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Today's Log: 12-04


Bay Park Community Hospital

Danica Merideth, Toledo, girl, Dec. 2.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Sara and Douglas Kanag, Toledo, boy, Dec. 1.

Kathy and William Dixon, Toledo, boy, Dec. 1.

Brittney and Joe Martinez, Toledo, girl, Dec. 1.

St. Luke's Hospital

Theresa and Matt Root, Swanton, girl, Dec. 2.

Toledo Hospital

Candice Biddle, Fostoria, girl, Nov. 14.

Rachael and Jeremy Ewing, Oregon, boy, Dec. 2.

Shaina Cummings, Lyons, Ohio, boy, Dec. 2.

Jessica Nelson, Maumee, boy, Dec. 2.

Charlie Shields, Toledo, boy, Dec. 2.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Dec. 2, 2010

Ailley Banks, 63, retired, and LaFran Sutton, 45, student, both of Monroe.

Lonnie Hall, 31, pharmacy technician, and Kimberly Donohue, 28, pharmacy technician, both of Maumee.

Frankie Cook, 59, maintenance worker, and Rhonda Adams, 50, both of Monroe.

Daniel Hallihan, 32, regional manager, and Danielle Miller, 22, customer service representative, both of Sylvania.


Lucas County

Ansara, Maurice, 68, Crystal Lake Drive, Holland, respiratory failure.

Bailey, Larry, 72, Driftwood Road, heart disease.

Carder, Clara, 52, Wallace Boulevard, pending.

Cox, Elizabeth, 90, Wimbledon Park Boulevard, hypernatremia.

Friesel, Richard, 76, North Baltimore, Ohio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Hadley, Ronald, 73, Northfield Drive, Maumee, septic shock.

Hill, Howard, 83, Crosswell Place, coronary artery disease.

Houstin, Jane, 84, Birchall Road, pulmonary fibrosis.

Hunter, Daniel, 74, Brown Road, Oregon, cerebrovascular accident.

Kopka, Frederick, 91, Grantley Road, congestive heart failure.

Lada, Norma, 78, Mont Royal Drive, pons cerebellar hemorrhage.

Laffartha, Herbert, Jr., 57, Walbridge Avenue, hypertensive heart disease.

Lane, John, Sr., 53, Kimball Avenue, heart disease.

McNutt, Helen, 87, South Crissey Road, Monclova Township, Alzheimer's dementia.

O'Reilly, Mary, 51, Valleywood Drive, heart disease.

Rink, James, 84, East Weber Street, renal disease.

Rohm, David, 42, Bayshore Road, Oregon, intracerebral hemorrhage.

St. Clair, James, 83, Risingsun, Ohio, bacteremia.

Stover, Violet, 85, Dana Street, hypertension.

Strable, Lenna, 86, Lambertville, coronary artery disease.

Crime reports


Dustin Blanca, bank cards and personal documents from vehicle in 1500 block of Lawnview.

Tracy Rhodes, 600 block of Pinewood, laptop computer and jewelry.

Karl Argundi, 900 block of Crane, water heater tank and plumbing pipes.

Art Cowell, 100 block of Licking, kerosene heater and power tools.

Marcia Ramsey, 3400 block of Oakway, cash.

Theodis Turner, 1000 block of Norwood, two flat-screen televisions, video game system, and safe with three handguns, jewelry, and personal papers.

Angela Woodson, 1800 block of North Erie, flat-screen television, two video game systems, steak knives, and food.

Nellie Jackson, 4900 block of Catalina, flat-screen television.

Jamell Richardson, 3200 block of North Detroit, large-screen television, video game system, water heater, and furniture.

Jimmie Alexanda, 400 block of West Bancroft, two flat-screen televisions, touch-screen camera, and laptop computer.

Michelle Moore, 4400 block of Commonwealth, flat-screen television.

Brittni Kiernin, unit block of Brand Whitlock Homes, two flat-screen televisions, laptop computer, and video-game system.

Michaella Rangel, 5100 block of Norwich, flat-screen television and video game system with games.

Derrick Johnson, 3400 block of Angela, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and jewelry.

Christina Dunlap, 1300 block of Craigwood, jewelry, video games, and makeup.

