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Today's Log: 06-12

Bay Park Community Hospital

April and Chad Werner, Luckey, Ohio, boy, June 10.

Crystal and Carl Woods, Toledo, girl, June 11.

Flower Hospital

Rhonda and Keith Dandridge, Toledo, girl, June 8.

Deborah and Andrew Gunn, Toledo, girl, June 8.

Jessica and Erica Hephner, Petersburg, Mich., boy, June 9.

Briana Banas, Toledo, boy, June 8.

Dominique Hill, Toledo, boy, June 8.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Nicole and Ian Ellerbush, Northwood, girl, June 7.

Nora Carruthers, Toledo, girl, June 7.

Veronica Stockmaster, Oregon, girl, June 8.

Jaclynn Ball, Oregon, girl, June 9.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jendayi Thomas, Toledo, girl, June 8.

Kasendra LeGates, Whitehouse, boy, June 9.

Amie and Jason Huffman, Toledo, boy, June 9.

Marion McCrae, Toledo, boy, June 8.

Ashley Brooks, Toledo, boy, June 8.

Kim and Paul Groth, Toledo, boy, June 9.

St. Luke's Hospital

Jennifer and Sean Tracey, Toledo, girl, June 10.

Patricia and Aaron Rymanowicz, Toledo, girl, June 10.

Jennifer and Nicholas Atamanick, Toledo, boy, June 11.

Lindsay Granger, Oregon, boy, June 11.

Toledo Hospital

Laura Leighton, Temperance, boy, June 10.

Zukeya and Lance Lawshe, Toledo, girl, June 10.

Rachel and Chris Derian, Petersburg, Mich., girl, June 10.

Rebecca and Bruce Siders, Perrysburg, girl, June 10.

Tristan Womack, Maumee, boy, June 10.

Tonisha and Alvin Jones, Jr., Toledo, girl, June 10.

Catherine and Jay Zawiska, Toledo, girl, June 10.

Yolanda Hickman, Toledo, girl, June 10.

Ashley and Nathan Egbert, Dundee, Mich., girl, June 10.

Lucas County

Aliemenious, Mark, 51, Burger Street, coronary artery occlusion.

Atherton, Marianne, 83, Delta, Ohio, aspiration.

Burnette, Raymond, 56, Evans Street, cancer.

Cadaret, Jack, 78, Lambertville, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Curtis, Lucretia, 77, Sequoia Road, cancer.

Grady, Freddie, Jr., 45, Detroit, heart disease.

Haas, Elaine, 83, Perrysburg Holland Road, Holland, congestive heart failure.

Habrych, Chester, 80, Port Sylvania, Sylvania Township, cancer.

Harpel, David, 60, Collingwood Boulevard, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Klostermeier, Donald, 69, Reading, Mich., Alzheimer's dementia.

Leach, Norman, 94, Temperance, congestive heart failure.

Mallory, Jo Ann, 72, Marybrook Drive, cancer.

McGraw, Dolores, 72, Lark Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Mierzejewski, Evelyn, 88, Rossford, pneumonia.

Modlinski, John, 60, Northwood, heart disease.

O'Neal, Margaret, 82, Emmajean Road, cardiomyopathy.

Pancoast, Sarah, 24, Swanton, pending.

Phelan, Thomas, 56, Nicholas Street, multi-organ system failure.

Pollard, Fannie, 90, Joffre Avenue, renal disease.

Portala, Beverly, 57, Temperance, sepsis.

Reed, Ernest II, 69, Tiffin, leukemia.

Rower, Connie, 50, 120th Street, lymphoma.

Stambaugh, Russell, 87, Bryan, pneumonia.

Stanley, Rosemarie, 54, Millbury, Ohio, pending.

Urbanski, Hallie, 78, Southbriar Road, congestive heart failure.

Walters, Leonard, Jr., 74, Temperance, anoxic encephalopathy.

Wernert, Joseph, 75, Parkcliff Lane, Alzheimer's dementia.

Wright, Allen, Sr., 86, Heathshire Drive, occlusive vascular disease.

Felonious assaults

Earnest Wiggins, assaulted in parking lot in 1000 block of Water.

