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Today's Log: 10-04


Flower Hospital

Nicole and Jeffrey Tuck, Toledo, girl, Sept. 30.

Adrienne and Gabe Greenwalt, Toledo, girl, Sept. 29.

Stephanie and Brandon Batdorf, Toledo, boy, Oct. 1.

Rachel and Jacob Squire, Sylvania, boy, Sept. 29.

Jodi and Miguel Martinez, Delta, boy, Oct. 1.

Markita McCoy, Toledo, girl, Sept. 29.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Kimberly and Jacob Reprogle, Toledo, girl, Sept. 30.

Samantha and Darrick Applegate, Clay Center, girl, Sept. 29.

Danielle Schrader, Perrysburg, boy, Sept. 30.

Abby Carpenter, Bowling Green, boy, Sept. 30.

Brandy and Matthew Lenke, Oak Harbor, girl, Sept. 30.

Krista and Chad Markel, Helena, girl, Oct. 1.

St. Luke's Hospital

Janessa and Luke Stuckey, Archbold, boy, Oct. 3.

Toledo Hospital

Melanie and Eric Oblander, Toledo, boy, Oct. 3.

Delores and Roosevelt Swilling, Toledo, boy, Oct. 2.

Crime reports


Danesha Odom, two purses, cash, and navigation system from vehicle at Bancroft and Detroit.

Matthew Spradlin, laptop computer from residence in 900 block of North Superior.

Douglas Weiser, laptop computer with accessories from vehicle in 5200 block of Douglas.

Willie Clark, bag, shoes, clothes, and medicines from vehicle in mall parking lot in 5000 block of Mon roe.

Amber Elizardo, car stereo and CD player from vehicle in 4500 block of Monroe.

Fernand Gosselin, cash from residence in 3500 block of Executive Parkway.

Joseph Dominique, leather jacket from bar in 100 block of Main.

Norfolk Southern Railway, defibrillator and multi-meter from vehicle in 1400 block of Alexis.

Donna McCue, radar detector, jacket, CD case with CDs, and pair of sunglasses from vehicle in 5100 block of Fairgreen.

Aakif Nicks, 9mm handgun from residence in unit block of Wayman Palmer.


Annette Liggins, 200 block of Mozart, flat-screen television.

Phillips Appliance Services, Inc., 5100 block of Lewis, cash and tools.

Jacquelyn Buchanan, 800 block of Dorr, flat-screen television.

Ashley Thompson, 300 block of Sumner, laptop computer.

Jessica Morales, 4500 block of Nantucket, flat-screen television, digital camera, video game system, and cash.

Angela Harris, 1800 block of Arlington, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and jewelry.

James Wagner, 1400 block of Moore, furnace, water tank, copper plumbing, and faucets.

Herman Barnett, 500 block of East Park, flat-screen television, two video-game systems, and checkbook.

Lisa Lefevre, 3300 block of Upton, cash.

Brandy Mikolayczyk, 3800 block of Almeda, two laptop computers.

Mikahla Morgan, two flat-screen televisions, video game system, laptop computer, printer, digital camera, stereo system, DVD player, and jewelry.

Chelsea Foulkes, 1500 block of Secor, lock box with cash.

Candice Smith, 300 block of Woodland, laptop computers, 9mm handgun, cell phone, and cash.

Troy Smith, 5000 block of Yermo, two motorcycles.

Ashley Lapinski. 400 block of Oak, three video game systems and jewelry.

Jeanetta Jones, 4100 block of Bennett, three video game systems and video game system with games.

Faurecia, Inc., 500 block of Matzinger, 90 catalytic converters.

Seffie Strozier, 1700 block of Macomber, central air conditioning unit, deep fryer, barbecue grill, fan, CD player with speakers, cooker, crock pot, and microwave oven.

Vanessa Wright, 3000 block of Cottage, flat-screen television.

Debra Beene, 5100 block of Grelyn, video game system and jewelry.

