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Today's Log: 05-15


Flower Hospital

Kelly and Mark Rindler, Perrysburg, girl, May 11.

Teri and Mike Tomesek, Toledo, girl, May 10.

Melissa and Jerry Dunne, Toledo, boy, May 12.

Chiquita Pam, Toledo, girl, May 9.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Maria Escobar, Toledo, boy, May 13.

Anna and Matthew Overton, Toledo, girl, May 12.

Destiny Kegley, Toledo, boy, May 12.

Stephanie Scheidemantle, Perrysburg, girl, May 12.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jennifer Bruce, Holland, girl, May 13.

Melissa and Matt James, Waterville, girl, May 12.

Tara and Joshua Bires, Toledo, girl, May 12.

Noemi and Michael Fouty, Napoleon, two girls, May 13.

St. Luke's Hospital

Juanita and Randy Mendoza, Delta, Ohio, girl, May 13.

Kristin and Edward McGee, Waterville, boy, May 13.

Jessica Baird, Delta, Ohio, girl, May 13.

Kenifa Talley, Toledo, boy, May 14.


Lucas County

Auxier, Roy, 46, Elmore, pending.

Byram, Jessica, 31, Watson Avenue, pending.

Clemons, Roy, 85, Wauseon, cerebral vascular accident.

Hartman, Timothy, 62, Fostoria, cardiorespiratory failure.

Hawkins, Gussie, 74, Clay Street, acute brain-stem infarction.

Hineline, Paul, 61, Fremont, multi-organ system failure.

Jelks, Kenneth, Sr., 59, 21st Street, renal disease.

Kromenacker, Marianne, 73, Garden Estates Drive, aspiration pneumonia.

Lea, Carol, 81, West Sylvania Avenue, respiratory failure.

Lloyd, Edwin, 57, South King Road, Holland, congestive heart failure.

Lucius, Gerald, 67, Tiffin, cancer.

Luna, Nathan, 28, North Terrace View Street, pending.

Marshall, Peggy, 66, Islington Street, suicide.

Miller, Ralph, 79, Medbury Street, Holland, pending.

Newberg, Magda, 93, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, Alzheimer's disease.

Peacock, Annette, 78, South Angola Road, myelodysplastic syndrome.

Peck-Rockwell, Joyce, 78, Milan, Ohio, coronary artery disease.

Peoples, Ruby, 89, Forest Avenue, septicemia.

Reyes, Jovana, 15, Fremont, respiratory failure.

Sautter, Theodore, 67, Cheyenne Boulevard, cancer.

Shah, Hansa, 83, Sand Ridge Road, Holland, pneumonia.

Shinew, Don, 91, North Wheeling Street, malnutrition.

Sisson, Elizabeth, 93, Springbrook Drive, perforated viscus.

Spaulding, Aaron, Jr., 89, McRae, GA., multisystem organ failure.

Stafford, Richard, 79, Avery Court, Waterville, coronary artery disease.

Sutherland, Teri, 44, Cameron Cove, coronary artery disease.

Swartz, Anona, 95, Port Clinton, aspiration pneumonia.

Crime reports


Walborn Financial Services, 5600 block of Southwyck, no loss.

Midwest Logistics, 5600 block of Southwyck, cash.

Kristie A. Porter, 2600 block of Pine, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and other equipment.

Preston Johnson, 400 block of Third, flat-screen television.

Heather Zielinski, 500 block of Potter, shoes, clothing, food.

Anthony J. Bishop, 3100 block of Drummond, three flat-screen televisions, computers, jewelry, and firearms.

Mary Lloyd, 6000 block of 326th, bicycle, sweeper, and tools from garage in 6000 block of 326th.

Kings Cove Apartments, 2500 block of Key, cash.

Michelle Smith, 1100 block of Brooke Park, jewelry and cash.

Freddie Smith, 1100 block of Brooke Park, computer.

Al Sprouse, 900 block of Orchard, firearms and cash.

Open Arms Community Church, 2000 block of Waite, no loss.

Charity A. Mills, 500 block of Oliver, cash and prescription medication.

John C. Riebesel, 2100 block of Wyndhurst, Playstation3 game system and flat-screen television.

Perry Frey IV, 2600 block of Calverton, laptop computer.

Village Carryout, 1400 block of Bernath, no loss.

S and B Properties, 500 block of Euclid, water meter, copper piping, and two ladders.

Robert E. Mathis, 300 block of Parker, five flat-screen televisions, two Nintendo Wii game systems, stereo, video games, clothing, laptop computers, digital camera, and cell phone.

Styles Unlimited Beauty Salon, 2100 block of Monroe, cash.

Javan Davis, 800 block of Marmion, appliances and copper piping.

Tamika Heckard, 700 block of Evesham, jewelry.

James Atwood, 5100 block of South Willcrest, two flat-screen televisions, two laptop computers, Playstation3 game system, MP3 player, and jewelry.

Stanley Zelenski, 3900 block of Beverly, all-terrain vehicle, yard tools, and snowblower.

Lynne Basden, 700 block of East Broadway, miscellaneous tools, CDs, DVD movies, and clothing.

Larrica Carter, 1100 block of Four Seasons, appliances, clothing, Playstation game system, and hand cart.

IPS Group, 2200 block of Albion, no loss.

Jessica Johnson, 500 block of Clifton, no loss.

William H. Weyandt, 4800 block of Walker, wallet and contents and key card to Safety Building.

Lorenzo Franklin, 700 block of South Erie, computer, flat-screen television, and jewelry.

Diane K. Wenzel, 2100 block of North Ravine, personal items.

