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Today's log: 5-19

Bay Park Community Hospital

Margie Troiano, Toledo, girl, May 17.

Lisa Zapata, Toledo, girl, May 17.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Brooke and Kenneth Click, Perrysburg, girl, May 12.

Holly Clark, Toledo, boy, May 15.

Daniele and Ryan Gibson, Ottawa Hills, boy, May 17.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Danielle Crosby, Toledo, boy, May 15.

Noor Odeh and Raed Ridi, Sylvania, girl, May 16.

Debra and Robert Snavley, Findlay, girl, May 17.

St. Luke's Hospital

Kristen and Joseph Stuber, Waterville, boy, May 17.

Sandra and Bradley Hoffman, Maumee, boy, May 18.

Toledo Hospital

Melanie and Aaron Wiens, Temperance, boy, May 17.

Amanda and Daniel Nichols, Toledo, boy, May 17.

Hannah and Matthew Davis, Bowling Green, boy, May 17.

Kaleigh Williams, Toledo, boy, May 17.

Sara Walters, Toledo, boy, May 17.

Angela and Robert Gearhart, Toledo, boy, May 17.

Kacee and Robert Snyder, Bowling Green, boy, May 17.

Laura Taylor, Toledo, boy, May 17.

Lucas County

May 17, 2010

Gregory Kopan, 51, financial adviser, and Juanita Miller, 25, licensed practical nurse, both of Sylvania.

Brandon Parsons, 25, tool and die maker, and Mary Kinnerson, 25, licensed practical nurse, both of Maumee.

Daniel Wallington, 59, retired, and Candace Doney, 60, bookkeeper, both of Toledo.

Gregory Reitz, 35, coach, and McKenna Troyan, 28, teacher, both of Sylvania.

Andrew Schwanger, 30, U.S. Navy, and Nicole Sofo, 28, marketing, both of Sylvania.

Arthur Lee, 23, chemical engineer, of Maumee, and Kathryn DeLong, 21, linguist, of Cincinnati.

Charles Gorny, 26, nurse, of Lexington, Ky., and Angela Owczarzak, 25, student, of Holland.

Stephen Byers, 23, factory worker, of Holland, and Stephanie Behlmer, 22, billing clerk, of Oak Harbor.

Christopher Limon, 23, and Rosalina Barr, 21, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Seiler, 30, medical sales, and Sara Mott, 27, speech therapist, both of Toledo.

David Hertwig, 31, teacher, and Katherine Pollex, 29, student, both of Toledo.

David Evatt, 23, personal banker, and Emily Rahman, 22, student, both of Temperance.

Shawn Dotson, 25, construction worker, and Corry DeMuth, 22, registration specialist, both of Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Joshua Werner, 31, martial arts instructor, and Amy Hullibarger, 38, student, both of Temperance.

Lucas County

Anderson, Myrle, 73, Brown Road, Oregon, intravascular coagulation.

Avalos, Michael, Sr., 59, Havre Street, pending.

Beck, Aiden, 1, Walnut Circle Drive, spinal muscular atrophy.

Brunt, Jack, 82, Millbury, Ohio, acute myocardial infarction.

Cheaib, Hussein, 79, Michigan Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Christeson, Robert, 58, Perrysburg, stroke.

Dutched, Cynthia, 76, Venetian Bay Court, Maumee, multisystem organ failure.

Gregory, Harold, 92, Sugarbush Road, Oregon, cerebrovascular accident.

Harding, Lydia, 83, Wayne Street, pneumonia.

Howard, Roberta, 88, Collingwood Boulevard, arrhythmia.

Karamol, Stanley, 84, West Bancroft Street, heart disease.

Kasza, Denise, 52, Scottwood Avenue, cancer.

Lake, Tare, 77, Campbell Street, cancer.

Marious, Erin, 18, Radcliffe Drive, accident.

Masterson, Cornelius, 88, Parliament Square, diffuse cerebral ischemia.

Metzger, Agnes, 93, Meteor Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Miller, Floyd, 83, Hill Avenue, aspiration pneumonia.

Rogers, Donna, 81, West Unity, Ohio, cardiogenic shock.

Ryan, John, Sr., 80, Revere Drive, lewy body dementia.

Schall, Clyde, 77, Oakwood, Ohio, pulmonary edema.

