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Today's Log: 10-11

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Portia Williamson, Toledo, girl, Oct. 4.

Amanada Krause, Toledo, girl, Oct. 7.

Sierra Warnka, Toledo, girl, Oct. 7.

Angel Autman, Toledo, boy, Oct. 8.

St. Luke's Hospital

Bethany Wyse, Ottawa Lake, boy, Oct. 9.

Recently released reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Critical violations

Sports Center Bar & Grill, 2114 West Alexis, inspected Sept. 13. Wiping cloths sitting out on bar and no wipe bucket is available. Cloths in use for wiping counters and other equipment surfaces must be held between uses in a chemical sanitizer solution at a concentration of 200 ppm quat or 50 to 100 ppm bleach. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Zacharya's Eatery & Cafe, 3455 Alexis, inspected Sept. 13. Dish machine not currently pulling sanitizer. Dish machine must properly wash rinse and sanitize all ware washing. Service called at time of inspection. Inspector: Seger.

11th Frame Fryer, 5133 Telegraph, inspected Sept. 14. Observed TCS food items without proper date marking. Observed mold growth inside the ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to the manufacturer's specifications. Repeat violation.

Ground Round, 5806 Telegraph, inspected Sept. 14. Observed an uncovered employee beverage on top of the popcorn machine; employee beverages must have a lid with a straw to prevent contamination.

Inspector: Stanley.

The Black Pearl, 4630 Heatherdown, inspected Sept. 14. Under counter reach in cooler observed at 51 degrees; the cooler must be 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria. Rice observed at 51 degrees discarded. Maintenance call for cooler repair made during inspection. Will be rechecked. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Cafe Marie, 570 West Dussel, Maumee, inspected Sept. 15. Under counter cooler on cook line holding foods at 44 degrees. All TCS foods, held cold, must maintain an internal temperature of 41 degrees or below. Contact repair service. Quaternary ammonia in sanitizer bucket and three-compartment sink are at 100 ppm. To effectively sanitize utensils and surfaces, quaternary ammonia must be used at a concentration of 200 ppm. Refresh sanitizer in use on a more frequent basis. Inspector: Bauman.

Chuck E. Cheese's, 5455 Airport, inspected Sept. 15. Dish machine observed not dispensing 50 to 100 ppm plain chlorine. Use three-compartment sink until repaired. Inspected: Brady.

Lenny's, 5444 Airport, inspected Sept. 15. Observed mold build up in ice machine. Wash, rinse, and sanitize (using 100 ppm plain chlorine). Empty ice before cleaning/sanitizing. Inspector: Brady.

New Empire Chinese Restaurant, 6540 Centers, Holland, inspected Sept. 15. Observed raw eggs stored above ready to eat food in reach in cooler in kitchen. To prevent contamination store all raw animal products below ready to eat food. Observed mold growth in ice machine; clean regularly. Inspector: Kusina.

Sidelines at the Arena, 233 North Huron, inspected Sept. 15. At the time of inspection, the food handler reached into a pickle jar with bare hands. To prevent bare hand contact to food, always use gloves when handling ready to eat foods. The prep top cooler was holding TCS foods above the minimum safe cold holding temperature of 41 degrees or below. The cooler was adjusted. Observed improper cooling procedures. Cooked chicken breasts were sliced and individually bagged, then they were place in a four-inch pan stacked tightly together while still warm. Chicken at 75 degrees. To limit the growth of bacteria while cooling hot food items, place chicken on a sheet tray to cool. Observed raw chicken being stored above raw steak. To prevent cross contaminations, always store raw chicken below other food. Chicken requires 165 degrees cooking temperature. Practice proper date marking methods when moving food from freezer to cold holding. Observed several containers with old date mark stickers left on them. To prevent bacteria growth in this sticky residue, make sure the sticker is completely removed when washing. Inspector: Cipiti.