Sandi Nelson, 2000 block of Southmoor, jewelry.

Cassandra L. Adkins, Wade Collins, and Ben Ballard, 1600 block of Travis, no loss.

Keisha R. Roberts, 3500 block of Watson, personal items.

Shirley Kayo Berry, 1700 block of Vance, air conditioners and microwave.

Clarence Oliver, 1400 block of Beecham, firearm, keys, CDs, and cash.

Stacie LaFaso, 1500 block of Wildwood, MP3 player accessory.

Celia Ramirez, 600 block of Coney, camcorder, digital camera and printer, two flat-screen televisions, and jewelry.

Heather Alfaro, 1100 block of Four Seasons, Nintendo Wii game system.

Tamara Harris, 100 block of Lake Shore, clothing, food, DVD movies, shoes, and purses.

Kati Erring, 3200 block of Glanzman, DVD movies.

William Thomas, 5000 block of Secor, debit card.

Arthur Cantu, 300 block of Edna, three flat-screen televisions, computer, and cash.

Darrelle E. Black, 100 block of Ralph, jewelry.

Raul Rodriquez, 1000 block of Oakdale, firearms.

Diona Ellis, 800 block of Underwood, jewelry and flat-screen television.

Maaco, 3500 block of Marine, six catalytic converters.


Joanne Wolniewicz, wallet and contents from Lagrange branch library in 3400 block of Lagrange.

Anthony Holewinski, computer and car stereo from residence in 200 block of Dearborn.

Dezaray Richardson, cash from residence in 800 block of South Detroit.

Judith C. Wielinski, purse and contents from residence in 3500 block of McGregor.

James A. Fritts, wallet and contents from residence in 2800 block of Trimble.

Michael L. Abernathy, wallet and contents from gym in 300 block of Bush.

Fay Pollitt, purse and contents from Kohls store in 4800 block of Monroe.

Muhammad Abu Shabah, tools from business in 3400 block of Stickney.

Kathryn Lauer, bank card from ATM machine in 3000 block of Secor.

Woodville Rental Co., washer and dryer appliances, flat-screen television, and furniture from 1400 block of Secor.

Danielle Schoenegge, rims, tires, and air jack from garage in 1800 block of Welker.

Sharon Vandyke, jewelry from residence in 3400 block of Polk.

John Horvath, power meter and air conditioning unit from 100 block of Carbon.

Manira Sallock, air conditioning unit from business in 1000 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

O'Della Quinn, purse and contents from vehicle in 1000 block of West Alexis.

Bobby J. Allen, handgun and GPS system from vehicle in 4800 block of South Village.

Debra Smigelski, tools from vehicle in 500 block of East Hudson.

Sylvia Harris, purse and contents from vehicle in 2900 block of Glendale.

Ian Welch, wallet and contents from vehicle in 3700 block of Elmlawn.

Richard E. Litton, purse and contents from vehicle in 3600 block of Barcelona.

Omar Ramsi, laptop computer and GPS system from vehicle in 1100 block of Shadow.

Lori Tellings, wallet and contents from vehicle in 1500 block of Primrose.

Valeri Kagan, cell phone, GPS unit, and sunglasses from vehicle in 3400 block of West Sylvania.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, pianos, water heater, kitchen utensils, and 30 tables from 700 block of Eleanor.

Yosaf Abdouni, cash from 5400 block of Dorr.

Craig Hull, debit card from 500 block of Crawford.

Kelly Culpert, bank card from Heatherdowns and South Reynolds.

Wendy Marietta, jewelry from 2200 block of Scottwood.

ParkSmart, cash from 100 block of South St. Clair.

Sean C. Kearney, laptop computer and briefcase and contents from vehicle in 1200 block of Steeplechase.

Carolyn Morelli, wallet and contents from 300 block of South Detroit.

Debbie L. Garabrandt, cash from 900 block of Sherman.

Toledo Mennonite Church, copper from air conditioners in 5500 block of Nebraska.

Charlene Fausze, cash and food stamp card from 1000 block of North Byrne.

Christina Varwig, jewelry from 3300 block of West Laskey.

Joseph Loch, camera, DVD player, and DVD movies from 3800 block of Waldorf.

Kmart, jewelry from store in 2200 block of South Reynolds.

Christina Black, laptop computer from 1900 block of Balkan.

Penni Horen, CD player and clothing from vehicle in 600 block of Segur.

Herman Harrison, clothing and wallet and contents from 5400 block of Airport.

Anthony Moore, debit card from 5700 block of Dorr.

Johnny Gewages, firearm, GPS system, and change from vehicle in 700 block of Monroe.

Orthotic Prosthetic Center, air conditioning units from 400 block of North Reynolds.

Brenda Irons, flat-screen television and furniture from 1700 block of Bigelow.

Tabitha Wheeler, purse and contents from 5800 block of Livingston.

Sunny Veit, GPS system and wallet and contents from vehicle in 4900 block of Santa Maria.

Taylor Ullom, cash, sub woofers, sound amplifiers, MP3 player, and debit card from vehicle in 800 block of Pine Valley.

Edward A. Cassidy, laptop computer and GPS system from 4700 block of Monroe.

Matthew S. Bower, CD player and CDs from vehicle in 400 block of West Bancroft.

Jason Thibert, purse and contents from vehicle in 2500 block of West Bancroft.

Donald Nelson, CD player, GPS system from vehicle in 100 block of North Byrne.

Tiffany Robaszkiewicz, cash from residence in 1300 block of South.

Nancy Sasse, computer from vehicle in 400 block of South Reynolds.

Wassim Aboudib, cash from 2300 block of West Laskey.

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