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Today's Log: 01-07


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

April and Michael Petz, Wauseon, boy,, Jan. 5.

St. Luke's Hospital

Lindsey Tibbs, Toledo, girl, Jan. 5.

Karen and Scott Weaver, Swanton, girl, Jan. 5.

Toledo Hospital

Julia Gianino and Andrew VanKynen, Toledo, girl, Dec. 27.

Sara and John Roemer, Toledo, boy, Jan. 5.

Destinie Smoot, Toledo, girl, Jan. 5.

Rachael Morales, Toledo, boy, Jan. 6.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Dec. 30, 2010

Michael McCroskey, 50, millwright, and Tyrene McCroskey, 47, patient care technician, both of Toledo.

Jan. 5, 2011

Corey Dimon and Kelly Frederick, 29, bartender, both of Toledo.

Chawky Bou Assaly, 37, general manager, and Hind Alaoui, 32, manager, both of Ann Arbor, Mich.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Stacy Kunz and Robert Kunz.

Michelle Makras and George Makras.

Brandon Robinson and Melanie Robinson.

Melinda Curry-Masales and Mark Masales.

Brian Bugbee and Lisa Bugbee.

Clara Conner-Petty and Dwight Petty.

Ann Haley-Dilworth and John Dilworth.

Jeremy Johnson and Jammie Johnson.

Trisha Draper and Craig Draper.

Kevin Terry and Lori Terry.

Lea McIntire and Scott McIntire.

Stephen Armstrong and Donna Armstrong.

Lauralee Kapela and David Kapela.

Tabatha Kramp and Matthew Kramp.

Kerrianne Detwiler and Mark Detwiler.

Linda Kiss and Robert Sundermeier, Jr.

Scott Kowalka and Pamela Kowalka.

Michael Paulus and Harmony Paulus.

Sherry Sunderhaus and Jeffrey Sunderhaus.

Debra Lehmann and Jeffrey Lehmann.

Amy Lagesse and Patrick Lagesse.

Kelli Elder and Michael Elder.

Tonya Harley and Leon Harley, Jr.

Anna Aguilar and Jose Aguilar.

Cory Spencer and Eudoxia Spencer.

Tabatha Flood and Edward Flood III.

Karen Dutkiewicz and Michael Dutkiewicz.

Katherine Sliwinski and Robert Sliwinski.

Benjamin Cullman and Jessica Cullman.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Bonnie Adams from Jason Adams.

Rita Kimbler from Nicholas Kimbler.

Gerry Freeman from Ardelia Freeman.

Doretta Maddox from Robert Maddox.

Robert Maddox from Doretta Maddox.

Donna Frendt from Todd Frendt.

Nicole Casselberry from Shawn Casselberry.

Shawn Casselberry from Nicole Casselberry.

Karen Reynolds from Chester Reynolds III.

Karen Smith from Charles Simth, Sr.

James Rable II from Abatha Rable.

John Utter from Suzzanne Utter.

Suzzanne Utter from John Utter.

Rosiland Pettaway from Sebreun Pettaway.

Ladonna LaFountaine from Dale LaFountaine.

Michele Nixon from Steven Nixon.

Steven Nixon from Michele Nixon.

Dawn Rogge from Toby Rogge.

Mindy Fehrmann from Jeffrey Fehrmann.

Robin Forst from Mitchell Forst.

Willie Shoulders from Tanisha Shoulders.

Kimberly Clark from Chris Clark.

Pam Woodworth from Richard Woodworth.

Teresa Beckford from Joshua Beckford.

Terri Frybarger from Steve Frybarger.

Mark Riley from Dawn Riley.

Frederick Thomas from Neva Spivey.

Nicholas Carpenter, Sr., from Leah Carpenter.

Amber Zernhel from Frederick Bickford.

Kara Adams from Dewaun Gilbert.

Kristine Phillips from Wayne Phillips.

Donald Zieman from Jill Zieman.

Jill Zieman from Donald Zieman.

Laurie Smith from Daniel Smith.