Quiznos Sub, 5350 Airport, inspected Sept. 16. Observed left side prep top at 53 degrees. Must be 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria. Maintenance called during inspection. Food two hours old moved to walk in cooler for quick chill. All food over four hours old must be discarded. TCF foods will be rechecked in 24 hours. Inspector: Brady.

Rhodes' Garden Fresh, 4171 Monroe, inspected Sept. 7. Display walk-in cooler is holding TCS foods at 45 to 47 degrees. All TCS food must be held cold at 41 degree or less. Adjust this cooler accordingly. Inspector: Sattler.

Bakery Unlimited, 4427 Secor, inspected Sept. 15. Observed opened beverage on prep table and closed bottle on frosting table. Employees shall eat, drink and use tobacco products in designated areas only. Observed utensils not stored properly. To prevent cross contamination from hands all utensils must be stored with the handle up. Observed walk in cooler hold at 54 degrees. All TCS foods must be held at 41 degrees or below to prevent bacteria.

Have cooler serviced immediately. Two boxes of cream cheese and two containers of vanilla cream discarded at time of inspection. Inspector: Seger.

Jenna's Restaurant, 5629 North Main, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 2. No water at the bar four-compartment sink. All plumbing must be in good condition at all times for proper ware washing and hand washing. Restore the plumbing immediately. Both hot and cold running water must be available at all times. Restored at the time of inspection. Bar hand sink is not stocked with hand soap and paper towels. Provide hand pump soap and paper towels for the bar hand sink. All hand sinks must be stocked at all times for proper hand washing to occur. Facility bought paper towels and hand soap at the time of inspection. Observed unlabeled spray bottles with bleach water. Label all chemical spray bottles with the common name to allow all employees to know what it contains. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Texas Roadhouse, 6137 Trust, Holland, inspected Sept. 2. Observed food stored at 45 degrees at prep top cooler in servers line. All TCS food must be stored at 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria; cooler was turned down. Observed mold growth in ice machine and in pop sprayer cup behind bar; clean regularly. Inspector: Kusina.

Navarre Elementary School, 800 Kingston, inspected Sept. 3. Quat sanitizer was being manually mixed and maintained above 400 ppm. For safe food contact surfaces, the concentration of quat sanitizer must be maintained at 200 ppm. The test kit provided is a 10-second test; hold the strip in the solution for 10 seconds for an accurate reading. Inspector: Cipiti.

Ali's Meat Market, 3240 Sylvania, inspected Aug. 25. The yogurt sitting out was 62 degrees. All TCS foods must be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria. The glass door cooler is holding TCS food above 41 degrees and has an ambient air temperature of 47 degrees. All TCS food must be held at 41 degrees. Adjust the cooler temperature accordingly. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Dollar Tree Store, 5674 Monroe, inspected Aug. 27. The health department must be contacted prior to any changes made in the store. Layout with equipment make and model number along with a lot of new items for sale must be provided for approval. Once approved changes can be made. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Prayosh Corp., 429 West Alexis, inspected Aug. 31. No sanitizer strips were available. Sanitizer strips must be available to determine the proper strength of sanitizing solution used for wiping down food contact items. Only one drain stopper was found for the three-compartment sink. All sinks must have proper drains plugs to ensure the proper wash, rinse and sanitize of food contact items. Inspector: Seger.

Marco's Pizza, 6801 West Central, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 2. Observed facility with no sanitizer test strips, keep test strips on hand at all times to ensure proper concentration of sanitizer. Observed employee personal items stored on storage rack, all employee items must be stored separate from facility products. Inspector: Kusina.

