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Today's log: 5-7

Bay Park Community Hospital

Shannon and Rich Coehrs, Maumee, girl, May 5.

Flower Hospital

Terrie and Tony Huddleston, Napoleon, boy, May 1.

Shannon and Joshua Heinemann, Delta, Ohio, boy, May 3.

Carey and Jonathan Monk, Perrysburg, boy, May 4.

Linda Pello, Toledo, boy, May 4.

Anita Hackett, Toledo, girl, May 5.

Samantha Gochenour, Toledo, girl, May 5.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Jessica Centeno, Millbury, girl, April 29.

Daneille Hartford, Toledo, girl, May 3.

Christine and Jason Wagoner, Oregon, girl, May 3.

Jessica and Andrew Johnson, Walbridge, boy, May 4.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Elizabeth Britton, Toledo, girl, May 4.

Kristin and Robert Martin III, Waterville, boy, May 5.

Leah Collins and Jesseup Warnock, Maumee, girl, May 5.

St. Luke's Hospital

Abigail Mock, Maumee, boy, May 5.

Kristen Bayer, Maumee, girl, May 5.

Bridget Majer, Maumee, boy, May 5.

Toledo Hospital

Carrie and William Connelly, Toledo, boy, May 3.

Amy and Paul Lazenby, Toledo, boy, May 5.

Kelly and Steve Walker, Toledo, boy, May 5.

Terri Jo and Tyler Hamilton, Wauseon, boy, May 5.

Amy and David Langendonk, Holland, twin boys, May 5.

Kristine and Derek Schultz, Toledo, girl, May 5.

Emily and Richard Etter, Delta, Ohio, boy, May 5.

Cara and Mark Stamm, Monclova Township, boy, May 5.

Lucas County

May 5, 2010

Raymond Blevine, Jr., 41, and Erin Fulton, 31, student, both of Toledo.

Brent Hardy, 28, painter, and Amy Croninger, 26, medical biller, both of Holland.

Christopher Poshek, 26, pharmacist, and Sarah Stewart, 25, teacher, both of Toledo.

Brad Fisher, 24, assembly worker, of Monclova Township, and Hannah Flory, 20, retail, of Swanton.

Marco Vallera, 32, machinist, and Rochelle Mulinix, 27, surgical technician, both of Curtice.

Brad Atherton, 40, network administrator, and Lori Golaszewski, 35, communications specialist, both of Toledo.

Mark Townson, Jr., 21, U.S. Army, and Jennifer Niederhoff, 21, social worker, both of Toledo.

Joshua Michalak, 26, development engineer, and Breyan Hamilton, 24, waitress, both of Toledo.

Wayne Knapp, 32, driver, and Robin Peebles, 28, customer service representative, both of Whitehouse.

Aaron Biederstedt, 28, financial consultant, and Kristina Daniels, 29, nuclear medicine, both of Holland.

Candelario Valenzuela, 27, general laborer, of Defiance, and Belinda Castillo, 21, of Toledo.

Cory McVay, 25, quality associate, and Taylee Alsept, 21, both of Toledo.

Lucas County

Krueger, Beverly, 86, Southwyck Boulevard, stroke.

Smith, Darrin, Jr., 20, Grand Avenue, homicide.

Reid, Kimberly, 44, Machen Street, cancer.

Ganzel, Marjorie, 86, Harbour Creek Court, Maumee, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Connell, Mary, 75, Glenton Drive, primary lateral sclerosis.

Felonious assaults

Ronnie Lee Hopings and Ollando Hopings, shot at multiple times in 1100 block of West Woodruff.

Eddie L. Stiger, jumped by three men and struck in stomach with baseball bat at Central and Albion.

John Primas, Marcus Q. Jones, and John J. Ferner shot outside the Lair Lounge in 3300 block of Glendale.


Dollar General, robbed at gunpoint of cash in 2800 block of Airport.


Ahkeem Childress, 3700 block of Hill, Xbox game system.

United North, 900 block of Moore, siding.

Charles Jones, 1300 block of Grand, deep freezer, two air conditioners, six lawn chairs, tools, speakers, and stereo.

Booker T. Washington, 3400 block of Chase, computer.

Louis Alexander, 2000 block of Canton, gun, bass guitar, television, and cash.

Anthony Jones, 100 block of Rockingham, television, Nintendo Wii and Xbox game systems, video games, computer, handguns, and ammunition.

Anne Cherry, 4100 block of Asbury, no loss.

Brian C. Quinn, 3800 block of Revere, video games, cash, and tools.

Shamika R. Madison, 1500 block of Oakwood, rims.

Shateek McKenzie, 3300 block of West Alexis, no loss.

Sharon Tyminski, 3400 block of 148th, jewelry.

Frank Beakas, 500 block of Darrow, cash.

Aarika Jackson, 2600 block of Eastgate, cash.

Sandy Castellese, 900 block of Broadway, medicine and clothes.

Sandy Marshall, 500 block of Hackett, furnace, copper pipes, fixtures, and tools.

Geraldine Andrews, 3300 block of Chestnut, wallet with cash.