Daniel Smith from Laurie Smith.

James Buck, Jr., from Heather Herouk-Buck.

Heather Herouk-Buck from James Buck, Jr.

Elaine Porter from Anthony Porter, Sr.

Sonya Brink from Raymond Brink.

Rashaunda Williams from Eric Williams.

Paul Shepler from Linda Shepler.

Linda Shepler from Paul Shepler.

Danielle McKinney from Danny McKinney.

Katina Mitten from Timothy Wells.

Joshua Graff from Andrea Graff.

Andrea Graff from Joshua Graff.

Nanci Hammons from Robert Hammons.

Gart Ely from Jo Bishop-Ely.

Rebecca Kiefer from Nicholas Kiefer.

Eric Lavoie from Jennifer Roberts.

Heather Hyslop from James Hyslop.

Scott McDonald from Tammy McDonald.

Samuel Farmer from Irine Farmer.

James Gayle from Mary Gayle.

Jennifer Peart from William Peart III.

Dorothy Gadus from John Gadus.

Mary Rogers from Charles Rogers, Jr.

Ameenah Rahim from Eugene Cotten III.

Johnnie Commander, Jr., from Moratta Commander.

Katherine Smith from Scott Smith.

Delesia Lofton from Eddie Lofton.

Jessica Johnson from Eddie Johnson.

Roman Kotik from Elizabeth Johnson.

Joseph Sehein from Sandra Sehein.

Brooke Laffartha from Christopher Laffartha.

Shawn Drumm from Charles Drumm.

Trisha Goforth from Bradley Goforth.

Lori Shaw from John Shaw.

John Shaw from Lori Shaw.

Sandra Dietz from Allen Dietz II.

Allen Dietz II from Sandra Dietz.

Shelia Jaynes-James from Darrell James.

Mary Berlin from Charles Berlin.

Tiffane Emery from Darnell Emery, Sr.

David Mezardjian from Mary Fox-Mezardjian.

Megan Lukitsh from Kevin Lukitsh.

Marie Heiny from Craig Heiny.

Terri Townsend from Dennis Townsend.

Leslie Lara from Gilberto Lara.

Susan Oleksiak from Dave Oleksiak, Jr.

Sheretha Brown from Stephen Wanjiku.

Daniel Roberts from Marcy Roberts.

Marcy Roberts from Daniel Roberts.

Angelica Silvas from Juan Silvas.

Faye McLuckie from Ross McLuckie II.

Wafa Ramadan from Wassim Aboudib.

Cassandra Zak from John Zak.

Kristine Linton-Rafko from Jeffrey Rafko.

Brandi Walthall-McNeal from Kijuan McNeal.

William Shovers from Barbara Goodman.

Barbara Goodman from William Shovers.

Barbara Lynn from Frank Lynn.

Vincent Phillips from Dorinda Phillips.

Richard Nelson from Kathy Nelson.

Janice Pahl from Lauren Pahl.

Fredrick Sheares from Vicki Sheares.

Mary Miskow from Anthony Miskow.


Lucas County

Beatty, Harold, 60, Monroe, coronary artery disease.

Borgess, Helen, 91, Albon Road, accident.

Bower, Nora, 84, Sweetbriar Court, Sylvania, cancer.

Cox, Inez, 90, Kumler Drive, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Deak, Sharon, 49, Starr Avenue, Oregon, cancer.

Ellerbrock, Martha, 88, Executive Parkway, congestive heart failure.

Ewald, Laverne, 88, West Poinsetta, coronary artery disease.

Gagnet, Dorothy, 91, Drummond Road, accident.

Haase, Laurie, 57, Dearborn Avenue, hypertension.

Hecker, Claire, 90, Holland-Sylvania Road, Sylvania, dementia.

Huffstetler, David, 69, Darlington Road, malignant melanoma.

Klempner, June, 87, Ogontz Road, heart disease.

Koenigseker, Mae, 84, Waterville Road, Whitehouse, Alzheimer's dementia.

