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Today's Log: 09-11

Bay Park Community Hospital

Jennifer and Scott Batch, Oregon, girl, Sept. 9.

Yecenia Martinez, Toledo, girl, Sept. 9.

Priscilla Corona, Toledo, girl, Sept. 9.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Shayna Klavinger, Martin, Ohio, boy, Sept. 5.

Alysha Yard, Toledo, girl, Sept. 7.

Kelly and Doug Betts, Bowling Green, girl, Sept. 8.

Connie and Joseph Elam, Oregon, girl, Sept. 9.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Kavana Hunter, Toledo, boy, Sept. 5.

Rachel and Jason Woronec, Petersburg, Mich.,

St. Luke's Hospital

Cheryl and Richard Westrick, New Bavaria, Ohio, girl, Sept. 9.

Jane and Joe Fawcett, Bowling Green, boy, Sept. 10.

Kasi and Travis Hintz, Maumee, boy, Sept. 10.

Toledo Hospital

Cassie and Daniel Taylor, Toledo, girl, Sept. 7.

Esquitishia Hawkins, Toledo, girl, Sept. 9.

Amy and Ray Hall, Toledo, boy, Sept. 9.

Christina Brooks, Toledo, girl, Sept. 10.

Daphne and Matt Demaline, Delta, Ohio, boy, Sept. 10

Lucas County

Sept 9, 2010

Benjamin Hazzard, 27, service engineer, and Brandy Taylor, 26, assistant manager, both of Toledo.

John Van Camp, 23, service technician, of Toledo, and Kendall Jaeck, 22, student, of Whitehouse.

Christopher Sabo, 30, retail sales representative, and Jennifer Feldt, 39, retail sales representative, both of Sylvania.

Tashawn Fordham, 27, nursing assistant, and Amber Monroe, 29, nurse, both of Toledo.

Eric Burrow, 26, and Tanya Dominque, 27, cashier, both of Holland.

John Charney, 64, retired, of Toledo, and Penelope Shultz, 69, nail technician, of Temperance.

Anthony McCreight, 31, tool-and-die maker, and Diana Dudley, 25, accountant, both of Toledo.

Benjamin Donato, 36, computer technician, and Serena Blair, 32, valet attendant, both of Toledo.

Lucas County

Bokesch, Michael, 97, Latonia Boulevard, cancer.

Hughes, Sammuel, 57, Waterville Street, Whitehouse, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Karras, George, 79, Sun City West, Ariz., heart disease.

Kennedy, Pearly, 70, Dunwood Court, respiratory failure.

Kight, William, 67, Lynbrook Drive, chronic kidney disease.

Killam, Lorna, 89, Heatherwood Drive, coronary artery disease.

Martin, Helen, 93, Temperance, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Phenix, Charles, 64, Lyric Lane, pulmonary embolus.

Scott, Willie, 87, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, dementia.

Seydlitz, Orval, 81, Cherrylawn Drive, hypoxic respiratory failure.

Spencer, Douglas, 59, Northgrove Place, cancer.

Stills, Frank, 70, Richards Road, cancer.

Terman, Larry, 47, Bowser Drive, probable heart disease.

Weaver, Dolores, 62, Garden Park Drive, cancer.


The Shed, 5000 block of Lewis, no loss

Toledo Public Schools, 700 block of Avondale, flat-screen television.

Lorenzo Diaz, 1600 block of Vance, shotgun and ammunition.

Precious Blood Church, 1800 block of Dorr, drum set.

Mark Freeh, 1200 block of Higley, lawn mower and yard tools.

3Cross All American, 1400 block of Matzinger, credit card.

Sajjad Ahmed, 300 block of Mellington, electrical wiring and plumbing.

Chartise Williams, 3500 block of Hilltop, no loss.

Fannie May, 3000 block of Sherbrooke, copper piping.

Marie King, 300 block of North 14th, no loss.

Joseph Slaughter, 1800 block of Wychwood, cash, two cell phones, Playstation3 game system, and jewelry.

William Zieroff, 1200 block of Mott, flat-screen television, DVD player, stereo, and golf clubs.