NZR Retail of Toledo Corp., 905 South, inspected Aug. 27. At least one service sink or one curbed cleaning facility equipped with a floor drain shall be provided and conveniently located for the cleaning of mops of similar wet floor cleaning tools and for the disposal of mop water and similar liquid wasted. At time of inspection observed no mop sink in facility, establishment dumps waster outside, provide mop sink for establishment. Immediately stop disposing mop water outside. Establishment can for one week dispose of water into bathroom toilet until a mop sink has be provided. Contact a professional plumber to install plumbing fixtures; properly provide receipts of proof. Establishment has one week until provide new mop sink. A hand washing sink shall be equipped to provide water at a temperature of at least 100

degrees through mixing valve or combination faucet. A steam mixing valve may not be used at a hand washing sink. A self closing, slow closing, or metering faucet shall provide a flow of water for at least 15 seconds without the need to reactivate the faucet. An automatic hand washing facility shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer's instruction. At time of inspection no hot water provided in the only rest room in facility; contact a professional plumber to repair, and provide hot water to facility. Make corrections by Aug. 30. Provide receipt of work. A plumbing system must be maintained in good repair.

At time of inspection smell and obnoxious odor from either the inside or outside the facility. Properly contact a professional plumber to investigate source of smell. Inspector: Niles.

Vito's Pizza, 2120 North Holland Sylvania, inspected Sept. 9. Blender and microwave are not commercial grade; replace with commercial grade equipment. Inspector: Kusina.

Central Avenue Foods, Inc./FoodTown, 2725 West Central, inspected Sept. 9. Observed improper labeling of garlic spread, colby cheese, cajun peanuts, seafood deluxe salad, and Mexican dip. All packaged foods must have a label stating the common name, an ingredients statement, a net weight, and a responsibility statement. Observed raw shell eggs over ready to eat food in the bakery walk in cooler and raw bacon over ready to eat food in the deli self serve island case. Store all ready to eat food above raw meats/eggs to prevent cross contamination. Inspector: Wilke.

Little Caesar's Pizza, 66363 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 9. Hot and Ready pizzas in the warmer had a temperature of 124 degrees. All hot holding time/temperature control for safety food items must be hot held at 135 degrees or higher at all times to prevent possible growth of bacteria. Adjust warmer temperature. A calibrated food thermometer must be available to check the temperature of the pizzas. Observed two containers of food stored directly on the floor. All food containers must be stored at least six inches off the ground to prevent contamination. Found the air temperature on the bottom section of the prep top cooler at 42 degrees. All time/temperature control for safety foods must be held at 41 degrees or lower. The cooler air temperature should be 34-38 degrees. Adjust the cooler temperature and monitor with a calibrated food thermometer. No date labeling observed on open time/temperature control for safety food items. All open and prepared TCS food items that is not used in 24 hours must be dated. There is a 7 day discard date on all open and prepared TCS food items. Observed a bottle of degreaser stored with food items. All chemicals must be stored separate from food and food contact items to prevent possible cross contamination. Chemicals should be stored in one area. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Tex-Mex Tortilleria, 846 South Broadway, inspected Sept. 8. An air gap between the water supply inlet and flood level rim of the plumbing fixture, equipment, or nonfood equipment shall be at least twice the diameter of the water supply inlet and may not be less that one inch.

At time of inspection facility using three-compartment sink to prep food that does not have a two-inch air gap. Also facility does have a two-compartment sink which they could use for an appropriate prep sink, but does not have an air gap. Contact a professional plumber to install a two-inc air gap within 30 days. If not, facility will not be able to do any prep work on any raw foods.

Observed drainage issues in the bathroom facility and sewage drainage partial onto ground in basement. Facility needs to contact a license professional plumber to correct violation with 24 hours or establishment will be force to shut down. Properly provide documentation that a plumber has corrected violation. Properly repair plumbing in bathroom. ,Inspector verified sewage was draining into basement. Repair within 24 hours. Observed tile hanging loosely over tortilla machine. Properly make sure all walls and ceilings are smooth, cleanable, and easily nonabsorbent. Also make sure that tile particles does not come into contact with tortilla machine. Inspector: Niles.

Vito's, 847 South McCord, Holland, inspected Sept. 7. Observed TCS food stored at 44-45 degree; all TCS food must be stored at 41 degrees or less.

. Inspector: Kusina.