Lewis, Juanita, 80, Tecumseh Street, renal disease.

Lott, Eleanor, 73, Redondo Avenue, coronary artery disease.

Malinowski, Rudolph, 85, Perrysburg, pulmonary embolus.

Powell, Cathleen, 86, Joffre Avenue, hypertensive heart disease.

Proestou, Nancy, 88, Belvoir Drive, cancer.

Rapton, Ann Smith, Cassie, 88, Camille Drive, accident.

Runion, Gayle, 62, Genoa, respiratory failure.

Shanahan, Mary, 80, Barkwood Lane, Sylvania, sepsis.

Shea, Elmer, 93, Heatherdowns Boulevard, cancer.

Snider, Betty, 70, Lyons, Ohio, coronary artery disease.

Stribrny, Evelyn, 92, Flanders Road, ischemic heart disease.

Studyvin, Richard, Sr., 77, Potter Street, coronary artery disease.

Superczynski, Helen, 80, Bridlington Drive, dementia.

Swope, Carl, Jr., 68, Adrian, Mich., bronchial bleeding.

Terry, James, Sr., 66, Irving Street, cancer.

Thomas, Dolly, 60, Ancil Road, anoxic encephalopathy.

Tower, William, 88, Temperance, mitral insufficiency.

Tunison, William, 67, South Holland-Sylvania, Maumee, atherosclerosis.

Van Buskirk, Mary, 76, Angola Road, pulmonary embolus.

Ward, Mark, 49, Woodstock Avenue, homicide.

Watkins, Foster, 75, Acres Road, Sylvania, cancer.

Webster, Guy, 49, Vanderbilt Road, heart disease.

Williams, Seybert, III, 28, North Reach Drive, Oregon, pending.

Wilson, Jennifer, 54, Standing Timbers Court, hypertensive heart disease.

Wrucha, Delphine, 84, Rossford,, Alzheimer's disease.

Yost, Anna, 90, Temperance, respiratory failure.

Ziehr, Margaret, 81, Anchorage Drive, Maumee, renal failure.

Crime reports

Felonious assault

Christopher Ludwig, assaulted at residence in 4500 block of Jackman.

Aggravated assaults

Latonya Person, stabbed in hand and arm at residence in 1100 block of Oakwood.

Amanda Rosenbrook, assaulted and robbed of cash, medicines, and costume jewelry on street in unit block of East Central.


William Mullins, assaulted and robbed of cash and cell phone on sidewalk at West Sylvania and Wetzler.

Jeremy Gordon, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash and cell phone on street at Yates and Lagrange.

Little Caesars, employees threatened by masked men who were trying to rob them of cash from register at restaurant in 4300 block of Lewis.

7-Eleven, employee threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from register at convenience store in 3700 block of Upton.

Russell Speziale III, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in parking lot in 3400 block of Monroe.

Robert Bessler, assaulted and robbed of cash and credit card at residence in 900 block of Butler.

7-Eleven, employee threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from register at convenience store in 1100 block of Western.

Michael Patlin, cut with knife and robbed of cash and cigarettes in vehicle on street in 1300 block of West Sylvania Avenue.

Blockbuster Video, manager threatened with knife and robbed of cash from registers at video rental store in 4500 block of Monroe.

Holly Ingrahm, assaulted and robbed of three video game systems with games and controllers at residence in 5500 block of Adelaide.

J. Nickson, assaulted and robbed of cash at apartment complex in 500 block of Bassett.


Jason Malloy, 5300 block of Dubois, cash, wristwatches, and bottle of wine.

Susan Ray, 1200 block of Park, laptop computer, jewelry, coin collection, boxes of checks, and two video-game systems with games and accessories.

Johnnie Bush, 3400 block of College, video-game system with games and controllers.

Kelly Miller, 2000 block of Arlington, cash.

Gardner Howard, 300 block of Sunset, two large-screen televisions, laptop computer, two video-game systems with games, Blu-ray player, digital camera, and jewelry.