Stenson, Nevaeh, 1 day, Pilgrim Road, respiratory failure.

Victorian, Christal, 38, Clay Street, pulmonary hypertension.

Yanez, David, Jr., 69, South Coy Road, Oregon, cancer.

Felonious assaults

Shaquitta Maple, assaulted by an ex-boyfriend who took her cell phone before he held her arms and forced her to the ground in the 1200 block of Elysian.


Rent-A-Center, employee making a bank deposit robbed by a suspect who hit her in the face in the 3000 block of Monroe.

Coin-Op Laundry, threatened at gunpoint and robbed of cash by four men in the 3100 block of Airport.


Adam Hill, wheel from vehicle in the 2400 block of Old Stone.

Lucinda Peeples, credit cards from vehicle at the Toledo Sailing Club in the 2800 block of Broadway.

Kelly M. Calhoun, laptop computer, backpack, mp3 player from vehicle in the 2700 block of Alisdale.

Ronald Swinfard, cash, jewelry from vehicle in the 1700 block of Kensington.

Joshua Baryaruha, laptop computer from 2500 block of Cherry.

Crystal Drew, debit card from 100 block of East Northgate.

Jeffrey Emch, flat-screen television from 900 block of Butler.

Guibabu Ponnoganti, tires from vehicle in the 2700 block of Alisdale.

Chris Landes, GPS system, binoculars, clothing, laptop computer, camera from vehicle in the 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Frederick Garth, laptop computer, flat-screen television, clothing, shoes from vehicle in the 300 block of Dura.

Autumn D. Lake, cash from 1800 block of Marlow.

Jill L. Ryder, cash, debit card from 800 block of Starr.

Steven Chirnside, flip screen television, GPS system, laptop computer, cell phone from vehicle in the 1700 block of Chadwick.

Randall F. Limberg, mp3 player, cell phone, gift card from vehicle in the 2700 block of Middlesex.

John Roberts, television, microwave, DVD player, clothing from 1200 block of Moran.

Randy Dennison, cash cards from 3500 block of Hilltop.

Kelly L. Okdie, debit card, baseball bat, jewelry, cologne, clothing from vehicle in the 1900 block of Chalice.

Cathryn Alexander, backpack and contents, cell phone, car stereo, clothing from vehicle in the 14000 block of South Byrne.

Brodrick Marry, cell phone, GPS system from vehicle in the 3300 block of Blanchard.

Barney’s convenience store, cash, lottery tickets from 2000 block of Ottawa River.

J. Ranck Electric, Inc., cable from vehicle in the 3500 block of North Detroit.

Patricia Taylor, purse and contents from vehicle at 19th and Jefferson.

Brian Haines, flat-screen television, DVD player, cable receiver, digital camera from 2000 block of Stirrup.

Josh Carpenter Sytek, laptop computer, cell phone, wallet and contents, mp3 player from vehicle in the 3100 block of West Central.

Kendra Ringger, two televisions from the 300 block of Dickens.

Tierra Nelson, purse and contents from 1200 block of North Holland Sylvania.

Andrew Younker, laptop computer from vehicle in the 4800 block of Monroe

Dion Harris, credit card from 5000 block of Monroe.

Scott Compton, golf clubs, military gear from vehicle in the 5200 block of Fredelia.

Brandie Preston, cash from 1100 block of Borer.

Deborah Orecchio, purse and contents from vehicle in the 2400 block of Barrington.

New Life Church, two air conditioning units from 1200 block of Oakwood.

Sara Cobert, bicycle, weed cutter, lawn mower, gas can from 3700 block of Lockwood.

Teneasha Gillespie, wallet and contents from vehicle at Dorr and Byrne.

Megan Gorby, bag, wallet and contents, laptop computer from vehicle in the 1700 block of Kensington.

Darrel J. Reynolds, lawn mower from 3300 block of Glenwood.

Jivon Culberson, laptop computer, cell phone, key from vehicle at Alemeda and Sylvania.

Teresa Hanudel, 5400 block of Airport, box of party supplies.

Dawn Gorsuch, jewelry from residence in 1100 block of Brooke Park.

Anthony Sumner, navigation system, medical prescription, power tools, and tool box with hand tools from vehicle in 6200 block of Northview.