Sylvan Pantry, 5502 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 7. No hand soap at the rest room hand sink and the hand sink by the three-compartment sink. All hand sinks must be stocked at all times with hand soap, paper towels and hot/cold (100 degrees) running water for proper hand washing to occur. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Lee Williams Meats, Inc., 3002 131st, inspected Aug. 31. Observed no sanitizing wiping bucket and a damp cloth on the prep surface in the salad/cookie area. All areas must have a sanitizing wiping bucket setup to properly sanitize surfaces and to properly store damp/soiled cloths. Observed various food items on the floor in the walk in coolers, freezers, and storage areas. All food items must be protected from contamination, store in a clean and dry area at least six inches off the ground. Observed no paper towels at the hand sinks in the meat and processing rooms. Keep all hand sinks stocked with soap and paper towels at all times to ensure proper hand washing. Processing room must have a towel dispenser installed. Observed build up on the inside of the ice machine. Clean and sanitize according to the manufacturer's specifications. Observed build up on the ice scoop. Clean and sanitize daily allowing to air dry before using. Observed the auto dispensing unit in the processing room not properly setup to dispense both soap and sanitizer without manual manipulation due to missing hose. Have auto dispensing unit repaired to have the hoses properly inserted in both the soap and the sanitizer. Observed improper storage of raw animal products, ex. raw meats above cooked ready to eat foods and raw ground beef above whole cuts of beef. To prevent cross contamination that can cause food borne illness, all raw meats and shell eggs must be stored below all other food items. Then continue to store raw meats according to the required cooking temperatures. Observed product in an ROP state held beyond the 14 day allotment and also dated beyond the 14 day allotment. ROP product may only be dated for a total of 14 days. Check product daily for expired items. Repeat Violation. Observed improper date marking of deli items. To limit the growth of bacteria that can cause food borne illness, all ready to eat TCS food items may only be held a total of 7 days once opened, prepared, etc. Sandwich spread must be monitored closely. The product may only be held for as many days left on the oldest deli loaf. Inspector: Stanley.

Polar Blast, 3109 Navarre, Oregon, inspected Sept. 13. Observed chemical stored over the pop complex. All chemicals must be stored below or away from any food or food contact items to prevent chemical contamination. Inspector: Julie Nye.

Bikinis Bar & Grill, 4709 Douglas, inspected Sept. 14. Observed cole slaw in the walk in cooler dated Aug. 31 and sliced ham not dated at all. All prepared TCS food held over 24 hours must be labeled with a date to prevent the growth of bacteria. Food may be kept up to 7 days. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Cheetah's Den, 702 East Broadway, inspected Sept. 14. Observed build up on the inside of the pop gun and holster. Sanitize these surfaces to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold. Inspector: Cipiti.

Elephant Bar Restaurant, 5001 Monroe, inspected Sept. 14. The prep top cooler on the cook line is holding may at 47 degrees and thousand island dressing at 53 degrees, with an ambient temperature of 43 degrees in the bottom reach in portion. All TCS foods must be held cold at 41 degrees or lower at all times. Adjust or repair this cooler as needed so that all food items hold cold at 41 degrees or lower at all times. Quat sanitizer is too week at 100 ppm in the cook line sanitizer bucket at time of inspection. Change out sanitizer as often as needed to maintain the proper concentration of 200 ppm.

C2 At The Field, dba: Fricker's, 19 North St. Clair, inspected Sept. 14. The sanitizer bucket under the steam table line was not at 200 ppm quat. When using quat sanitizer, maintain at 200 ppm to ensure proper sanitation. Change more often. Observed build up on the inside surfaces of the ice machine. To prevent the growth of mold or bacteria, sanitize all inside surfaces on a routine basis. Inspector: Cipiti.

Gourmet Garden Restaurant, 5817 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Sept. 14. No cold water at the hand sink on the cooking line, and hand sink was leaking. Restore the cold water to the hand sink and repair the leak. All hand sinks must be in good condition at all times to allow for proper hand washing. The hand sink was also blocked by a chair. Do not place anything in front of a hand sink. A hand skin must be assessable at all times for proper hand washing to occur. The sanitizer bucket was below 200 ppm. Quat sanitizer must be maintained at 200 ppm to allow for proper sanitation of food contact items and surfaces. This was corrected at inspection. Cipiti.