Anthony Collins, 100 block of Elgin, 22-caliber rifle and laptop computer.

Fred Brown, 800 block of Lincoln, no loss reported.

Tracy Boone, 3900 block of Airport, large-screen television, computer, audio mixer, shoes, and clothes.

Fred Traylor, 500 block of Crittenden, laptop computer and CDs.

Anthony Banks, 1200 block of Norwood, desktop computer system, laptop computer, two flat-screen televisions, surround sound system, video-game system, and safe with cash and jewelry.

AR's and Yours Antenna and Tower, 4100 block of Monroe, television.

Karl Swonder, 800 block of Vanderbilt, copper plumbing.

Scott Dow and Dean Cook, 1700 block of Pilgrim, video-game system, laptop computer, camera, iPod, television, projector, and hard drive.

Brian Lescallett, 2000 block of Farnham, two televisions.

Matthew Sosbe, Jr., 800 block of Lorain, lock box with cash.

Nathan Andrews and Greg Wichard, 3200 block of Milstead, laptop computer, two video-game systems with games, iPod, television, and U.S. passport.

Glenda Williams, 3700 block of North Erie, purse.

Cocoa Beach Tanning, 2900 block of Dorr, computer tower.

Sara Doebel, 3200 block of Milstead, flat-screen television, video-game system, CD player, and jewelry.

Donna Upchurch, 2400 block of Broadway, television, medicines, tennis shoes, and passport.

Natalie Stough, 2900 block of Kendale, cash.

Bryan Burlovich, 2900 block of Kendale, video-game system with games and controller, laptop computer, and iPod.

Rodney Richardson, 1100 block of Parkside, two furnaces, water heater, and tools.

Demar Hopkins, 800 block of Walnut, flat-screen television.

Abbi Frederick, 600 block of Toronto, candle holder and video-game system with games.

Georgetown Apartments, 3300 block of Middlesex, 30-foot-long copper pipe.

Skyler Thorne-Grays, 600 block of Locust, video-game system, CD/DVD recorder, and food.

Anne Howard, 500 block of Myers, MP3 player, blender, and DVD player with DVDs.

Michael Dewey, 6100 block of Herst, dirt bike.

April Lowe, 300 block of Havre, portable DVD player.

Andrew Shively, 1200 block of Starr, coffee table and twin bed mattress.

Shonda Moss, 400 block of Hiett, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and stereo system.

Cynthia Schoonmaker, 1700 block of Tremainsville, cash, CDs, DVDs, and three jewelry boxes with jewelry.

Jim Begell, 2300 block of Portsmouth, copper pipes and lock box with key.

Lawrence Proshek, 1700 block of Berkshire, television and furniture.

Nicole Kirk, 3200 block of North Erie, laptop computer, DVDs, and video-game system with games.

Lisa Barnum, 5600 block of Ryewyck, flat-screen television, video-game system with games, and clothes.

Brenda Daly, 2400 block of Cheyenne, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and video-game system with game.

Vivian Phu, 1100 block of North Holland Sylvania, flat-screen television, iPod, and laptop computer.

Nicole Zdybek, 5900 block of Spring Hollow, laptop computer and video-game system.

Earnest Bolton, 1700 block of Milburn, copper pipes.

Matthew Gentry, 2000 block of Brookdale, meat.

Charles Simpson, 4700 block of Hazeltine, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and two video game systems with accessories.

Jessica Bellman, 800 block of Byrneport, video game system, bookbag, flat-screen television, and DVDs.

Michelle Chessher, 2300 block of Broadway, five pairs of tennis shoes and safe with jewelry.

Demetrice Smith, 300 block of East Park, flat-screen television.

Tony Dias, 1100 block of Delence, flat-screen television.

Ashley Stewart, 1500 block of Ottawa, two video game systems with games.

Shanon Johnson, 100 block of Brand Whitlock Homes, video game system.

Georgetown Village, 3300 block of Middlesex, copper pipes.

Willie Purnell, 900 block of Woodland, television.