Geraldine James, 1200 block of Tecumseh, two fur coats, television, and jewelry box with jewelry.

Jacquelyn Patton, 2600 block of Fulton, desktop computer with monitor.

Mark Hagen, 1400 block of Western, stereo system with accessories and two flip-down televisions.

Alnasir Nasir, 1400 block of College, two laptop computers.

Ella McClain, 400 block of Bronson, flat-screen television, computer, stereo system, and three coats.

Michael Friddell, 500 block of Myers, cash.

Jason Burrell, 1000 block of Colburn, set of rims and tires, two speakers, amplifier, and lawn mower.

Andrew Siesel, 2000 block of Evansdale, laptop computer.

Lindsay Flynn, 2000 block of Birkdale, jewelry.

Ronnie Hopings, 1100 block of West Woodruff, desktop computer, two flat-screen televisions, and video game system.

Richard Baker, 200 block of East Pearl, flat-screen television and video game system with controller.

BP Oil, 3100 block of Cherry, 20 cartons of cigarettes.

Runnay Sheetz, 100 block of Everett, flat-screen television, furniture, jewelry, and personal papers.

Craig Novotney, 5500 block of Ryewyck, large-screen television, laptop computer, and video game system with games.

Austin Erel, 600 block of Woodsdale, two fiberglass extension ladders and tools.

Luis Sanchez, 1700 block of Stahlwood, jewelry, coin collection, and digital camera.

Lisa Nordhaus, 500 block of East Manhattan, purse, checkbook, and MP3 player.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Brandy Whitney from Bradford Whitney.

Matthew Dishmon from Elesondra De romano.

Conception Hill from Juan Gomez.

Victoria Williams from Samuel Williams, Sr.

Debra Williams from Richard Neill.

Tiffany Stripling from Alfred Crapsey III.

Cathleen Floyd from Terry Floyd.

Stacy Bender from Thomas Hamby.

Anthony Carrillo from Christal Fonseca.

Caroline Dominguez from Martin Dominguez.

Shonda Jackson from Zebradee Jack son.

Kathy Grant from Ronald Grant, Sr.

Alisa Smith from Mark Smith.

Melissa Mosiniak fromform Patrick Mosiniak.

Deana McKown from William Mc Kown.

Janet Wilson from Robert Wilson.

Amanee Suboh from Mohammad Suboh.

Mohammad Suboh from Amanee Suboh.

Kristine Taylor from Barry Taylor.

Ahmad Hammuda from Eenaiyah Aboubaker.

Vicky Garlick from Shane Garlick.

Shane Garlick from Vicky Garlick.

Carol Bullimore from Anthony Bulli more.

Anthony Bullimore from Carol Bulli more.

Suzette McCann from James McCann.

James McCann from Suzette McCann.

Stacy Erb from William Erb.

Veronica Hakeos from Corey Hakeos.

Mary Distefano from Scott Distefano.

Nicole Clark from William Clark.

Filomena Gorman from Thomas Gorman.

Paula Hill from David Hill.

Jennifer Rios from Ricardo Rios, Jr.

Ricardo Rios, Jr. from Jennifer Rios.

Jennifer Rogers from Richard Rogers.

Jesus Villarreal III from Kelly Villarreal.

Edward Carman from Darlene Carman.

Darlene Carman from Edward Carman.

Theresa Foster-Johnson from Michael Johnson.

Heather Heinze from Robert Heinze.

Pamela Raymond from Mark Raymond.

Patrick Measles from Amy Measles.

Amy Measles from Patrick Measles.

Robert Molnar from Shannon Gessner.

Christopher Marsh from Elizabeth Marsh.

Twania Harbour from Ronnie Harbour.

Robyn Alexander from Tommy Alexander.

Yolanda Rudess from Robert Rudess, Jr.

Jennie Stribling from Lataiz Stribling, Sr.

Nathalie Helm from Michael Helm.

Jose Villarreal, Jr., from Ivy Villarreal.


Lucas County

Lisa Morse and Joshua Morse.