Steak Escape, 5001 Monroe, inspected Sept. 14. The prep top cooler is holding TCS food above 41 degrees and observed duct tape being used to support plastic tubing in bottom of cooler. All TCS food must be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Duct tape is not an approved material for your facility all equipment must be smooth, non absorbent and easily cleanable. Adjust the cooler temperature accordingly and remove the duct tape. Contact a licensed repairman to service the cooler if necessary. Inspector: Wilke.

Lucas County

Sharon Beebe, 66, Toledo, July 31, at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accidental, multiple blunt force trauma; deceased fell from fourth floor hospital window.

Matthew Bowie, 30, of Toledo, Sept. 14, at home. Suicide, deceased hanged himself.

Racole Hill, 42, of Toledo, Sept. 7, in from of 1100 block of Fernwood. Homicide, gunshot wound of neck.

Bob Kathuria, 63, of Oregon, Sept. 28, at University of Toledo Medical Center. Accidental, complications of blunt force trauma; deceased fell at tennis court.

Ann Witte, 80, of Toledo, July 21, at Flower Hospital. Accidental, complications of blunt force trauma to left shoulder; deceased fell at home.

Vernon Aschliman, 94, of Archbold, Ohio, Aug. 12, at St. Vincent Mercy Meical Center. Accidential, blunt head trauma; deceased fell off bicycle.

Beth Casey, 75, of Bowling Green, Aug. 23, at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accidental, blunt head trauma; decease had an unwitnessed fall at home.

Carl Hughes, 71, of Toledo, Sept. 29, at Toledo Hospital. Accidental, acute subdural hematoma; unhelmeted bicyclist in unwitnessed accident.

Ladonna Johnson, 48, of Defiance, July 2, at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Accidental, anoxic encephalopathy; drug abuse.

Frank Williams, 64, of Toledo, at home. Pen ding; arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Lucas County

Oct. 7, 2010

Cher Vang, 24, automotive technician, and Stephanie Barko, 24, case manager, both of Toledo.

Andrew Ngo, 26, financial analyst, and Michelle Kretin, 25, nurse, both of Sylvania.

Johnny Rayford, 74, retired, and Charlotte Sims, 60, cashier, both of Toledo.

Rickey Bonaroti, 48, and Becky Stall, 35, baby sitter, both of Monclova Township.

Christopher Gilmore, 20, welder, and Alyssa Boutwell, 21, cashier, both of Whitehouse.

Steven White, 34, and Karen Deitrickson, 26, retail store manager, both of Toledo.

Michael Walker, 47, transporter, and LaNita Roberts, 46, process auditor, both of Toledo.

Corey Carpenter, 25, bridge tender, and Danielle Kurtz, 23, both of Toledo.

Larry Brooks, 61, factory worker, and Jacquline Beaman, 58, sales representative, both of Monroe.

Paul Navarre, 40, and Allison Miller, 20, both of Toledo.

Nicholas Cole, 22, student, of Canton, Mich., and Heidi Turner, 20, student, of Toledo.

Chad Cotton, 28, construction worker, and Katherine Majoy, 28, social worker, both of Maumee.

Christopher Brownfield, 41, project manager, and Victoria Scott, 23, nurse's assistant, both of Toledo.

Lucas County

Arend, Herbert, 70, North Erie Street, coronary artery disease.

Barlos, Virginia, 83, Grand Valley Drive, Maumee, dementia.

Boers, Patricia, 79, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, congestive heart failure.

Hintz, Jason, 34, Colburn Street, acute peritonitis.

Leichty, Virginia, 87, Munding Drive, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Maier, Mildred, 88, Executive Parkway, coronary artery disease.