Kiron Renfroe, assaulted at apartment complex in 5500 block of Glenridge.


James Sawyer, assaulted and robbed of cash and two cell phones on sidewalk at Walnut and North Michigan.

Theodoros Bekos, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from register at convenience store in 800 block of Oakwood.

Dominic Bibeau, assaulted and robbed of bicycle on street at Jackman and Berdan.

Randy Popoff, threatened with handguns and robbed of cash, pair of brand-name tennis shoes, and gym shorts at park in 4600 block of Hill.


Doris Simmons, 700 block of Willard, mountain bike, tool box with hand tools, fishing poles, and plastic basket.

Dale Parr, 1100 block of Harding, tiller, tool box with tools, lawn mower, snow blower, and air compressor.

Gary Shope, 700 block of Leonard, safe with jewelry, laptop computer, coin collection, shotgun, and black-powder rifle.

Cedar Partners, Ltd., 2700 block of West Central, cash.

Christopher Graney, 2200 block of Stirrup, flat-screen television, audio system, brand-name watch, golf club, and DVDs.

Eric Bush, 1500 block of Freeman, furnace, hot water tank, and kitchen cabinets.

Denisha Jacobs, 100 block of Brand Whitlock Homes, two flat-screen televisions, two computers, three video game systems, and three digital cameras.

Paula Moreno, 3300 block of Blan chard, mower and weed cutter.

Annie Jones, 1100 block of Warwick, jewelry and two video game systems with video games.

Jennifer Rumpf, 900 block of Ogden, laptop, cell phone, and cash.

Chris Reinhart, 500 block of East Pearl, cash, video game system with game and controller, BB shotgun, digital camera, gas grill, printer, and personal papers.

Veronica Greenleaf, 700 block of Locust, television.

Gayle Cox, 4700 block of Willys Parkway, laptop computer.

Gretchen Thomas, 400 block of Arlington, cash, boom box, video game system, brown rabbit, two DVD players, jewelry, two cell phones, and mink jacket.

J.L. Jenkins, 3100 Maplewood, tools, two computers with accessories, two cans of coffee, and mail box.

Brian Babb, 1700 block of Arlington, stove.

Bedford Township


James Fletcher, 800 block of Hunting Creek, medication from residence.

Eric Ryan, 2400 block of Sunnydale, amplifier and three speakers from vehicle.



Annette Attoh, Heatherwyck, Toledo, purse and contents from shopping cart while in store in 1300 block of South McCord.

Jerusalem Township


Daniel Sadoski, hand tools, boating products, five folding chairs, and metal frame from storage cabinet at dock in 10900 block of Corduroy.



Amanda Camargo, 300 block of Chesterfield, stereo from vehicle.

Rosemary Cooper, Eagle Trace, Sylvania, Ohio Notary stamp from office in 1900 block of Indianwood.

Jodi Haney, patio table and four chairs from back yard of property in 2600 block of River.

St. Luke's Hospital, 5900 block of Monclova, heart monitor.

Darryl Thomason, 1000 block of Valley Grove, CB radio and CDs from vehicle.



Joshua Favro, Baton Rouge, La., iPod, dual AM/FM/CD/TV, and Nintendo Wii from vehicle while at hotel in 2400 block of Oregon.

Juvenile victim's bicycle taken from property in 200 block of Lester.

Kirtland Young, Portage, Mich., cellular phone from vehicle while at hotel in 2400 block of Oregon.



Julia Bauer, 1900 block of Pickle, TV, DVD player, and DVR from residence.

CBI Constructors Inc., Sewickley, Pa., copper lead cord and shims from construction trailer in unit block of North Lallendorf.

Frederick Johlin, Woodville, Ohio, tools from residence in 3800 block of Corduroy.

Steve Otey, 4000 block of Corduroy, residence ransacked, then safe and jar with change taken.

Joshua Swanson, 3500 block of Starr, entry into garage, no items taken.


Allen Beat, 3100 block of Wick, speakers, amplifier, and stereo system from vehicle.

Mark Erard, 500 block of Sylvandale, money, cellular phone, and cigars from vehicle.

