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To the editor: Who should we blame for Webb debacle?


Why would the Lucas County commissioners think that we residents would want to pay $10,000 to seat a county treasurer who cannot keep her own finances in check? That amount is $9,150 more than her predecessor. This same treasurer appointee was the one that could not file her nominating petitions on time back in 2011. A pattern seems to be here.

Which person is more to blame? The three commissioners or the treasurer appointee? Who can I trust with my taxes paid to the county? What a waste of my money.


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Don’t coddle Pakistan

S. Amjad Hussain’s Jan. 15 column, “United States ignoring realites of Pakistan,” blames everyone except Pakistan for their problems.

Why should America give millions to Pakistan when he expects that our enemy, the Taliban, will take control of Afghanistan with Pakistan’s help? He claims the current religious strife and militancy can be traced to the war. Yet he also argues that the U.S. should take in millions of refugees whose children have been taught to hate Americans by Pakistani schools, the very thing he blames for the problems of Pakistan.

Wisen up, America.

Lebanon Street

Laffer is laughable

In a Jan. 14 letter, “Democrats wrong about the economy,” the writer relies on the Laffer Curve to make his point. The Laffer Curve basically states that tax cuts will increase revenues to the federal government.

Nice trick.

The Republicans use this to validate their unrelenting quest to cut taxes for the rich. The only problem is that not one economist in the Initiative of Global Markets survey of economists agreed with Laffer.

If this little trick worked so well, then the federal treasury should be rolling in money. Since the tax rate on the wealthy after WWII was 91 percent on the super rich and now the Republicans want to cut it down to roughly 35 percent, I guess the treasury will need bigger vaults.

Woodhurst Drive

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