 block of Turner, semiautomatic pistol, four chrome rims.

Lucas Rawlins, 3300 block of Heatherdowns, large-screen television, 9mm handgun.

Dawn McCrory, 800 block of South Erie, cash, medicines, flat-screen television/monitor combo, and wide-screen monitor.

David Jex, 2100 block of Evansdale, copper pipes.

Arthur Fontanelli, 400 block of Clark, tools.

Tony Flunder, 2800 block of Mulberry, two large-screen televisions and jug of change.

Kyleen Rickner, 1700 block of Berdan, toy, two speakers, video-game system, and jewelry.

William Rogers, 600 block of Woodland, two video-game systems, laptop computer, and high-definition antenna.

Genevieve Sarvo, 400 block of South, motorized wheelchair.

Sandra Montalvo, 1100 block of Higley, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and speaker.

Roxanne Green, 2200 block of Kent, laptop computer and video-game system with controllers.

Janis Russell, 4500 block of Heathercove, cash.

Sandie Bunnell-Welch, 2100 block of Hawthorne, large-screen television.

Joshua Billau, 100 block of Independence, cash, flat-screen television, video-game system, DVDs, video camera, and jewelry.

Terry Sessions, 4100 block of Hill, coin pouch with rare coins

Ella McClain, 400 block of Bronson, clothes, flat-screen television, and video-game system with games.

Angela Lane, 200 block of Willamont, box of checks, wide-screen laptop computer, 9mm pistol, and medicines.

South Toledo Golf Club, 3900 block of Heatherdowns, golf bag with full set of clubs, golf bag, and three wood drivers.


Selene Smith, purse w/cash, credit cards, personal documents and papers from vehicle in 5700 block of Opportunity.

Precious Allen, laptop computer from residence in 700 block of North Erie.

Daniel Wright, jewelry from residence in 3800 block of Wallwerth.

Rebekah Schmitz, purse w/cash, credit cards, digital camera, keys, and medicines from vehicle in 5700 block of Thunder Hollow.

Molly Lange, purse w/cash, debit card, and makeup from vehicle in 1500 block of West Laskey.

Maria Baara, two checkbooks, bag w/pamphlets, and change from vehicle at East Broadway and Starr.

David Avalos, Jr., purse w/debit card and personal documents from vehicle in 2500 block of West Alexis.

James Ticchi, cash from bank counter in 4900 block of Jackman.

Robert Birdsell, credit cards and money clip w/cash from residence in 100 block of Orville.

Patricia Crandall, navigation system and purse w/cash, credit cards and personal papers from vehicle at Monroe and Secor.

Scott Devore, stainless steel barrel rifle and navigation system from vehicle in 1200 block of Halstead.

Mardel Whisnant, 9mm semiautomatic pistol from residence in 1100 block of Marmion.

Tammy Ware, wallet w/bank card and personal documents from vehicle in 3100 block of West Alexis.

Joseph Rau, two store credit cards from residence in 4200 block of Herman.

Pat Herrera, jewelry and picture from residence in 1200 block of Wenz.

Jessica Garza, four chrome rims w/tires from vehicle in 600 block of Greenwood.

Elizabeth Munger, power tools, radio, audio woofers, work boots, air hose, bag of hand tools, and ladder from vehicle in 2200 block of Laurel Valley.

Gary Ruffier, power saw and plumber snake from vehicle in 3200 block of Secor.

Katlyn Lewis, navigation and iPod from vehicle in 3300 block of Dorr.

Duane Malinowski, four monitors, mixing board, and two suitcases w/microphones and cords from vehicle in 5700 block of Brook Cliffe.

Tiffany Trapley, laptop computer from vehicle in 1400 block of Cherry.


Lucas County

Sharpley, Naomi, 91, Moore Street, stroke.

Smotherman, Dale, 74, Planet Drive, respiratory arrest.

Staples, Fred, 63, North Huron Street, lung cancer.

Swartz, Karen, 69, Perrysburg, congestive heart failure.

Tucker, Doretha, 89, Indiana Avenue, myocardial infarction.

Vasher, Zeb, 72, Summit Street, stroke.

Velandra, James, 52, Whiteford Township, Mich., pending investigation.

Welch, Rita, 91, Tremainsville Road, cerebral vascular accident.

Wright, Ernestine, 64, Shirley Avenue, myocardial infarction.

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