Feng Guan, 1500 block of Roosevelt, laptop computer.

Timothy Self, 3100 block of Enright, two flat-screen televisions, two laptop computers, and computer.

Sam Rashed, 3300 block of North Detroit, no loss.

Chi Kanu, 1400 block of Berdan, central air conditioning unit.

Andrea Starks, 800 block of Page, flat-screen television.

Sheryl A. Stella, 900 block of Rogers, laptop computer and Xbox 360 game system.

Lewis Animal Hospital, 5100 block of Lewis, no loss.

Arindus S. Humphrey, 2400 block of Airport, flat-screen television, Playstation 3 game system, video games, and bookbag.

BP gas station, unit block of North Reynolds, cigarettes and lighters.

Harry A. Magness, 1700 block of Marne, lock box.

John Gilbert, 800 block of Berry, motor from garage.

Brandon Freeman, 1300 block of Brookview, laptop computer.

Rhiannon K. Haydu, 2700 block of Glendale, two flat-screen televisions.

Matthew Ratz, 2300 block of Bakewell, various tools.

Lido Lanes, 800 block of South, no loss.

Sierra Files, 500 block of East Hudson, no loss.

Jacklyn Tapper, 2200 block of Ruthanne, snowblower and various lawn tools.

Jordyn Reese, 900 block of Berry, flat-screen television, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii game system, and firearm.

Donnie Bussell, Jr., 2500 block of Ayers, work bag, GPS system, MP3 player, and laptop computer.

Charles Newell, 3000 block of 123rd, flat-screen television, Xbox and Nintendo Wii game system.

Ashauntis Greer, 2800 block of Collingwood, no loss.

James Wojciechowski, 400 block of East Lake, laptop computer.

Toledo Public Schools, 1600 block of North Superior, copper piping.

Anthony Cowell, unit block of Hidden Valley, flat-screen television, Xbox 360 game system, and video games.

Mark Napolski, 600 block of Nicholas, no loss.

Sidney Byrd, 700 block of Stickney, Xbox 360 game system, cell phone, and two-way radio.

Sandy Villanueva, 2200 block of Digby, speakers, phone, bicycle, and clock.

Lauryn Lindstrom, 2000 block of Kensington, laptop computer and television.

Benjamin Bluitt, 400 block of Martin, no loss.

Richard Carlton, 5000 block of South, bicycle.


Shekiyah Wilson, wallet with cash, food stamp card, and personal documents from vehicle in apartment parking lot in 600 block of Leach.

Scott Mirtes, coolers, liquor, food, and towels from boat at yacht club in 2700 block of Broadway.

Matthew Wiercinski, cell phone and cabinet with two sub woofers from vehicle in 1300 block of South Byrne.

Cynthia Martin, credit cards and personal documents from purse in convenience store at gas station at Laskey and Tremainsville.

Lisa McCreary, wallet with personal documents from vehicle in 1600 block of Avondale.

Sabrina Johnson, cash and ATM card from residence in 900 block of Blum.

Ted Kanavel, jewelry and clothes from residence in 1500 block of Brooke Park.

Melody Chapman, wallet with cash, credit cards, and lottery ticket from vehicle in 3300 block of West Central.

Amber Hicks, cable box from residence in 5800 block of Staghorn.

Dialysis Partners of Northwest Ohio, laptop computer from dialysis clinic in 3400 block of Glendale.

Raul Rodriguez, mobile television/DVD player/stereo system combo from vehicle at Erie and Hobart.

Janice Baker, GPS system, cell phone and two wallets and contents from vehicle in 2200 block of Waterworks.

Cassandra Stieben, wallet and contents from vehicle in 1100 block of Amanda.

Odette Bennett, purse and contents from 3800 block of North Summit.

Monet Gillard, wallet and contents from 2000 block of Arlington.

Joseph Scott, check from 3300 block of North Erie.

Adam Bright, laptop computer, luggage from vehicle in 4700 block of Monroe.

Welch Packaging, flashlight, snacks, and trucking supplies from 1200 block of Matzinger.

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