Otto Hatfield, 900 block of South Wynn, cash from residence.

Shawn Kapfhammer, Quincy, 1993 Ford F350 from lot in 300 block of South Wheeling.

David Lahey, 2800 block of Navarre, unknown suspects took money from victim.

Derick Pylant, 800 block of South Coy, lawn mower from back yard.

James Stasa, 3300 block of Hazelton, pool heater from front yard.



Scott Muir, 2200 block of Woods Edge, jewelry from residence.

John and Cristina White, 1000 block of Louisiana, jewelry from residence.


Sherrie Binkley, Willowbend, wallet and contents while at gas station in 26000 block of North Dixie.

Tom Brezinski, 26700 block of Fort Meigs, credit card, then used to make unauthorized purchases.

George Peterson, 26500 block of Carrington, $70 in change from vehicle.

Charles Pfleghaar, 400 block of West 2nd, road bike from garage; valued at $1,000.

Sears Outlet, 27300 block of Carronade, pallet jack from behind building.

Perrysburg Township


Anthony Burgess, 29200 block of Silver Creek, flat-screen TV, computers, and several other items from residence.

Rolland Emch, Jr., 11800 block of Reitz, safe containing old coins, antique watches, and six guns from residence.


Erica Hehl, Oak, Toledo, purse and contents from vehicle in 12400 block of Fort Meigs.

TMT, 29100 block of Glenwood, stainless steel box from property.

Raymond Worthington, 27600 block of Tracy, victim gave suspect scrap metal and allowed suspect to use his saw; suspect took saw.

Springfield Township


Roy Calhoun, robbed of cash and medications in parking lot in 6800 block of Oakfield.

Felonious assault

Julie Matlock, assaulted with vehicle when operating another vehicle in driveway in 1700 block of Roycroft.


Carolyn Clay-Brown and Edward Brown, 500 block of Highland Creek, jewelry and two Social Security cards.


Roger Freeman, 100 block of Deerfield, medication from residence.

Cleveland Plant & Flower Co., 1200 block of South McCord, catalytic converter from two vehicles in parking lot.

Willy's Motor, 1100 block of South McCord, 20 cowl panels, bin of scrap metal, and front four-wheel-drive axel from business.

Robert Lanning, unit block of St. Catherine, silver-color 2005 Dodge CVN from street.



Stephanie Tanner, Candyce, purse and contents while at store in 9600 block of Old U.S. 20.

Sylvania Township


Barb Wainer, 5900 block of Flanders, Wii game system with games/controllers and jar with approximately $700 in coins from residence.


Larry Crook, 7900 block of West Central, Playstation 2 and games from residence.

Lynn Dona, Stoneleigh, purse and contents from vehicle while at Central Elementary School in 7400 block of West Central.

Jim White Toyota, 6100 block of West Central, 2000 Honda Civic Si.

Juvenile victim's cellular phone while at fitness center in 2800 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Saeed Mohseni, White Eagle East, wallet and contents from locker while at fitness center in 2800 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Jamie Morris, 6200 block of Chaney, GPS unit, CDs, money, and sunglasses from vehicle.

Ebony Toyer, 7300 block of Beaulah, bicycle.

Celina Vo, 6000 block of Red Oak, radar detector from vehicle.



Tina Hackett, 5700 block of Dellbrook, entry made into garage and license plate taken from vehicle.


Dave White Chevrolet, 5800 block of Monroe, suspect doing detailing work and keeping customers' payments.

Carlene DeFalco, 6900 block of Brintwood, 100 feet of irrigation hose from shed.

Gouxing Zheng, Porsha, 5300 block of West Alexis, vehicle registration, 9mm magazine, and several rounds from vehicle; recovered.

Dave Sikorski, Reo, Toledo, flat bed trailer from lot in 7500 block of Sylvania.



Patricia Zill, Curtice, appliances, tables, welder with equipment, entertainment center, and several other items from 100 block of North Main.

Washington Township


Emily Bishop, 2300 block of Bahiamar, front license plate from vehicle.

Whiteford Township


Sandy Clark, 4900 block of Onway, mail and license plate from vehicle.

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