Milios, Douglas, 48, Meadowlark Avenue, pending.

Navarre, Melvin, Sr., 84, Seaman Road, Oregon, aplastic anemia.

Sakowski, Mary, 81, Temperance, aspiration pneumonia.

Schlachter, Robert, 54, Grantwood Drive, cancer.

Sulfaro, Julie, 46, Monroe, gastrointestinal bleeding.

White, Thelma, 94, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, congestive heart failure.


John Oakes, threatened with handguns and robbed of cell phone, keys, and wallet with cash and personal documents in parking lot in unit block of East Bancroft.

Bobby Nix, assaulted, threatened with handgun, and robbed of wallet with cash on street in 3000 block of North Erie.

Lindsey Enbody, robbed of jacket and purse with cell phone, debit card, food stamp card, personal documents, makeup, and pictures on sidewalk at Idaho and Forsythe.


William Baskin, Jr., shoulder bag, book bag, wallet, flash drive, iPod charger, cell phone chargers, checkbooks, school books, prescription glasses, keys, and personal documents from vehicle in 4700 block of Jackman.

Toriano Davis, cash, two flat-screen televisions, laptop computer, video game system with games, and medicines from residence in 4200 block of Commonwealth.

Radko Vacek, unemployment relief card from homeless shelter in 100 block of 17th.

Lucas County

Julie Marshall from Michael Marshall.

Venus Willis from Scottie Willis.

Samuel Brown from Patricia Stevenson.

Tomica Livingston from Lamar Livingston.

Tammy Borysiak from Steven Borysiak.

Jacki Wright from Perry Wright.

Joanne Rawson from Kenneth Rawson.

Kelly Garza from Paul Garza, Jr.

Tymara Spears from Bryan Spears, Sr.

Elissa Cary from Koichi Kawamura.

April Mathis from Manuel Mathis.

Elizabeth Mahoney from Michael Mahoney.

Mark Webb from Cathleen Webb.

Danisha Shaw from Stephen Shaw.

Ashley Rohr from David Lawson.

Paul Andrzejewski from Rebecca Andrzejewski.

Dan Young from Laurie Young.

Lynne Carroll from William Kolhoff.

Carolyn Murray from Michael Murray.

Maurice Truss from Stacie Truss.

Tonya Fallon from Ronald Fallon.

Mary Chipman from Luther Chipman.

Michelle Baum from Ronald Baum.

Grace Ackley from Damon Ackley.

Bethany Robinson from James Robinson.

James Robinson from Bethany Robinson.

Julie Mack from Christopher Mack.

Jacquelyn Schladetsch from Robert Schladetsch.

Jamie Brown from Misty Gilbert-Brown.

Linda Wheeler from Robert Wheeler, Jr.

James Bork from Tamra Bork.

Tamra Bork from James Bork.

Tabitha Sherman from Timothy Sherman.

Timothy Sherman from Tabitha Sherman.

Nicole Heldt from Aaron Heldt.

Aaron Heldt from Nicole Heldt.

Frances Johnson from Tony Johnson.

Marlena Parnell from Sheridan Parnell.

Kali Appenfelder from Michael Miller.

Michael Miller from Kali Appenfelder.

Lucas County

Karla Fields and Larry Fields.

Christine Chandler and Robert Chandler.

Angela Cole and James Cole.

James Gilmore and Heather Gilmore.

Donald Arnold and Cheryl Arnold.

Sean Sexton and Kimberly Sexton.

Amanda Sullivan and Christopher Sul li van.

Elizabeth Leitner and Andrew Leitner.

David Fleischman and Diana Fleischman.

Mark Reynolds and Brenda Reynolds.

Judith Thiede and Jeffrey Thiede.

Kelly Carstensen-Hill and Brian Hill.

Marie Echols and Daniel Echols.

Jacob Ondrus and Chelsey Ondrus.

Robert Hill and Annette Meyer Hill.

David Brock and Melissa Brock.

Holly Kicinski and Frankie Kicinski III.

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