Antwaun Turner, amplifier, speakers, wires, headrest television, and handgun from vehicle in 1900 block of Upton.

Christine Nadeau, purse with wallet, credit cards, debit card, cash, digital camera, driver’s license, and personal papers from vehicle in parking lot at Hill and Holland-Sylvania.


Tamarina Mayes, 700 block of Humboldt, two video game systems with games and accessories, flat-screen television, computer, clothes, and watch.

Patrick Vrooman, 5000 block of Walnut Circle, jewelry.

Monica Russell, 1500 block of Nebraska, large-screen television, video game system, and bicycle.

Daniel Brainard, 1600 block of Glen brook, vid eo game system, flat-screen television, and laptop computer.

Tia M. Walker, 0 block of East Central, two flat-screen televisions, theater system, Xbox 360 game system, video games.

Tiffany Reynolds, 700 block of Highland, refrigerator, furniture.

Terri Ewing, 800 block of Marmion, flat-screen television.

Jason J. Dimodica, 500 block of East Streicher, gas stove, refrigerator.

Gary Filas, 5200 block of Carlingfort, bicycle, chainsaw, miter saw.

Frances Gladney, 6000 block of Pickard, prescription medication.

Diane Seay, 1600 block of Freeman, appliances, silk tree.

Alexander Lewis, 1000 block of Prouty, DVD player, sound system.

Jason Miller, 4200 block of Shade Tree, two digital cameras, photography accessories, laptop computer, camcorder.

William Thieman, 200 block of Elgin, sink, bathtub, flat-screen television, five fishing rods.

Bridgette Dodrill, 1100 block of St. Andrews, three flat-screen televisions.

David J. German, 1700 block of Kensington, flat-screen television, Xbox 360 game system, video games.

Amanda A. Berger, 3000 block of Nebraska, prescription medication.

Jane R. Bunker, 2100 block of North Erie, stereo system.

Matthew Anderson, 5600 block of Aspen, Playstation 3 game system.

Kelly Andrejan, 6200 block of Dorr, prescription medication, cash.

James R. Thacker, 600 block of Elmdale, flat-screen television, mp3 player.

Claudia St. Clair, 2400 block of Robinwood, purse and contents.

Lisa Reichow, 1900 block of Chase, DVD player, digital camera, CDs.

Robin Cisneros, 1500 block of Oak, electric scooter.

Federal National Mortgage Association, 500 block of Durango, copper piping.

Best Automotive, 3700 block of Marine, catalytic converter.

Derrick Murphy, 500 block of Segur, tools.

Matthew Wetzel, 1700 block of Arlington, appliances.

Derrick Shaw, 1200 block of Gretna Green, firearm, computer, cell phone, jewelry.

Joseph Hartenfeld, 800 block of Wyman, two televisions, sound system, tools, lawn mower, bicycle, video game accessories.

Nick Jakob, 1100 block of Eleanor, flat-screen television.

Kyle Tracy and Andrew Badgley, 4900 block of Statesville, Playstation 3 game system, clothing, cash, video games, cash, jewelry.

Lindsey Parker, 2500 block of Locust, laptop computer.

Connie Garcia, 500 block of Howland, jewelry, flat-screen television, Xbox game system, two laptop computers, camera.

Alyssa Nicole Berio, 1500 block of Secor, boots, keychain.

Terry Fulton, 3600 block of Dean, two flat-screen televisions, mp3 player, Playstation 3 and PSP game systems, DVD player, computer, jewelry, clothing.

Ruby R. Lewis, 800 block of Moore, appliances, computer, television, DVD players.

Gas and Go, 3100 block of North Detroit, firearms, cash.

John Thornton, 2500 block of Tremainsville, cash.

Daisy Hand, 1300 block of East Broadway, Playstation 2 game system, birth certificate, social security card, toilet.

Lydia Sterrett, 200 block of Marion, prescription medication.

Jean Sattler, 5100 block of Chatsworth, flat-screen television, jewelry.

Tonya M. Campbell, 3000 block of South Byrne, flat-screen television, jewelry, cash.

Kenneth Paul, 800 block of Baker, DVD player, Playstation 2 game system.

Ella Hill, 3200 block of North Detroit, flat-screen television.

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