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Today's Log 1/3

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:


Chandler Cafe, 5648 North Main, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 17. Observed open lunch meat without date labeling. All time/temperature control for safety foods must be dated when opened. There is a seven-day discard date for all open and prepared food items. Unlabeled chemical spray bottle observed. All chemical spray bottles must be labeled to allow all employees to know what it contains. Corrected at time of inspection. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Rising Sun Inc., 5834 Monroe, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 17. No paper towels at the kitchen hand sink. All hand sinks must be stocked at all times with hand soap, paper towels, and hot/cold running water for proper hand washing to occur. Observed plate of raw chicken stored over beef in the walk-in cooler. Store all raw chicken below raw beef to protect from cross contamination. Facility uses time as a public health control for the sushi rice, and it can only be held for four hours once it is removed from temperature control. Time sheets for the rice on some days have rice sitting out for five hours. Provide department with written procedures on how sushi rice will be made. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Ocean Garden Buffet, 821 West Alexis, inspected Nov. 17. Observed eggs rolls stored on top of chicken in walk-in cooler. Store eggs rolls on top shelf with ready-to-eat food items or in a designated area to prevent contamination that can cause a food-borne illness. Observed bulk food containers without their lids. To prevent contamination, keep lids on all bulk food bins. Observed knives stored between prep tables and between prep table and wall. When not in use, knives must be stored in a proper knife holder or on the cutting board. Observed unlabeled spray bottles with chemicals in them. Containers used for poisonous or toxic materials, such as cleaners and sanitizer taken from bulk supplies, shall be clearly and individually identified with the common name of the material. Inspector: Stacy Seger.

Sylvan Elementary School, 4830 Wickford, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 17. No thaw dates placed on lunch meat when removed from the freezer. Place a thaw date on the cut lunch meat package labels. This will allow employees to know when it needs to be discarded. There is a seven-day discard date on open and prepared time/temperature control for safety food items. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Texas Roadhouse, 6137 Trust, Holland, inspected Nov. 17. Observed mold growth in ice machine. Clean regularly. Observed drain gnats behind bar, concentrated in pop sprayer cup. Clean regularly and remove pests. Inspector: Nicholas Kusina.

Russ's Lounge, 5329 Dorr, inspected Nov. 18. At time of inspection, observed facility using a slow cooker to cook food in establishment. Facility is not licensed to sell food, and it needs to submit a plan review form to the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department for approval. Further violation of this notice may result in revocation of existing license. At time of inspection, mold/mildew growth in ice freezer. Properly clean on a routine basis. Inspector: Patrick Niles.

Deez Diner, 2007 Holland-Sylvania, inspected Nov. 18. Observed drink in kitchen with no lid and straw. All drinks in food area must have a lid and straw to prevent contamination from employees. Observed can opener with buildup of food debris. Clean regularly. Inspector: Kusina.

George Fitzpatrick's Tavern, 1771 Airport, inspected Nov. 19. Observed home-style container holding nacho cheese. Provide certified restaurant container, since home-style containers are not allowed in establishment for any food holding. Observed freezer door lacked proper seal. Once freezer is no longer effective in any way, it must be replaced with a certified restaurant freezer. Inspector: Niles.

Jing Chuan Restaurant, 4424 Secor, inspected Nov. 19. Observed knives stored between prep top tables. When not in use, knives must be properly stored in a clean and sanitized knife holder or on clean cutting board. Observed newspaper on metal shelving. Remove newspaper from shelving to prevent contamination. Observed onions and cabbage stored directly on floor. All food items must be stored at least six inches above floor to prevent contamination that can cause a food-borne illness. Observed wet wipe rags sitting on prep table cutting boards. When not in use, wipe rags must be stored in a sanitizer solution. Inspector: Seger.

Gas Express, 3070 Airport, inspected Nov. 12. Repeat violation. Owner was notified on numerous inspections to remove nonfunctional equipment. All nonfunctional equipment must be removed within 30 days or further action will be taken. Inspector: Niles.

In & Out Mart, 5566 Alexis, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 17. Incomplete ingredient list for doughnuts. Contact bakery to provide a complete ingredient list. The ingredient book/list must be updated when new types of doughnuts are dropped off, including seasonal doughnuts with different colored sprinkles. Doughnuts cannot be sold without proper ingredients available. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Carter Hall, 2801 West Bancroft, inspected Nov. 18. The food in the cart sitting out at room temperature was above 41 degrees. All food must be held at 41 degrees or less to prevent the growth of bacteria. Observed shampoo and other chemical beauty supplies stored above food. Store food above chemicals to prevent chemical contamination. Observed prepackaged bags of bulk candy with no labels. All packaged food must have a label stating the food's common name, list of ingredients, net weight, and responsibility statement. Product was removed from sale. Observed thermometers stored in a container of sanitizer. Do not store in use utensils in sanitizer; they must air dry prior to use. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Bay Park Community Hospital

Samantha Ayers, Toledo, girl, Jan. 2.

Monique Maire, Toledo, boy, Jan. 1.

Flower Hospital

Ciaira and Anthony Warfield, Toledo, girl, Dec. 30

Rebekah and Joshua Fietz, Toledo, girl, Dec. 31.

Danielle and Branden Engle, Toledo, girl, Jan. 1.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Christine and James Alfaro, Oregon, boy, Jan. 28

Jennifer Essig, Toledo, boy, Dec. 29.

Teresa Hoddinott, Curtice, boy, Dec. 30.

Becky and Jason Achenbach, Lambertville, boy, Dec. 31.

Erin McDougle, Genoa, girl, Dec. 31.

St. Luke's Hospital

Teresa and Michael Fondessy, Perrysburg, girl, Jan. 1.

Toledo Hospital

Brianne and Jason Staffan, Maumee, boy, Jan.1.

Jennifer Rumpf, Toledo, girl, Jan. 1.

Tonya Boykin-Searcy and Rodney Searcy, Toledo, girl, Jan. 1.

Whitney and Michael Haupt, Toledo, boy, Jan. 1.

Amanda Reichel, Toledo, boy, Jan. 1.

Bethany Thallman, Toledo, girl, Jan 1.

Victoria Williams, Toledo, boy, Jan. 2.

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