Eric Cousino, 5100 block of Secor, cash.

Maia Riviera, 4700 block of Overland, copper.

David Appenselder, 1100 block of Woodville, two video game systems, bag with two bowling balls, and set of power tools.

Teena Cavanaugh, 900 block of Kingston, jewelry, toys, laptop computer, and three video game systems with games.

Christina Morgan, 300 block of 14th, DVDs, medicines, and groceries.


Jennifer Waggoner, holiday gifts from vehicle outside Westfield Franklin Park mall in 5000 block of Monroe.

Sally Driscoll, cash from 5400 block of Bannockburn.

Dwight D. Green, firearms from 300 block of Hargrave.

John O'Shaughnessy III, MP3 player, iPad, phone charger, and bookbag from vehicle in 2100 block of South Reynolds.

Robert Morrison, bookbag from vehicle in area of Jackman and Sylvania.

Darla Fuller, television from 4300 block of West Alexis.

Darlene Dieball, cash from 2600 block of Wyndale.

Olivia Secord, holiday gifts from vehicle outside Westfield Franklin Park mall in 5000 block of Monroe.

Catherine Wheeler, jewelry from 2900 block of Rocksberry.

Barney's Convenient Mart, air pump from 6000 block of Secor.

Kieara Brown, wallet from Westfield Franklin Park mall in 5000 block of Monroe.

Muretta Walls, washer and dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher from residence in 1400 block of Ingomar.

Suburban crime reports

Bedford Township


Paul Porter, 100 block of Smith, dirt bike, heater, floor jack, power tools, and hand tools.


Rachel Ciralski and Sarah Pierce, cell phone and purse with cash and bank card from bar in 6600 block of Lewis.

Dana Tominello, bicycle from residence in 1400 block of Indian Creek.

Erie Township


Corey Jones, car stereo system, amplifier, and speaker from vehicle in 300 block of Fairfax.

Erica Owens and Jenna Ruetz, two purses, two wallets, cash, bank card, and personal documents from bar in 6600 block of Lewis.

Harding Township


Paul Buckenmeyer, car radio, speaker, and amplifier from vehicle in 12800 block of Shaffer.



Al Rallquest, 6800 block of Kipling, bicycle from yard of residence.

Jerusalem Township

Felonious assault

Randolph Lajti and Charles Luce, assaulted at bar in 10500 block of Corduroy.

Lake Township


Kenneth Powell, 5500 block of Woodville, Northwood, diamond ring from residence.



Kevin France, Snap Dragon, Monclova Township, iPod from treadmill of gym in 1300 block of Conant.

Hoffman Builders, 100 block of West Sophia, catalytic converters from vehicles in business lot.

Sandra Jechura, 4300 block of Beck, wallet and contents from 200 block of Golden Gate.

Cindy Kurtz, 600 block of Brahier, iPod Touch and jewelry from residence.

Hill Meyer, 1700 block of Indianwood, catalytic converter from vehicle at home.

Michelle Parker, Plum Leaf, Toledo, iPod from 1100 block of Saco.

Dorothy Ruesensaal, National, Toledo, purse and contents from 2400 block of South Detroit.

Michael Saleski, Hiddenwood, Toledo, catalytic converter from vehicle in 1200 block of Kingsbury.

Abby Sedlar, Navarre, Oregon, purse and contents from 1700 block of Toll Gate.



Royal Bar, 300 block of Royal, cash.


Andrew Dickey, 3400 block of Piper, wallet and contents from 500 block of Lemoyne.



Acceo Fire System, Inc,, tools from construction site in 3700 block of Navarre.

Gregory Prow, 600 block of Sylvandale, tools and appliances from home in 4600 block of Brown.


Antonio Deanda, 2700 block of Hayden, tool from vehicle at home.

Larry Hartford, 6100 block of Grisell, stereo and GPS unit from vehicle in 1900 block of Ambleside.

Sherry Martinez, Peregrine, Northwood, wallet, contents from 2800 block of Navarre.

DonVan Moffitt, 3200 Yorktown, iPod from 5600 block of Seaman.

Robert Steele, 3400 block of Worden, tools, video game, video controllers, and laptop computer and case.

