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Today's log: 3-12

Flower Hospital

Valerie Secord, Toledo, boy, March 8.

Amy and Jason Carter, Toledo, girl, March 9.

Trisha and Chris Lopez, Toledo, girl, March 10.

Lisa and Chris Sadowski, Perrysburg, boy, March 10.

St. Luke's Hospital

Karri and Ryan Knoblauch, Toledo, boy, March 10.

Jennifer and Brant Carroll, Toledo, boy, March 10.

Leah and Jonathan Brewster, Swanton, boy, March 10.

Toledo Hospital

Kimberly Edwards and Marc Savage, Toledo, girl, Jan. 20.

Shalante Warren, Toledo, girl, March 10.

Ashley and Samuel McGilvery, Waterville, boy, March 10.

Jessica Johnson, Toledo, girl, March 11.

Lucas County

March 9, 2010

David Cornell II, 26, painter, of Port Clinton, and Charity Cornell, 27, teacher, of Toledo.

Ahmed Abouzeid, 22, of Toledo, and Jessica Weis, 20, cashier, of Sylvania.

Mohammad Hamdalh, 34, manager, of Toledo, and Sara Oatley, 24, waitress, of Perrysburg.

Brett Stevens, 39, retired, and Janel Berning, 35, both of Toledo.

Ashon Fox, 30, self employed, and Rosandra Hornbeak, 25, disabled, both of Toledo.

Ryan Nadolny, 25, server, and Sarah Gospodarek, 29, manager, both of Toledo.

Jerry Locker, Jr., 27, factory worker, and Sara Clark, 27, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Matthew Keiser, 25, and LaToyia Jones, 24, both of Toledo.

Daniel Sizemore, 26, electrician, and Michelle Slagle, 26, line cook, both of Toledo.

Jay Sortor, 25, and Wendi Bostater, 25, both of Sylvania.

March 10, 2010

Brian Knoblauch, 35, computer programmer, of Sylvania, and Katherine McClure, 35, senior accounting clerk, of Toledo.

David Perkins, 23, U.S. Army, and Jessica Long, 22, manager, both of Toledo.

Troy Hassell aka Moody, 21, and Pamala Fullwood, 21, both of Toledo.

Mark Kerivan, 55, salesman, and Christine Wilkins, 47, manager, both of Toledo.

Milton, Scott III, 33, of Toledo, and Bregena Bowen, 28, of Holland.

Lucas County

Ainsworth, Thomas, 89, Stannard Drive, respiratory failure.

Altenbaugh, Loretta, 93, Munding Drive, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Archambeau, James, 91, Perrysburg Holland Road, Holland, myelodysplastic syndrome.

Barta, Kay, 73, Dundee, Mich., thoracic aortic aneurysm.

Bernal, Ezequiel, 69, Segur Avenue, leukemia.

Borling, Phyllis, 81, Charlotte Street, probable cancer.

Brown, Envella, 83, Old State Line Road, Holland, cancer.

Christoff, Ann, 73, Rossford, end stage dementia.

Clark, Bernard, 81, Executive Parkway, atherosclerotic heart disease.

Connor, Dale, 85, Butz Road, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Duffman, John, 40, Carey, Ohio, diabetic ketoacidosis.

Dyer, Gary, 54, Collingwood Boulevard, hypertensive heart disease.

Favel, Jewel, 83, Ottawa Lake, Mich., vascular dementia.

Foreman, Richard, 82, McKinley Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Gardner, Rose, 89, Boxwood Road, cancer.

Gostic, Marcus, 43, Maumee Western Road, Maumee, accident.

Greenage, David, Jr., 82, Macomber Street, cerebral vascular accident.

Hull, Alice, 92, Executive Parkway, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Jordan, Jerry, 51, North Erie Street, cancer.

Kelly, Kathleen, 65, Hoiles Avenue, cancer.

Kilburn, Belinda, 51, Felt Street, cancer.

Knauss, Donald, Sr., 88, Perrysburg, acute myocardial infarction.

Leazier, Jack, 71, Green Valley, cardiomyopathy.

Mathis, Linda, 47, Walnut Street, anoxic encephalopathy.

McCollam, Mary, 98, Indian Road, coronary atherosclerosis.

Norkavage, Floyd, 89, Ivanhill Road, congestive heart failure.

Oerther, Morley, 73, Ida, Mich., coronary artery disease.

Palmer, Michael, Sr., 33, Beachwood Drive, pending.

Payne, Ruth, 93, Perrysburg Holland Road, Holland, congestive heart failure.

Peters, Edward, 77, Maple View Drive, cancer.

Phipps, Paul, 73, North Schwamberger Road, Holland, respiratory failure.

Pickett, Naja, 4, Pickard Drive, cerebral edema.

Powless, Mary, 62, Airport Highway, cancer.

Reed, Torvon, 21, Kent Street, respiratory arrest.

Rivera, Isaac, 71, Martin, Ohio, renal cell carcinoma.

Roberts, Charles, 76, Perrysburg, coronary artery disease.

Rosenbalm, Dorothy, 87, Temperance, congestive heart failure.

Roush, Joan, 86, Cedar Point Road, Oregon, Alzheimer's disease.

Shine, Edward, 88, Key Street, Maumee, congestive heart failure.

Slicker, Stewart, 57, Gloucester Drive, brain stem infarction.

Stetler, Robert, 76, Graytown, Ohio, respiratory failure.