Haywood Smith, 400 block of Palmer, video game system with games, two flat-screen televisions, and dresser.

Kim Hitt, 100 block of East Woodruff, jewelry, pair of tennis shoes, brand-name purse, and phone charger.

James Bellfy, 600 block of Greenwood, large-screen television, clothes, shoes, and stereo system with speakers.

Charles Brown, 2000 block of Clinton, two flat-screen televisions, two video game systems with games, and clothes.

Charles Wortham, 1500 block of Ottawa, set of rims, vacuum cleaner, laptop computer, two video game systems, furniture, clothes, microwave stove, and food.

Bonita Johnson, 4300 block of West Alexis, flat-screen television and cash.

Lakisha Woodmore, 4200 block of Eastway, laptop computer and SIM card.

Ashley Stewart store, 500 block of Dorr, cash.

Charles Hughes, 1700 block of Idaho, lawn mower, ladder, screen door, and miscellaneous tools.

Denise L. Moore, 400 block of Irving, tools and lawn mower.

Alfasia Love, 1100 block of Underwood, computer, television converter box, DVD player, video games, two flat-screen televisions, and two CD players.

Mannoleto Gilmore, 500 block of West Delaware, clothing.

Alecia Smith, 300 block of Brand Whitlock, flat-screen television.

Mareia Patterson, 900 block of Vance, rugs and mirror.

Deborah Czerniakowski, 1900 block of Heatherdale, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, DS, DSI and Game Cube game systems, and video games.

Dawn Oberdier, 600 block of Balfe, flat-screen television, Playstation 2 game system and video games.

Rhondie Brandon, 900 block of Lindsay, no loss.

James E. Hardwick, 1000 block of Newbury, laptop computer and flat-screen television.

Leza C. Dukes, 1300 block of Grand, Xbox, Nintendo Wii and DSI and Playstation 3 game systems; laptop computer, printer, three flat-screen televisions, video games, and jewelry.

Tiesha Vassar, 2100 block of Elliott, two flat-screen televisions and cash.

Inge Hendrichs, 500 block of South, no loss.

Heather A. Nuszbum, 2000 block of Starr, DVD-VCR player and dog.


Kelly Conkle, purse and contents from vehicle in 5500 block of Harvest.

Marissa L. Ervin, shotgun, Xbox game system, jewelry, and prescription medication.

Holly S. Ricinski, briefcase and contents from vehicle in 400 block of Madison.

Sandra Michelsen, silverware from 2300 block of Shoreland.

Linda F. Sims, purse and contents from vehicle at Huron and Lagrange.

Chervonda Craig, cash from 3000 block of Chase.

Kelly J. Davison, GPS system and handgun from vehicle in 3500 block of Secor.

Ashley Tanner, wallet and contents from vehicle in 4700 block of Overland.

Lorene Barnett, debit card, keys, and cell phone charger from 500 block of Spring Grove.

Randolyn Cooper, two MP3 players, jewelry, and prescription medication from vehicle at Central and Secor.

Andrew Solis, GPS system and golf clubs from vehicle at Byrne and South.

Maumee Valley Save A Pet, air conditioners from 5200 block of Hill.

University of Toledo Credit Union, air conditioners from 5200 block of Hill.

Jami Nuhfer, purse and contents from vehicle in church parking lot in 2400 block of West Alexis.

Dawn Dye, hot water tank and air conditioner from 5400 block of Dorr.

James Knight, musical equipment from 1400 block of South.

Debra J.R. Dickerson, purse containing equipment for job as code enforcement officer in 1200 block of Madison.

China Dinkins, 9mm semiautomatic pistol from residence in 1400 block of Indiana.

Theresa Conley, lawn mower, snow blower, lawn edger, and tiller from residence in 1800 block of Norwood.

Latwana Harris, in-dash CD player and kicker box from vehicle in 2200 block of Kent.

Zach Bailey, 2800 block of Strauss, video-game system with accessories.

Seth Ramsdell, CD player and briefcase and contents from vehicle in 2600 block of Sylvania.

ParkSmart, meter canisters from 200 block of North St. Clair.

Anwar Abdulahad, GPS system and laptop computer from vehicle in 5900 block of Fairhaven.

Carl Pugh, cash and credit cards from vehicle in 3700 block of Hill.

Sheila Evans, cell phone from vehicle in 2900 block of Kendale.

Nancy Gordon, cash from 4400 block of Elmhurst.

Juanita Smith, debit card from 1100 block of Noble.

Chantel Carter, purse and contents from vehicle in 4200 block of Airport.

Marquita McCoy, cash from vehicle at Monroe and Auburn.

Lorene L. Barnett, massager, lawn mower, and various tools from 500 block of Spring Grove.

Lorene L. Barnett, appliances from 800 block of Euclid.

Phaenecia Jerew, three firearms from 2200 block of West Alexis.

Michael and Nanette Smith, jewelry from 2200 block of Valleybrook.

Lucas County

Michael Larry Mack from Linda L. Mack.

Glenn A. Monteith from Sybille M. Monteith.

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