David Wagner, 2000 block of Maginnis, auto from repair shop lot.

Randy Zam, Main, Millbury, bank card from 2600 block of Navarre.

Ottawa Hills


Jamison Diehl, Craig Schuette, and Howard Festerling, 3400 block of Gallatin, photographic optical, base to GPS unit, camera battery, memory card, and GPS unit from vehicles at home.



John McCarthy, cash.


Hilda Baugher, unit block of Dr. McAuley, face plate from vehicle at home.

Alexander Delph, Arlington, Vir., iPod from vehicle in 2000 block of Hollenbeck,

Kayla Giovanoli, Sunset, Oregon, GPS unit, purse and contents from vehicle in 6100 block of Levis Commons.

Beth Graham, 200 block of Margaret, unknown person broke into vehicle; loss undetermined.

Natasha Hall, 3100 block of South Haven, CDs and bank card from vehicle in 6100 block of Levis Commons.

Wayne Koskinen, 300 block of West Sixth, change from vehicle in 300 block of Sixth.

Steven Schneider, 800 block of Pine, GPS unit and change from vehicle at home.

Patrick Smytkowski, Euclid, Ohio, GPS unit and camera from vehicle in 6100 block of Levis Commons.

Quinton St. John, 27000 block of Ft. Meigs,, Ohio State and Michigan tickets, iPod, and chargers from vehicle in 2000 block of Hollenbeck,

Michael Stoll, Bowling Green, workout bag, clothing, and tools from vehicle in 13000 block of Eckel Junction.

Perrysburg Township


Joseph Foor, Jr., Tracy, Walbridge, toolbox, tools, and siphoned gasoline from vehicle at home.

James Youngs, Tracy, Walbridge, two leaf blowers from shed of residence.



Cory Bilek, 1000 block of Schreier, change from vehicle at home.

Brady Schilling, Bismark, N.D., leather bag, label maker, and printer from vehicle in 9700 block of Clark.

Springfield Township


Jessica Whitley, 6600 block of West Bancroft, flat screen TV, laptop computer, Blue Ray player, and DVDs.


Chaz Brown, video game system with game and accessories from residence in 6300 block of Garden.

Tiffany Robinson, flip camera, cell phone, remote control toy, and speaker set from vehicle in 6800 block of Oakfield.

Richard Wylie, black 1998 Dodge R25 from residence in 500 block of South Meilke.

Swanton Township


Carol Traud, 10400 block of Airport, computer and cell phone.



Caitie Meade, 7600 block of Grenlock, MP3 player from locker in 5400 block of Silica.

Sylvania Township


Sally Lapinski, 2400 block of North King, unknown person broke into home, loss undetermined.

Durwin Roehrig, 2800 block of Elmwood, leaf blower and golf cart.


Tribley Collins, 5600 block of Stewart, cash from residence.

Ryan Garcia, 5800 block of Bear Creek, speakers, amplifier, stereo, GPS unit, and 7-inch screen from vehicle at home.

Saif Jamil, 1700 block of Ketner, bookbag, text books, and calculator from vehicle in 5100 block of Monroe.

Mike McKee, 3600 block of Chesterton, cellular phone from 4500 block of Whiteford.

Doug Zastrow, Shetland, Toledo, car stereo from vehicle in 6900 block of Oakshade.

University of Toledo


Elle Thomas, Cleveland, University of Toledo Rocket card and cash.

Won Yang, Toledo, iPod Touch, MP3 player, video games, and snacks.


Antwon Carroll, Willoughby Hills, Ohio, University of Toledo Rocket card and keys from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Chelsey Harding, Dundee, University of Toledo Rocket card from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Raheed Shabazz, Solon, Ohio, keys and wallet and contents from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Marquess Shepard, Akron, University of Toledo Rocket card and clothing from 2800 block of West Bancroft.

AVS Vending, Toledo, coin return case from vending machine in 2800 block of West Bancroft.



Robbie Barrett, 500 block of North Main, scanner/receiver from residence.



Construction Consulting & Testing, 700 South River, two portable generators.

YMCA, 800 block of Michigan, money bag and cash.

Washington Township


Billy Petrey, 4100 block of North Haven, boat, motor, and trailer from 5300 block of Hammond.

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