Sumner, Edward, 87, Nebraska Avenue, respiratory failure.

Tasch, Willis, 79, Graytown, Ohio, sudden cardiac death.

Tarsha, Raymond, 60, Rambo Lane, cancer.

Teall, Mary, 81, North Wheeling Street, congestive heart failure.

Thostenson, Jeanne, 88, Pemberville, cancer.

Tong, Larry, 64, South Reynolds Road, end stage renal disease.

Turner, Elizabeth, 88, Telegraph Road, congestive heart failure.

Ulmer, Jeanne, 91, Swan Creek Lane, coronary artery disease.

Vasquez, Maria, 77, South Reynolds Road, congestive heart failure.

Wagener, Mary, 72, East John Street, Maumee, pending.

Whitmire, Earl, 90, Delta, Ohio, ruptured aortic aneurysm.

Whitt-Norman, Traci, 25, Clyde, Ohio, suicide.

Wojtaluk, Harold, 77, Milroy Street, coronary artery disease.

Lucas County

Robert J. Morrin III and Marisa J. Morrin.

Louis A. Tartaglia, M.D., and Barbara L. Tartaglia.

Brandon Toney and Lorelei Hagan.

Samuel E. Addis and Kathryn K. Addis.

Anna Gentle and Christopher Gentle.

Paul J. Komisarek and Jacqueline L. Wilcox.

Darlene M. Rubin and Randy H. Rubin.

Crime reports

Aggravated assault

16-year-old, assaulted with vehicle on street at Monroe and Auburn.


Matthew Shearer, assaulted and robbed of cash, brand-name jacket, and medicines on street at Slater and Willys.

Tina Strauss, assaulted and robbed of cash on street at Lagrange and Peck.

April Chaney, assaulted, threatened with handgun, and robbed of cash in restaurant parking lot at Dorr and Collingwood.

James Romp II, threatened with handgun, assaulted, and robbed of cash, jewelry, and cell phone at residence in 1400 block of Remington.

John Kerin, lunged at with knife by man who tried to rob him of cash at business in 2700 block of Monroe.

Cottage Inn Pizza, employee was robbed of cash and cigarettes while delivering pizza on street in 800 block of Locust.


Joseph Schafer, 3400 block of Christie, 9mm handgun with 15-round clip.

St. John's Jesuit High School, 5900 block of Airport, computers and cameras.

Tabatha Robinson, 900 block of Artis, flat-screen television.

Ladonna Watson, 1700 block of Tecumseh, copper plumbing.

Toledo Hearing and Speech Center, 3100 block of West Central, cash.

June Avaritt, 3800 block of North Summit, receiver and speaker box.

Michael Mota, 3300 block of North Detroit, water heater tank, tub, and carpet.

Smooka Bear Childcare/Academy, Inc., 2800 block of Lagrange, two electric meters.

James Hawkins, 2300 block of Consaul, copper wire, batteries, radiators, rims, and tools.

Richard Pallatt, 1000 block of Nela, laptop computer and digital camera with accessories.

CaSandra Hopkins, 900 block of Evesham, semiautomatic handgun with ammunition, clothes, safe, and laptop computer.

Joan Mulligan, 1000 block of Indiana, jewelry and bank checks.

Jacque Haley, 5000 block of Norwich, laptop computer, two video game systems, audio system with speakers, and DVD player.

Vernell Carey, 5800 block of Candlestick, flat-screen television, dishwasher, stove/range, microwave oven, and refrigerator.

Nicole Neiling, 1000 block of Artis, flat-screen television with stand and DVD movies.

LaShawn Davis, 100 block of West Park, large-screen television, DVD player, computer, and two jewelry boxes with jewelry.

Nicole Wilson, 1100 block of Colton, purse with cash.

Yolanda Betts, 500 block of Starr, flat-screen television and video game system with games and controller.

Betty Adams, 700 block of Forsythe, computer, flat-screen computer monitor, and digital clock.

Antoinette Jefferson, 2200 block of Auburn, desktop computer system and five pairs of brand-name tennis shoes.

Jason Horstman, 1800 block of Evansdale, three flat-screen televisions.

Shelaine Davis, 1500 block of Hamilton, laptop computer, video game system, cell phone, and purse with identification cards and personal papers.

Lisa Dauro, 1000 block of Francis, television and laptop computer.

Patricia Tesznar-Demey, 2200 block of Westbrook, jewelry.

Jonathan Brauer, 5500 block of Forest Green, flat-screen television, video game system with games and controllers, and two laptop computers.

Careers, Inc., 300 block of Southard, office furniture and equipment.

Ishan Laheri, 3400 block of Dorr, laptop computer.

Christine Beltran, 900 block of Atlanta, laptop computer and flat-screen television.


16-year-old girl, laptop computer from school in 2500 block of Cherry.

Dog killed March 11 by Acting Lucas County Dog Warden Bonnie Mitchell:

Breed and description;location seized, charge:

Labrador, yellow 15-year-old female, old, sick; surrendered by Thomas Mack, Coral, Toledo.

Dogs adopted out March 9 and 10by Acting Lucas County Dog Warden Bonnie Mitchell:

Breed and description;location seized, charge:

Mastiff/Boxer mix, orange/white female; Yondota, Toledo.

Labrador mix, black/white female; Franklin, Toledo.

Spaniel, orange/sable/white male; Slater, Toledo.

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