Nancy Chesick and John Chesick.

Nicholas Allan and Christine Allan.

Scott Justen and Jessica Justen.

Loretta Tofani and Antonio Tofani.

Edward Isaacs II and Jennifer Isaacs.

Denisee Williams and Ronald Williams.

John Koles and Cindy Bilby.

Jeanette Ernst and Thomas Ernst.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Critical violations:

Taco Bell, 708 Front, inspected Sept. 9. Sanitizer bucket was below 50 ppm. Change more frequently to maintain proper concentration. Buckets rechecked and verified at 100 ppm. Inspector: Kelly Cipiti

Garfield Elementary School, 1103 Ravine, inspected Sept. 9. At the time of inspection, lunch was being served. Grilled cheese sandwiches were on a rack in the back sitting out at 50 degrees. To prevent bacteria, maintain cold holding temperatures at 41 degrees or below. Inspector: Cipiti.

Amie’s Pizza Factory, 6710 West Central, inspected Sept. 9. Observed time/temperature control for safety foods (TCS) stored at 44 to 45 degrees. Store TCS food at 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria. Have cooler checked/serviced. Observed mold growth in ice machine; clean regularly. Inspector: Nicholas Kusina.

Andrew Z’s, 337 North St. Clair, inspected Sept. 9. Cut tomatoes were at 65 degrees. Cut tomatoes require minimum cold hold at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria. A table top cold holding unit could be purchased to hold items for the burrito area. Top rail of the prep top cooler was holding TCS food at 57 to 59 degrees because it was not turned on until 45 minutes from when inspection was conducted. Make sure all equipment is on and working before placing food inside. Observed improper holding of date marked food. Monitor date marks closely and discard items after seven days. Hotdog package must be marked with a date. Sanitizer bucket was not available. A supply of sanitizer must be available for wiping down surfaces. Interior of ice machine had severe build up. To prevent mold or bacteria, sanitize inside surfaces regularly. Inspector: Cipiti.

Taco Bell, 1525 East Alexis, inspected Sept. 8. Observed ice build up in walk-in freezer. Make necessary repairs to eliminate ice accumulation. Inspector: Kerry Stanley.

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, 405 Adams, inspected Sept. 8. Observed severe build up inside ice machine. Sanitize inside surfaces to prevent growth. Inspector: Cipiti.

C.J.’s Breakfast & Sandwich Shop, 237 South Erie, inspected Sept. 8. Observed raw bacon stored directly above cream cheese. To prevent cross contamination store raw bacon below ready to eat items. Inspector: Cipiti.

Burger King, 1535 East Alexis, inspected Sept. 8. Observed an uncovered employee beverage stored on a prep surface and an employee hat on a prep table. Employee drinks must have lids with a straw and employee belongings must be placed in a designate area to protect food and clean items from contamination. Inspector: Stanley.

Wendy’s, 590 West Dussell, Maumee, inspected Sept. 7. Prep top cooler holding food at 47 to 50 degrees. All TCS foods, held cold, must maintain an internal temperature of at least 41 degrees. Inspector: Paul Bauman.

Tony Packo’s Cafe, 5827 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 7. Found hotdog sauce bagged from the main commissary delivered hot at 57 degrees. No food may be delivered to any location in the cooling state. The commissary is responsible for properly cooling and packaging these items. Do not accept any cooling food items. Temperatures must be checked at delivery. No use by dates on the vacuum package Tony Packo’s hot dogs from the commissary. Contact the commissary to make sure all products are coming into the facility dated correctly. Found shredded cheese at 46 degrees and cole slaw at 45 to 47 degrees on ice. Hold such items at or below 41 degrees to prevent bacteria. Ice was not at proper level. Employees must make sure the ice level and product level match. Facility should look into adding commercial mechanical cooling unit to maintain food at or below 41 degrees. Unlabeled spray bottle observed in dish machine room. Label chemical spray bottles to allow all employees to know what it contains. Make sure all chemicals are stored in one area away from food and food contact items. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Flower Drum Restaurant, 49 South Byrne, inspected Sept. 7. No manager or person in charge was present when inspection began; person in charge showed up at end of inspection and was told a person in charge must be in facility during hours of operation. Equipment shall be maintained in a state of repair and condition that meets administrative code requirements. A hand washing sink shall be maintained so that it is accessible at all times for employee use. A hand washing sink may not be used for purposes other than hand washing. An automatic hand washing facility shall be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat violation, observed facility still using hand washing sink next to dish machine as a dump sink. Either add a new hand washing sink or cease and desist all dumping into hand washing sink. Inspector: Patrick Niles.