Marie Cortez, 200 block of Cyril, two televisions, computer, jewelry, DVDs, tools, clothes, and food.

Edwin Hall, 700 block of Bartley, snow blower, mountain bicycle, weed cutter, ladder, electric heater, gas grill with tank, table saw, vacuum cleaner, safety cords, and locks.

Kevin Phillips, 1500 block of Hoag, furnace, shingles, and siding.

Amy Mathias, 2500 block of South, flat-screen television and television/DVD player.

Zachary Morris, 2500 block of Aldringham, two televisions, laptop computer, and video game system with games.

Luther Anderson, 600 block of Colburn, copper plumbing, ducts, and furnace.

April Robedeau, 2500 block of Consaul, cash and two cigarette lighters.

Dexter Brown, 2800 block of Warsaw, brown/white “Pit bull” puppy, video game system, clothes, and shoes.

Robert Denner, 1600 block of Colleen, copper wire.

James Carswell, 400 block of Potter, flat-screen television.

Nola Schnoering, 700 block of Boalt, furniture, home electronics, two air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and bicycle.

El Prince Amin, 2400 block of Broadway, stereo system, CD player, and medicines.

Joseph Castle, 2300 block of North Summit, three flat-screen televisions and video game system with remote control.

Lee Garth, Jr., 800 block of Dorr, wallet, cash, credit cards, shoes, vehicle keys, and two video game systems with games.

Regina Kynard, 1800 block of Freeman, flat-screen television and video game system.

Jeremy Dupree, 2800 block of Wayman Palmer, 38-caliber handgun, large-screen television, and two video game systems.

Alison Miller, 1200 block of Moran, iPod, acoustic guitar, navigation system, keyboard, smartphone, digital camera, video game system, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, printer/copier, carpet steamer, and furniture.

Ellen Johannessen, 2900 block of Kendale, laptop, video game system, and jewelry.


Yvonne Johnson, bank cards and gifts from vehicle at Broadway Street and Redcliffe Drive.

Demario Hartfield, jewelry from residence in 1600 block of Stanbery.

Metro Fiber & Cable Construction Inc, 16 catalytic converters from vehicles in parking lot in 4200 block of South.

Joseph Costanzo, laptop computer and backpack from vehicle in 5700 block of Opportunity.

Radco Industries Inc., copper from shed in 3200 block of Frenchmens.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 3900 block of West Laskey, laptop computer.

Karen Peckinpaugh, smartphone and wallet with cash, bank cards, and personal documents from office in 2100 block of North Cove.

Wayne Scott, wallet with bank cards, personal checks, and state identification card from locker at gym at Dorr and Reynolds.

Lajeune Gover, cash from vehicle in 900 block of Homer.

Matthew Vanderhorst, 12-gauge pump-action shotgun and 9mm carbine from residence in 3400 block of 146th.

Nina Coleman, flat-screen television from residence in 3900 block of West Sylvania.

Hasty Service Inc., two manhole covers from gas station in 4700 block of Dorr.

Antonetta Stewart, bank cards and cash from vehicle at Lagrange and North Superior.

Linda March, cash from grocery store in 4500 block of Monroe.

James Carr, laptop computer and navigation system from vehicle in 2900 block of Glendale.

Craig Pomerville, navigation system, digital camera, video camera, and laptop computer from vehicle in 4700 block of Monroe.

Sheila Ortmann, washer and dryer from parking lot in 2700 block of Tremainsville.

Betsy Bieball, checkbooks, cash, and navigation system from vehicle in 5000 block of Jamieson.

Matt Hinkle, two rifles from vehicle in 500 block of Adams.

Tricia Miller-Purkis, bag with cash, glasses, bank cards, and driver's license from vehicle in 2800 block of Broadway.

Alan Erwin, video game system and desktop computer from residence in 4100 block of Douglas.

Dominique Ballard, 3300 block of Arlington, cash, jewelry, two video game systems with games, stereo system with accessories, flat-screen television, two DVD players, shoes, clothes, and safe with personal papers.

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