Crescent Learning Center, 5227 Main, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 7. Found TCS foods above 41 degrees in the infant room refrigerator. All TCS food and beverages must be held at 41 degrees or lower to prevent bacteria. Remove all items from this unit and store in kitchen coolers. Inspector: Gottschalk.

China House, 255 Golden Gate Shopping, Maumee, inspected Sept. 7. Raw eggs sitting out at room temperature at 66 degrees. Large portions of meat being prepared at room temperature. All TCS foods must be held hot (greater that 135 degrees) or cold (below 41 degrees) to prevent bacteria. TCS foods being worked with should be kept in smaller portions when sitting out at room temperature. Inspector: Bauman.

Maritime Training and Education Center, 803 Water, inspected Sept. 2. Observed the handle of the ice scoop submerged in the ice. To protect ice from contamination, store the scoop with the handle making no contact with the ice or store the scoop in a clean and dry container. Observed ready to eat food items without date marking. All ready to eat TCS food items kept longer that 24 hours after cooked, prepared, or opened require a date mark to limit bacteria growth that can cause food borne illness. Repeat violation. Observed wiping buckets at 0 ppm quat. To properly store damp cloths and sanitize surfaces, quat must be at 200 ppm in the wiping bucket. Use test kit to verify. Repeat violation. Inspector: Stanley.

Serenity Soul Food Family Restaurant, 932 Woodville, inspected Sept. 2. During all hours of operation this facility must have a designated person in charge who is knowledgeable about food safety and proper procedures and able to monitor in the facility. During this inspection there were several critical violations. Contact inspector for training classes. Observed raw shell eggs stored above ready to eat food items in the one-door cooler. To prevent cross contamination that can cause food borne illness, all raw meats and shell eggs must be stored below all other food items. Observed soiled/damp wiping cloths on prep surfaces and no wiping bucket setup at inspection. Sanitizing wiping buckets with a chemical concentration of 100 ppm chlorine must be provided to properly sanitize surfaces and to properly store damp/soiled cloths. Observed fried chicken on the hot buffet without a proper fitting lid at 122 degrees. All TCS items in hot holding must maintain 135 degrees or above. Product discarded at inspection. Observed open salad dressings with labels stating keep refrigerated after opening on a cold buffet that is not turned on. Maintain such items at 41 degrees or less. Adhere to the product labels for proper handling instructions. Observed cooked greens on the stove top at 95 degrees. To limit the growth of bacteria that can cause food borne illness, TCS foods may not idle at room temperature. Facility’s license does not permit the cooling and reheating of TCS food items in bulk. Observed fish and beef casserole cooling in a one-door cooler. Due to limited cooler capacity this facility will not be permitted to cool and reheat in bulk. Cease and desist all bulk cooking practices that require cooling and reheating. Observed milk in the one- door cooler at 55 degrees. Refrigeration units must hold product at 41 degrees or less. Observed no date marking of required food items. Properly label such foods. Hand sink in kitchen needs repairs. Observed improper setup of the wiping bucket. Facility was using soap. To properly setup the sanitizing bucket bleach must be added to create a 100 ppm concentration. Do not add soap to the bleach water solution. Use test kit to verify. Observed improper setup of the three compartment sink. The proper setup for the three compartment sink is as follow: First bay hot soapy water, second bay hot rinse water with no bleach or soap added, third bay lukewarm sanitize water with 50 to 100 ppm chlorine (bleach) and final step air dry. Observed a fly infestation inside the facility. Contact a licensed pest control company. Keep outer openings protected from the entrance of pests. Observed the improper storage of chemicals above clean containers and food items. Designate an area for all chemical below or away from all food and food contact items. Inspector: Cipiti.

Hooters, 4782 Monroe, inspected Sept. 2. The prep top cooler is holding sliced tomatoes at 45 to 46 degrees and pico de gallo at 64 degrees at time of inspection. Hold such items at 41 degrees or less. Repair or adjust this cooler as needed, or store these items in the bottom of the cooler, where foods are holding at around 36 degrees. The glass washer at the bar was not sanitizing because the dispensing line for the sanitizer was crossed with the detergent line, causing sanitizer to dispense during the wash cycle. Sanitizer must be dispensed at 50 to 100 ppm during the final rinse to sanitize food contact items. Also, an alarm must be installed on the dish machine so that the operator is alerted when sanitizer chemical runs out. Quat sanitizer buckets are too weak at 100 ppm at time of inspection. Change sanitizer as needed to maintain buckets at 200 ppm. Check dispenser to make sure that quat sanitizer dispenses properly. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Bev’s Kold Keg Inc., 13013 Airport, Swanton, inspected Sept. 1. The main hand sink in the kitchen is not in working order. The plumbing is in disrepair. This sink must be repaired immediately; a working hand sink must be available in the kitchen for proper and adequate hand washing. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Rudy’s Hot Dog, 7170 Orchard Centre, Holland, inspected Aug. 31. Observed potentially hazardous foods without proper date marking. Date mark foods appropriately. Inspector: Becker.

Bob Evans Farms, 4805 Monroe, inspected Sept. 7. Shredded hash browns are out at room temperature and are 67 degrees at time of inspection. All TCS food must be held either hot at 135 degrees or higher or cold at 41 degrees or less. Store these hash browns inside a cooler until ready to use. If you want to hold foods based on time in lieu of temperature, there must be a written procedure for this and all food items must be properly marked to indicate a four hour expiration time, These foods must be discarded after four hours out of temperature control. Inspector: Sattler.

Rocky’s, 4020 Secor, inspected Sept. 8. Adjust the prep top cooler so that all foods hold cold at 41 degrees or lower at all times. The prep top cooler is not in use at this time and this food is not being sold. Inspector: Sattler.

Rose Thai, 5333 Monroe, inspected Sept. 8. The upright reach-in cooler is holding all foods tested at 45 degrees at time of inspection. All coolers must hold TCS foods cold at 41 degrees or lower. Adjust cooler to maintain proper temperature. The chlorine sanitizer concentration in the wipe cloth buckets is too low. Change sanitizer as needed to maintain chlorine at 50 to 100 ppm. Inspector: Sattler.

Arby’s, 1540 East Alexis, inspected Sept. 9. Observed an uncovered employee beverage store on a table on the prep line. Employee drinks must have lids with straws to protect food and clean surfaces from contamination. Corrected at inspection. Inspector: Stanley.

Ambrosia Grille & Lounge, 1500 Holland, Maumee, inspected Sept. 13. Bar dish machine not dispensing any chlorine a time of inspection. To properly sanitize glasses, this machine must dispense chlorine at 50 to 100 ppm. Contact service company. Top of pizza prep top cooler holding food at 59 degrees. All TCS foods held cold must maintain and internal temperature of 41 degrees or below. Cooler top was accidentally turn off at time of inspection. Cooler turned on at inspection and temperature coming down. Inspector: Bauman.

McDonald’s, 1520 Cherry, inspected Sept. 13. Observed TCS food items held with the time in lieu of temperature procedure without proper discard time documented. Monitor this procedure closely. Discard time must be marked on all TCS food items held with the time in lieu of temperature procedure. Inspector: Stanley.

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